December 7, 2023

4 thoughts on “Melbourne’s Siege at the Shrine: As it happened

  1. Had Kin Perish in the WW1 @ Gallipoli/ & the ‘Picnic’ which was the Western Front, WW2 In many theatres & Aircrews over Nazi Germany. DO NOT support ALL the Bloody USELESS Conflicts WE’ve Been involved in, AND STILL to Come, Mainly for GLOBAL Feudal CORPORATE Control, Instituted Religious Interferences & MATCHING Government Terrorism! Don’t usually do Dawn Services, but when The Aust Prime Minstrel ”Cancelled’ ANZAC Day early in the Peace on the Global SWINDLE, which is COVID # Something, as an OBVIOUS ‘litmus test’ of Population Resistance, & Everyone stood @ the end of their Poxey driveway, I made an effort to go to our Local Shrine, in Protest!! Only 1 other person was there! Raining. So be it! IT AIN’T a F*CKING Competition!
    I’m 4th Gen Australian, 65 & change. In light of the Current Australian Reich’s Sturmabteilung Goon squads Kicking around the streets, & Kicking around THE Citizens of Australia, @ Will, with obviously ZERO Oversight, & DELIBERATE Goading ‘For Response’ On Predominantly Peaceful Broad cross section of Civilian Representation, If THE S.A.’s ‘Operations’ are ‘Representative’ OF ‘Upholding THE ‘Right & Ethics’ of Law, Decency, Morals, Tolerances & Democracy as any Form of Metric, Then ANZAC is a Political EGOTISTICAL/ Disingenuous Sponge, & My, & others Kinsfolk, Sacrificed ELSEWHERE on a LIE!
    Shooting & Beating NORMAL Australians on our Very OWN Streets (Or ANYWHERE for that matter), Throwing Civilians head first to the Concrete on Surprise attacks, Shotgun Butting & ‘Booting’ Folks, Chemical Spraying, whilst Semi or FULLY Incapacitated on the Ground, & WITH Body Armoured ‘Goon Squads Superior Numbers’ per the assailed, along with ‘Ordinance deployment @ Point Blank Range, or Close proximity, WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR ANYWHERE GLOBALLY PREVIOUSLY!!! FUCKING COWARDS!
    You know what Prime Minstrel SCAMO, Your Distraught RSL Mate, & YOUR ‘SPONSORED/ FULLY Prostituted M.S. Media CAN JAM YOUR ‘PHONEY’ ANZAC DAY & ASSOCIATED ‘THEATRICAL’ EMOTIONS!! Good of SCAMO to Commit to Sending Weapons to the Ukraine. Perhaps he could send HIS S.A., so they can Actually FACE, some REAL ‘LIVE FIRE’, or do they Only Prey On Defenceless Folk??
    For Future, I’ll organise My own GENUINE Remembrance of My Kins Energies & Existences, & WITHOUT a Bloody Mask!!! Good of the Aust Government to ‘Fence’ a Symbol Of Sacrifice & Democracy – ANZAC Shrine.’ THE ‘Meaning’ IS NOT WASTED = DEMOCRACY IS OFF LIMITS!!
    Upset about ANY of this, I really couldn’t give a Tinkers Cuss!
    Wellness to the Salt of the Earth Folk!

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