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Australian Health Minister – Face Mask FAIL!

It has been revealed that millions of masks will now be released from a federal government stash, as the fight to ‘contain coronavirus’ heats up in Victoria.

Amidst the madness, thank goodness Australia’s noble health ministers are here to lend a helpful hand with clear and easy instructions.


Victoria: Ground Zero of the Second Wave Hoax

Suburb-by-suburb lockdowns detailed by authorities at the beginning of the pandemic are now being enacted across Victoria and are soon predicted to spread across New South Wales.

In anticipated fashion, just as the country reaches final stages of lockdown restrictions, new spikes in ‘confirmed cases’ are expected to serve as the catalyst for ‘second wave’ propaganda.



Discussion: Personal rights, microchips, protests

As long as there has been governments, there has been protests against them. We have heard many tales of the masses using their voice against the powers of the establishment.

However, in recent months, we have seen peaceful protests by 5G activists and anti-lockdown protesters shut down under ‘public health’ restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Coronavirus surveillance here to stay, experts warn

Extensive surveillance measures introduced across the world during the coronavirus outbreak have widened and become entrenched, digital rights experts say.

Governments across the world have been accused of denting civil rights with the widespread use of techniques such as drone monitoring, contact tracing apps, fever scanners and more.


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