December 6, 2023

5 thoughts on “Australia on Fire: The Beginning of Agenda 2030

  1. We each have the power, to hold these criminals & traitors to account + bring them to justice.
    It’s easier than most people think.

    Q. Do you really believe you can find 100,000 Australians to sign the My Will letter?

    A. Of course! Otherwise we wouldn’t do it. Hundreds of thousands of people have signed completely useless petitions. So why wouldn’t we be able to get at least 100,000 Aussies to sign the My Will letter? In fact, we are already well on the way to reaching our target, so get on out there and help us reach our target!

    Q. Why do we need a Grand Jury?

    A. The courts, magistrates and judges, are not serving the will of the people. They are making bad decisions that hurt innocent people, especially the Family Courts and courts dealing with local council and police fines. Our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 and Common Law (Magna Carta) do not allow anyone to impose fines without a conviction in a trial by jury. Commonwealth Public Officials (CPO’s) are already arresting magistrates for treason as the political parties, police and courts are all operating outside our Constitution and Common Law. A Grand Jury will investigate and prosecute crimes and treason committed by the political parties and others against the people by activating our Constitution and Common Law.

    Here’s how to do it. Plz remember that we are many, they are few. Our numbers really do matter & count. There’s nothing they hate & fear more, when us the people unite, as they know that we will be a threat to them.

    After all, they are there to serve us the people!

    “We are gathering signatures on a My Will letter from millions of Australians to authorize a group of 15 Commonwealth Public Officials to convene a Grand Jury to investigate and prosecute the crimes and treason committed by the Political Parties of Australia. This is your opportunity to help bring these criminals to justice.

    Read all about how it works, and then download your letter at, My Will Australia, and start gathering signatures”.
    ~Mike Holt


    1. Regarding the courts and especially the family courts it is something people need to take notice of what is going on in there. They are destroying innocent lives and especially the lives of young children. We are talking about some serious evil people that could not care less. The judges are told what to do and that is the scary about the whole thing. There’s an absolute mess and how do I know that? I am victim in this mess that the federal and state governments have created. They use psychotic bureaucrats to do all the dirty work for these corrupted politicians. One can look into the case of Chiotelis v Chiotelis in the Federal Circuit Court in Dandenong Victoria and read all the affidavits to get an idea of what is going on. The Victorian government is also doing everything within its power to stop one of the parties, the “father” in the Dandenong Magistrates Court to stop him from exposing the rotten system. These evil people are using children to fight their parents. This kind of tactics are nothing more than Nazism/communism, they will try and destroy/kill people in every way they can in order for their agenda to succeed. All you good people of Australia, please wake up and take notice of what is taking place. They are not only destroying a beautiful country, they are also destroying us, the good people. We need to hold all of them accountable of their evil doings.

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