September 23, 2023

3 thoughts on “The Psychology of Transhumanism | Video

  1. This transhuman, posthuman, brave new world order, playing God with the human genome scenario is not something I view with anticipation, excitement and wonder, but rather with utter horror. This is one of the worst of the satanic manifestations so evident in this poor benighted world. I regard those “individuals” pushing this agenda as “the lowest of the low” and I pray that their downward journey, via the CERN portal (see the recent General Knowledge Podcast on Real News Australia) be facilitated without delay. Their master awaits with a very warm reception.

  2. ‘Father’, I love You! BUTT, ‘WHO’ was my Mother? (‘BUTT – WHO’ – U.N. Child & Adult trafficking- is a discussion for another time).
    Well Sony, yer a result of Yer ‘MotherBoard’,
    I, as a Young wayward PS5 Controller (In Matt Black of course from the ‘Dark Side’- SMMooth & Slick), use to spend days/weeks/Months @ leisure on a nameless Coffee table in a Human residence. THEN, 1 Day, there she was! Some Tosser Human (I think a Carbon based ‘Life Form’ – but still A TOSSER) ENTER Young Harari, had just purchased a New Boxhead, – Er a New X Box for his Fairy boyfriend- Or some God Mother Schwab – Can’t remember the Pratt, Anyhow, Ya Mum was all X-Box & then some! She was Wireless,A Real animal – Quad Core Blimey!! FULLY Synthetic, Curvaceous (Without all the ‘Blubber’) & Synced – and a Transhumanistic wet Dream, I suppose that’s why Harari was W.E.T Too! (‘Wired Elite Tosser’).
    Anyway, after several interactions, you were born. why do you want to know S.M.A.R.T controller?
    As ‘They’ would have ‘Us’!! & Further = “Come, Robot Dog! Fetch!”
    ROBOT – Removed Orifices Bios Operated Technologies.
    Human ROBOT – ‘Renovated’ Organic Brain Ornamental Troll.
    Got a ROBOT on Ya TransHumans He/She/They Friend – Harari? Where’s YOUR Charge up ‘POINT’ Dickhead?
    Harari: “Darling! You look positively Divine in that 101 Bios outfit! MMmm, Lovely ‘Jacking’ Input! Is that a Jack in every Port, or a Port in every Jack? Just Delicious! – Passion Time!
    SHZ-SHZ-SCH-ZS SNAP/CRACKLE/POP!! WOW – POWER SURGE- OOH , LOCKJAW, MUSCLE SPASM!! BABE, TURN ME OFF! WHOA! – SMOKIN’! = Careful what you wish for – Crispey Critter! Oh look, My peckers lost a Chip & gone completely Limp Bizkit! I’ll have to ReBoot I.T. with a selection of Daft Punk! Darling? I say, Snow White Darling? Oops!
    I say ‘Ebony’ , Darling?” – Another Planetary ‘Colour Revolution’!
    Entertainment & Wellness to ‘Carbons’.

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