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Discussion: Australia’s Loss of Health Freedom with Dr. Judy Wilyman

A lot of money can be made from healthy people who believe they are sick, and there is a huge psychological burden in thinking of ourselves as diseased.

Continuous claims of the ‘safety’ and ‘efficacy’ of vaccines are being underpinned by non-objective science, influenced by an oligarchy of pharmaceutical giants.


VaxXed Bus Tour hits New South Wales

A group of pro-choice advocates will begin their bus tour through New South Wales today in a bid to spread information about the risks of vaccinations and medical coercion.

Following a successful tour of Queensland, the Australian Vaccination-risks Network (AVN) is on the road again and has attracted unwarranted criticisms from local governments.


Indemnity granted for COVID-19 vaccine side effects

The Morrison government has given the suppliers of two COVID-19 vaccines indemnity against prosecution for side effects that experts say are “inevitable” when a vaccine is rolled out.

The government will not set up a statutory compensation scheme, meaning Australians who suffered ‘extremely rare’ side effects would face a tough battle to seek compensation.