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The Psychology of Joy – 3 Antidotes to Suffering

When our mind is morbid, it is blind to joy. Thus, if we are predisposed to morbid-mindedness, we must counterbalance this darkness with more joy.

This video explores three simple joy-promoting strategies we can use to re-invigorate our life.


Australia’s Suppression of Free Speech

As language policing continues to spread into the wider community, it has become a highly effective means of suppressing political dissent. In our post-modern culture shift, it has reached Orwellian proportions. Social and legal expansions of mechanisms designed to curb ‘hate speech’ have laid the foundations for a new wave of ‘thoughtcrime’ persecution: Remember to

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‘Cops for COVID Truth’: NSW officer under investigation for open letter

An NSW officer is under internal investigation after signing a letter to the commissioner stating that enforcement of COVID-19 restrictions is “eroding community trust in the force”.

The letter, posted on a website called ‘Cops for COVID Truth’, claims Australians are “having a globalist agenda put upon them” and that police were being used to carry it out.