The Psychology of Transhumanism | Video

In the modern world, the possibility of a future including ‘posthumans’ has received significant attention due to the emergence of new scientific fields.

The end of culture = the launching pad.
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Many of us recognise the innate fallen nature of humans that has swept us all, particularly in the last century, and most have personal empirical evidence from which to draw these conclusions.

The decline of traditional society has given rise to a push for humans to ‘transcend’ the traditional understanding of ‘human’, to a ‘post’ or ‘transhuman’, and the appeal will grow with continue decay.

The ‘old ways’ are becoming seen as ‘radical’ for a reason.

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Dehumanization: A Tale of the Modern World

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2 comments on “The Psychology of Transhumanism | Video”

  1. This transhuman, posthuman, brave new world order, playing God with the human genome scenario is not something I view with anticipation, excitement and wonder, but rather with utter horror. This is one of the worst of the satanic manifestations so evident in this poor benighted world. I regard those “individuals” pushing this agenda as “the lowest of the low” and I pray that their downward journey, via the CERN portal (see the recent General Knowledge Podcast on Real News Australia) be facilitated without delay. Their master awaits with a very warm reception.

  2. ‘Father’, I love You! BUTT, ‘WHO’ was my Mother? (‘BUTT – WHO’ – U.N. Child & Adult trafficking- is a discussion for another time).
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    Anyway, after several interactions, you were born. why do you want to know S.M.A.R.T controller?
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