December 6, 2023

1 thought on “Discussion: Freedom Cells | Ft. Derrick Broze

  1. As much as times will be tough if the shit hits the fan as predicted, and lives upended, but as Derrick said it is because push is coming to shove and people who have been prepared to go along to get along are realizing that resistance is required and that resistance will incur changes.

    If it was not for the continued push for tyranny by the powers that want to be, people might be tempted to go back to sleep again and not commit to the changes that are going to be necessary to protect what freedoms we do have and perhaps build a better way of doing things.

    Now is an opportunity for positive change from a centralized, fractional reserve bank, top-down, oligarch driven society to a decentralized, volunteerism, sound money, and non elitist rule.

    There is no easy out button but nothing worth having is rarely earned without a cost.

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