December 5, 2023

3 thoughts on “Moderna’s ‘Welcome to the mRNAge’ campaign airs in Australia

  1. We are as this human Family have lost millions of human lives to COVID Fake Vaccine Mandates already and they are keeping pushing for the they want people to have more poison Fake vaccines into people’s bloodstream wake up people your life is more important than to surrender your health to pharmaceutical Companies to take advantage on people’s life as they money making Machine.

  2. This ad is so sickeningly sweet I think I want to vomit. All I can think about this is more seriously damaged and dead people coming down the pipeline. If the stupid Australian government stays a signatory to the WHO theses monsters will make billions yet again, for the plan is to get everyone vaccinated err I mean gene altered whether we like it or not. Hundreds of “vaccines” in the pipeline. What a bonanza!

  3. Having trouble posting comments again. Nice to be met with the ad for the Maria Zeee, Ethan et al event on 11/11 in Adelaide…like an antidote to the Moderna ad, which has a satanic feel to me. Hopefully Moderna, Pfizer, AZ, J&J will all go bung under the weight of the lawsuits against them for the huge numbers of deaths and injuries caused by their poisonous quax.

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