Australia’s Struggle for Freedom | New Dawn #190

The tradition of protesting in Australia is older than the federated country itself, and has once again become a spark of life in the dystopian ‘new normal’ era.

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History unfolds before our eyes.
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In recent months, Australia’s struggle to retain freedom has heated up.

Vaccine mandates now threaten the very principles of our free and open society, while anyone who questions the agenda is labelled a range of out-of-context, media-driven stereotypes. 

The world is watching Australia, which now routinely makes international headlines for the increasing creep towards authoritarianism, both in policy and in policing those policies.

Millions of Australians face new disruptions to their (already changed) lives, while the perpetual cycle of Orwellian disease warfare looks to continue in 2022 with the ‘arrival’ of Omicron.

As predicted and reported on by outlets like New Dawn Magazine and TOTT News for many years, the international shift towards a future ruled by unelected world bodies is manifesting.

Lockdowns have now been replaced by mandates across the board, particularly in employment and expanding to access throughout most of society. The ‘new normal’ vision of reality.

However, despite this push, Australia has come alive in the spirit of freedom. 

The harder the establishment pushes coercive and segregationist policies; the more Australians have taken to the streets in mass numbers to say, ‘enough is enough!’.

What will 2022 hold?


Ethan’s latest news piece in New Dawn Magazine!

After warning that Australia was a testing ground for techno-fascism in October 2020’s Special Edition, Ethan discusses Australia’s crazy ride throughout 2021 and highlights the historic year of grassroots pushback against biofascism.

The legacy of Australia’s fight for freedom in 2021 is now embedded in print for history to witness.

This piece is found in the latest edition of New Dawn Magazine — available in newsagents across Australia.
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