December 7, 2023

8 thoughts on “Who is Policing Australia’s Lockdowns? | Investigation

  1. Nice piece by Dr TJC on modern “policing” methods in The Quaxi-Nation of Ozcatraz. With the “National Canine Program” and “Dog & Mounted” I envisage the doggies riding into battle on horseback, then leaping off and joining the fray, to savage the hapless protestors, backing up the pepper spray and rubber bullets. Hopefully they’re Aussie canines, not mercenaries. I see Max Igan has fled to Mexico…how did he get out???

    1. Max Igan in Mexico? How did Andrew Forrest, get out of Australia & attend COP 26 in Glasgow? Can I, do that? Also COP 26 [Already sounds like Team America – World Police], noticed NO Masks, NO Social distancing in photos. Are they ‘ALL Jabbed & Vaxx Passported’/ Quarantined?
      Nice to have Equality!
      As for ‘Nationality of Police/ Enforcers’, Noted ‘Foreign Forces’, was ‘Buried’ in the Mix of Australian 2020 Defence White Paper, per ‘Indemnification from Civil Prosecution’ along with ADF/Reserves, on ‘Deployments’ inside of Australia! So THE Government CAN NOT deny ‘Knowledge of Situation s’. Nor lack of Oversighting. This IS purposeful!
      Mmm. How do you get an Australian ‘DEFENCE’ Force, when most of THEIR Deployments previously, & Still, are OFFENCE? Must be Magic!

  2. Do you know the huge number of police were so brutal to peaceful protesters they were not all Australian police they were UN forces they go wherever they were ordered to go and what they ordered to do. The Real Australian policeman won’t be so brutal to our own citizens. That’s the different !

  3. I totally called this. Im ex Police and have military exposure (intel) and the moment I saw the uniforms… esp the mix of them, I thought.. they’re using mercenaries. Why ? Because they wanted to abuse nationals and even the worst cops would struggle to justify being this bad. Well… some of them anyway. To stop rebellion in the police lines, they do in fact use military and mercenaries. These are not only shock and awe tactics, these people are chosen for their complete absence of empathy (sociopath scale) and actually enjoy what they do. Militaries realised that recruiting narcissists is more productive as it leads to far less PTSD, and far few questions about running morally questionable ops. This is no secret. .everyone does it !

  4. The picture above of special enforcers & from another website ,on closer inspection the seem to have Asian features ?

  5. And many of the police and paramilitary have been trained by the Israeli’s in utter brutality tactics

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