June 7, 2023

6 thoughts on “Australian smart city development progresses

  1. Facial recognition is a flagrant breach of Privacy . when people have not been asked to participate! . lets have a referendum . see what we people want!

  2. I live next door to the town where the “Lock the Gate” movement is centred, I’ve spoken to them, I know them personally as we do mutual activities, e-mailed them but they see no links between the gas problems and UN Agenda 21, much less our unconstitutional local governments and, indeed, our so called federal government.
    Two weeks ago there was a 10,000 person demo in Brisbane for Aboriginal Rights, I agree, but what about us? Where have there been any demos by Aborigines for us non native tribes? If you apply for any job online you have declare that you are not, or are, Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander. Where’s our declaration and special status?
    So it seems the majority mostly only care about the minorities. But, I notice they do care about their wallet/assets. Like the Cat Stevens song, “…they know how find the one who pays and how you do.” It seems to be that middle class “In the Suburbs Aussies” are only going to wake up when the threat to lose their vanity & stuff is imminent.
    “And it’s 5 6 7 8 open up Pearly Gates, whoopee, we’re all gunna die!’

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