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Australian History Exposed: Frontier Wars | Part I

Over the past 30 years, historians and popular writers of Australian-Aboriginal history have produced a broad 'consensus' — widespread killings of indigenous peoples occurred during settlement, that not only went unpunished, but had covert government support.

On closer examination, much of this historical analysis — particularly written since the late 1990s — is largely based on the use of questionable or unreliable evidence. This is in addition to the uncovering of deliberate misrepresentations and fabrications of historical archives.


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The rise of brain-reading technology

Technologies allowing thoughts and feelings to be translated and shared into digital form are already a reality, and in the era of neurocapitalism, your brain will soon require its own rights.

In the modern world, brain-computer interfaces (BCI) allow us to connect our minds to computers for medical purposes, and now big tech companies are seeking to transform this research into a consumer commonplace.


Member Circle: Turning Point | Ft. John le Bon

The ‘black pill’ shatters all preconceived notions about the world and attempts to do the unthinkable: create a new dialect and framework for discussions to take place.

On this Member Circle Podcast, John le Bon and Ethan discuss personal perspectives and deceptions of the ‘red pill’, religious faith in establishment metanarratives, war propaganda, the Nuclear Bomb Hoax and a first examination of two profound black pill topics.

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Questioning Grand Narratives: A Primer

When one begins truly attempting to see the world for what it is, they are likely to discover some rather uncomfortable facts about this reality.

It is easy to focus on the conclusion of one chain of research, but when we incorporate that conclusion as the premise of a new line of thinking, only then can we begin to rebuild our perceptions.

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