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Gerald Celente BLASTS Dan Andrews and Gladys Berejiklian

Gerald Celente, the world’s top trend forecaster, had some harsh words for Dan Andrews and Gladys Berejiklian on a new episode of ‘Trends in The News’.

How to Escape from a Sick Society

Compliance is the food that feeds totalitarians. It is never the path back to normality. Rather, non-compliance and civil disobedience are essential to counter the rise of totalitarian rule. 

But, in addition to resistance, a forward escape into a reality absent of the sickness of totalitarian rule requires the construction of a parallel society.


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Space Deception: ‘Big G’ and the Cavendish Hoax

In 1798, an autistic man named Henry Cavendish was able to determine the weight of the Earth - and the value of gravity - by hanging two lead balls in his backyard shed.

Pulling off this amazing task a century before electricity was invented, the work of Cavendish was done to a 99% accuracy rate - still forming the basis of many scientific endeavours today.

Sound a little absurd? That's because it is.


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