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The key to understanding how COVID-19 is being used as a tool for control is to first study the chain of events that have given birth to unprecedented powers of authorities, the technology and means to control mass groups and the larger agendas at play.

At TOTT News, we have spent years addressing many key issues relating to the Brave New World Order, and as the world moves further towards this foretold dystopian vision, our website has attempted to detail a roadmap generations in the making.


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Tracing the new world plan. Photo: EPO
The following piece provides a brief list of important content published by TOTT News prior to the COVID-19 narrative developing, in hopes of adding further context to the ongoing chain of events.

This includes the mechanisms driving mass compliance, the ‘solutions’ being offered, relevant timelines and the creeping system of control being developed for the aftermath of the ‘virus’.

You can also visit our current extended COVID-19 coverage by clicking here.


Tools of propaganda have been used against humanity for generations, and in anticipation for the COVID-19 ‘pandemic’, mechanisms of deception had already been well-tested on the public.

This is coupled with an ongoing shift to further erode personal freedoms and civil liberties, advance techo-surveillance capabilities and establish centralised frameworks of control.


Why do Australians continue to trust known liars?

How the Corporate Media Brainwashes Society
Australia on Fire: The Beginning of Agenda 2030
Australia and the Sydney Siege False Flag | Exclusive
Discussion: Questioning the Port Arthur Narrative
Discussion: Inconsistencies in Christchurch
Language of Fear: Attack in Melbourne
Analysing Mass Media: Fear and Manipulation | Part I


Here are a few interesting developments in the years and months prior to COVID-19:

Australian scientists prepare for pandemic

Knowledge in advance?

UN calls for overhaul of world trade system

How ironic.

Australia passes controversial anti-encryption laws

Full-spectrum access to your messages.

Revealed: Big Pharma can access My Health Record

A national health database.

The end of natural medicine in Australia?

Removing subsidies for natural health.

Bushfire recovery loans are facing delays

Virus explains bushfire farce?

National Digital ID: Australia’s 200 million push

Your identity turned digital.

Supermarkets begin shift to automated workforces

Technology begins to replace workers.

Telcos given powers to block websites

Censorship guidelines are ready.

Facial recognition activated without notification

Big Brother is Watching.

Australia to deregulate gene-editing techniques

Medical green light is given.

Eugenics in Australia: Melbourne’s Hidden History

We will leave this here.


The ACT Realm is full of diverse discussions relating to the agendas behind COVID-19, including ongoing 5G rollouts and roles of the technology, China’s influence, Bill Gates and vaccinations.

Find below some of our pre-COVID-19 coverage on all three of these talking points:


Tracing the 5G saga in Australia prior to COVID-19.

5G rollout set for 2020 in Australia
Revealed: 5G tower locations across Australia | Exclusive
5G ‘health scare’ campaign is growing: Telstra
More 5G tower victories across Australia
Former Optus Director appointed Minister of Communications
‘National disgrace’: Australia’s NBN disaster
5G set to bring unparalleled surveillance

Discover more of our 5G coverage by clicking here.


Australia’s gradual shift towards mandatory vaccinations.

New law allows forced vaccinations or jail to “prevent suspected disease”
No Jab, No Job: The next step of the vaccination debate?
Campaign launched against ‘anti-vaxx bubbles’
WA joins ‘No Jab, No Pay’ vaccine crackdown
Discussion: The vaccine shift with Aneeta from AVN
Protesters rally against compulsory vaccinations in Brisbane
A guide to vaccine dangers in Australia


Has Australia been compromised and sold out?

China’s ‘Social Credit System’ will reach Australia
Unis developing surveillance technology for China
Victoria extends ‘One Belt, One Road’ agreement
Are Chinese tech companies spying on Australia?
Foriegn investments in domestic water entitlements
The foreign takeover of Australian gas and electricity
A look at government-approved reality


Many have expressed concerns that these developments are part of a larger agenda to further consolidate the international order in a new era of biometric connectivity.

In relation to COVID-19, we are seeing the continuation of existing surveillance capabilities, moves towards a cashless society, digital identification and increasing police state powers.


Australia: The Biometric Surveillance State
myGovID to begin facial recognition trials
Calls to further expand intelligence powers
Australian smart city development progresses
Australia’s rapid shift to digital identification and licenses
Secret State: The Monitoring of Australia
Australia: The Road to Digital Tyranny


Australia’s move towards a cashless society
Senate dismisses 95% of cash ban submissions
Visa polls Australians about payments with RFID implants
Plans to limit cash transactions over $10,000
Who really owns the ‘Big Four’ banks in Australia?
Collusion for Illusion


Surveillance drones to monitor holiday period
Facial recognition to stay following Commonwealth Games
Fall of Democracy: Australia’s growing anti-protest regulations
$22 million boost for police and surveillance in Queensland
Strip searches approved in massive powers boost for G20
Australia plans for drones to patrol borders
2014 G20 Summit in Brisbane: Exclusive Coverage


It all leads to a far deeper agenda.

Polyergus of the Brave New World
Australia’s Place in the New World Order | Part I
The UN takeover of Australian society
The truth about gun control in Australia
Lima Declaration: How the UN ended Australian sovereignty
How a secretive elite created the EU to build a world government
Smart Home Technology: Thought Police in the 21st Century


For all of our Free Subscribers and Supporter/Full Members, please find below some additional pieces of content that are critical for further understanding of the COVID-19 grand narrative.

Aldous Huxley and the Brave New World Order
[All Members]

Learn about the world being created after COVID-19.

Schooling was designed to indoctrinate society
[Free Subscribers]

Training the masses to unify their thoughts.

Member Circle: Control Structure
[Full Members]

Learn the truth about the current system.

Dehumanization: A Tale of the Modern World
[All Members]

The underpinning story of the transhumanist push.

The media groups that control your perceptions
[Free Subscribers]

The propaganda wings of The Party.

Reverse Reality: The Social Engineering Agenda
[All Members]

Learn how the mind can be trained.

Australia: The Biometric Dystopia Cometh
[All Members]

A new-age tech nightmare is coming.

Is PC culture the modern ‘Newspeak’?
[Free Subscribers]

You shall never question the ‘virus’!

How Google is controlling your reality
[Free Subscribers]

The technocrats driving the tracking.

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