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Designer Babies: Brave New World Fulfilled

From diaphragms for married couples, to paid surrogates, to frozen embryos, no legal lines are held in a modern world of birthing processes.

In less than one generation, humanity has moved from demanding “sex without children” to “children without sex”, and this shift is only set to increase.

Could reproductive technologies be assisting humanity’s move towards a Brave New World vision? How does the creation of an Epsilon class relate to the dehumanization of creation?


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Are immunity passports and ‘vaccine tattoos’ coming?

Researchers have created a ‘dissolvable ink’ that can be embedded in the skin via microneedle vaccination, creating a barcode ‘tattoo’ only visible when using a smartphone application.

As society enters a new ‘COVIDSafe’ framework in anticipation for a vaccine, how will these tracking discoveries be incorporated with pushes for ‘immunity passports’ and digital ID?



Discussion: NRL, vaccine coercion, resistance

As COVID-19 ‘solutions’ continue to be programmed to the masses, the NRL has become the first example of new ‘normalities’ expected to arise in post-lockdown Australia.

The media storm created over players refusing to vaccinate for the flu shot is another example of an ongoing campaign to demonise pro-choice advocates and stamp out freedom of speech.