September 27, 2023

3 thoughts on “Let’s not forget why Big Pharma’s credibility is so low

  1. Even the name is a give-away, derived from a Greek word essentially meaning “to trick”. Decades ago, a commentator (possibly Ivan Illich in “Limits to Medicine” (1976)) stated that if pHARMa continued its trajectory it would succeed in destroying humanity. Getting close. I suggest it, collectively, is the most evil business to ever have operated on Earth. Can anyone come up with an outfit to surpass them?

    As I type this I am watching the Olympics on Sat evening: how fast was the men’s 1500m?! Stewart McSweyn’s time in running 7th would have produced a gold medal at every other Olympics! Then I watched yet another of those awful ads trying to coerce the populace to submit to what is probably pHARMa’s worst poison yet, the quax. Which reminds me, the latest “Quaxling of the Week” is Kim Jong Dan, a perennial contender and multiple winner, for stating, after locking up Victoria/Danistan yet again, that the State may remain locked down “until everyone is vaccinated.” Where is that PWC CEO & his baseball bat when we need him…again?

  2. How about all the suppressed and decimated homeopothists, scientists and researchers? A less pill popping place.

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