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Is COVID-19 a giant set up? | FFT

As the COVID-19 saga continues, divisive narratives have become the dysfunctional normality for political actors and media groups across Australia, proliferating in recent months.

Nightly news programs and social media algorithms, coupled with automation and big data, are being used to manipulate public opinion. Something smells fishy beneath the surface.


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Max Igan discusses the COVID reset, history lie

We are living in crazy, uncertain and unprecedented times here in Australia, while the world struggles to hold on to the foundations of truth, freedom and liberty.

As this engineered event continues to unfold, moves are being made behind the scenes to reform many key systems across society, using the coronavirus to call for ‘The Great Reset’.


Religious leaders question COVID-19 vaccine ethics

Four of Australia’s leading religious voices have written their concerns that the COVID-19 vaccine will be “ethically tainted” by fetal cells used during the development process.

The Oxford University vaccine, which is considered among the frontrunners in the race to ‘combat COVID-19’, has been developed from a kidney cell line taken from an aborted fetus.


Media: National Freedom Day demonstrations

Many thousands of Australians have participated in #FreedomDay protests today against ongoing coronavirus restrictions.

Much of the country remained peaceful, whilst police in Sydney and Melbourne chose to instigate dramatic scenes with protesters at the events.