NSW Health Minister refuses to make COVID-19 advice public

NSW Health Minister, Brad Hazzard, has clashed with politicians during an appearance before an inquiry looking into the state government’s handling of the pandemic.

When asked to produce evidence about current ongoing lockdown narratives, Hazzard refuses to publicly release any documents Dr. Kerry Chant claims to have provided.


Do you have the proof?
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NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard has snugged Greens and Labor MPs over a question about advice that was provided to the state government on locking down Sydney. 

During a parliamentary inquiry yesterday, Hazzard butted heads with committee members as he and Dr Chant were questioned over the management of the state’s COVID-19 lockdown.

The committee first asked Dr Chant to provide the precise date she first gave Mr Hazzard advice about locking down Greater Sydney. This was not provided.

Dr Chant said the ‘formal advice’ to lock down the region was given in writing to the NSW crisis cabinet on June 25, the same day stay-at-home orders were announced.

Then, when asked to publicly provide the documents that underpin this advice, Brad Hazzard — not allowing Chant to speak — refuses to release them:

I’ll answer that, because obviously those issues go to crisis cabinet, which is a subcommittee of cabinet. But Dr Chant is under oath, and she’s giving you the evidence, which is quite clear, so she won’t be providing any documents,” Hazzard said.

These issues (documents) go to cabinet and won’t be provided?

So, we are just left with stories as ‘evidence’?

That tells you everything you need to know, ladies and gentlemen.

They wanted to see actual documents, as opposed to the regurgitated narrative at press conferences.

Earlier, Labor’s Penny Sharpe asked Dr Chant: “When was the advice prepared for lockdown, when did that start and more importantly on what date specifically was the advice first provided to the Health Minister on locking down?”.

But Hazzard stepped in to answer the question, responding, “It’s not that easy Ms Sharpe”.  

“I know you haven’t been the Health Minister, but when you’re in the middle of a COVID crisis, I spend pretty well every day here in the Health building and we discuss these issues,” he said. 

No date could be provided.

No numbers, no documents.

‘Just trust us, we’re explaining it to you. No need for evidence’.

Are you starting to realise this isn’t about ‘protecting health’?

This footage was captured at a parliamentary inquiry, which you can watch here.

The inquiry is looking into the origins of the latest outbreak, the handling of restriction and lockdown measures and how the pandemic will be managed going forward.

It follows calls throughout the week for Hazzard and Chant to appear for questions.


Public pressure put them in this position, where they were forced to sidestep the questions.

Many across the country are growing thin of the unaccountable medical ‘experts’ that now have the ultimate say over the lives and well-being of free Australians. See below:

The Premier has continuously reiterated that the NSW government acted on “health advice” provided by Dr Chant and her team, but Mr Hazzard’s answers on Tuesday contradict that.

Dr Chant conceded a party at West Hoxton in Western Sydney — described by the Premier as a “super spreader” event — was the catalyst for the decision.

But when tasked to provide the actual documented data that this is based on?

Nothing can be produced.

Just like the FAKE story of ‘coronavirus-tainted sewerage’ data that shut down regional Victoria.

Just like legal bureaucrats that won’t call anyone to stand in fear of having to prove their measures.

There is no data. There never was any data.

It is all part of the hoax game.

People are beginning to realise that the ‘experts’ are working on behalf of a different agenda.

Mass scale population control, disguised under the means of ‘safety’ and ‘security’.

They are also realising this entire corona narrative is built on falsehoods.

Just like most grand narratives we have ever been fed by the establishment.

My two cents.

What do you think of these comments by Hazzard?


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9 comments on “NSW Health Minister refuses to make COVID-19 advice public”

  1. Hazzard by name, hazard by nature. After listening to your recent podcast, Ethan, I would hazzard a guess that these two, along with Gormless Gladys, Kim Jong Dan, Anna Stasi, Dr Young the future Governor, our own Marsh[m]all[ow], Professor Spurious, Hunt, Morrison, Halton et many al have taken the Wellcome Trust’s 30 pieces of silver, handed to them by ex-PM Gillard to dance the Big pHARMa totalitarian tune, aka The Danse Macabre.

  2. Hazzard is clearly protecting Chant- that committee should not have allowed him to take over questions directed at her. No documents? Oh thats a shame- lets move on?? how about the tax payers pay you and you will provide the documents as you work for us.

  3. Quite nice to see them squirming a bit. This is the beginning of the end of this charade. The house of cards or dominoes are beginning to fall now quite clearly and as we know the speed picks up towards the end. That is science.

  4. Hazzard looks like he has really bad health issues himself. If he was any more red he’d pass as a tomato. No doubt a closet alcoholic and overall shit cunt. As for that other thing one of the most vile women to observe. How these people think they’re correct is comical. The reality is every measure they introduce has been categorically debunked & proven a fraud by the biggest institutions across the world.

  5. Truth fears no amount of scrutiny. Any time someone pushes back on questions with respect to truth tells you everything you need to know. What they are telling you is a lie.

    Science is about the search for truth. The scientific method is based around being about to replicate hypothesis and method for a universal outcome.

    Science can never be based upon opinion.

    Opinion is a key fuel for agenda.

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