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The Mass Psychosis and the Demons of Dostoevsky

Ideas are the seeds of our greatest creations, but they can also sow destruction. When put into action, they lead to individual and social flourishing, or the opposite, suffering and ruin.

Certain ideas can induce mass delusion and motivate individuals to commit such acts of depravity, that to an outside observer, the society will appear to be possessed by evil.


‘Wake Up, Australia!’: Thousands march through the streets of Brisbane

Thousands of have marched through the streets of Brisbane in opposition to the biomedical eugenics agenda driving the COVID-19 narrative.

Protesters continue to voice their concerns over vaccine coercion, mass media deception, scientific fraud and the removals of fundamental freedoms.


World Wide Rally for Freedom: Australia joins international events

Over the past year, livelihoods and freedoms have been destroyed by lockdowns and border closures. We have had our movements restricted, bodily autonomy violated by mask mandates and plans for coronavirus vaccine coercion continue to be rolled out.

This weekend, Australia joins an overseas movement of over 40 countries, who will march in solidarity for the principles of freedom, democracy and health.


Member Circle: Metamorphosis | February 2021

All processes of transformation can be painful, especially personal growth, and the more one becomes connected to the truth, the more disconnected they become from the herd.

The day-to-day presence of synchromystic codes adds weight to the notion that a preordained destiny - cosmically, theologically and genetically - awaits future generations of the world.

Only those who are willing to see the signs and accept the implications of personal fate will have any hope of transcending the lies and completing their mission in life.


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