December 7, 2023

11 thoughts on “Who really owns the ‘Big Four’ banks in Australia?

  1. I mentioned this to my bank manager. He said the Big Four are known in the trade as The Killers. He took it very well, didn’t seem to mind at all. Bring into Australia another bank which has a good reputation – if such a breed exists!

  2. Oh, very interesting and very revealing. HSBC = Formerly the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank. Long associated with money laundering for the global opium trade. Think Golden Triangle.

  3. CORRECT! I’ve mentioned this before to work colleagues, with the Usual ‘Tag’ – I am a ‘CONspiracy Theorist’!
    That aside, ISN’T this called MONOPOLISING THE MARKETS? OR, at Least ‘PRICE FIXING’?
    OR, is it Oligonomy – DEFINED = Oligarchs With MONEY! -YOUR Money!
    COMMONWEALTH BANK, just ANOTHER U.S. Corporation – U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission.
    CIK# 0000008565. In the Same Boat as THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA.
    HSBC- Admitting, & were CAUGHT Laundering $Billions for Mexican & Columbian Drug Cartels. – ZERO Criminal charges/Gaol terms for THE Bank Execs, NO Confiscations for/ of Assets or Cancelled ‘Trading Licenses'(Profits of Crime – Sounds like Australia. -ONLY the ‘Underlings’ go to Gaol) – Thank You U.K. ‘Regulators’ for ‘Stepping in’ to ‘Protect Public CONfidence in THE Banking System’ – whatever that ‘Means’!
    HSBC – ALSO has a Dubious History in Latin/ Sth America. see also HBUS ‘Operations’.

  4. BING! “Court Jester, You have Scored ‘Time Extension’!”
    “And These Danced Underneath the Radar, – Underneath the Searchlights. Every Hup Hup!”
    Along with ‘IT’S’ many inputs, HSBC, is also an INPUT ‘Sponsor of ‘The Atlantic Council’ (‘Created’ in 1961, HAS a ‘Tax I.D. & Tax Exemption #’ = LOL), – Another ‘Uncle Sam ‘Wholesome’ Home Made Apple Pie’ Govt/C.O.M.I.C. ‘Think Tank’, which ‘Partners’ with Groups such as ‘Facebook’, to ‘Battle Mis/Disinformation’ on things like Fake Social Media, improve Election security & fight Election propaganda- Home & Abroad..
    On The Atlantic Council’s website, some of it’s Sponsors;
    *HSBC Holdings – Thanks English, you seem to have your ‘Fingers in a Lot of Pies’! MORE than just a Bank.
    *Rockefeller Brothers Fund – Also providing ‘HEAT’ officers locally on Globule Swindle ‘CONcerns’, or conCERNs!
    *Adrienne Arsht; TAC’s Executive Vice Chair. Founder, Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center/ Adrienne Arsht – Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center (Just ‘Coincidence’ – Really!) AND, Chairman Emerita, TotalBank
    *Goldman-Sachs – Bank GangSTARS, amongst ‘Other’.
    *Embassy of UAE. Sponsors of ‘Yemeni & local Genocides’, whilst Advocating ‘Human Rights’. – LOL.
    *Crescent Petroleum- Find THEM on the WEF ‘Website’ – Ops in UAE & Kurdistan Regions of Iraq.
    *J.T.& C.T. MacArthur Foundation
    *Raytheon Technologies- Weapons & Weather ‘Manufacturing/Customising’. Thanks for the LRADs & ADS used @ OZ Rallies on Unarmed Citizens – ‘Silent Guardian’ – NEVER FORGET!
    *Google Inc./Also provides SMC to Australia, – in League with YouTube, & Parent Co. Alphabet
    *Foreign & Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom- Who also Sponsor ‘Public’ Broadcaster CH4 U.K.-(Popular Coverages of Current Ukraine War/Diversionary ‘Something’)
    *Lockheed Martin Corporation – Weapons & Enviro Geo Engineering – Sorry, Customising, Er ‘Contracting’.
    *The Coca-Cola Company- That’s ‘Diversified refreshment’
    *Chevron- More Than just ‘Fueling Things’, & Ripping OUR Gas & Oil – Now WHOLLY Own ‘Puma Energy’ (Australia). Yes folks, that’s Chevron Fuel Stations, STILL wearing ‘Puma’ Liveries!
    *Bahaa Hariri (prominent Lebanese-Saudi billionaire – Horizon Group), on TAC’s International ‘Advisory Board’. and Assoc International Students House -Wash/D.C.- Don’t forget Your CONVID Jabs to ‘Attend’ Kids.
    *United States Army – Gen. George Armstrong Custer Ethos- ‘Grab’ – Or ‘Wipe’ the Women & Children as Leverage on the Rest of Native Groups/Society @ Large, ADD a little Ego! STILL Operational Procedure. 7Th Cavalry – Swapped The ‘Nags, for Airborne Gun Ships with Gatling Gun Mags’!
    *United States Dept of State. – SAY NO MORE!
    *United States Chamber of Commerce- ‘Business’ is Where You Find – or ‘Create’ it!
    *United States Marine Corps -Trust US! – ‘HUP!/ AUMP!’
    *United States Navy – STILL ‘Phillie Experimenting’ with the ‘Fabric of ALL’!
    With a ‘Group’ -TAC – that Gave their ‘Leaders award’ to Hillary Clinton,&, with Associated Skeksis Notables such as Henry KissStinger, I’m SURE that the Atlantic Council, IS, ‘Doing What’s ‘Best’ for us ALL’!
    Amongst ‘TACs’ Many recent Highlights, Burisma Holdings (Blue Star Strategies) & Nord Stream 2.
    And SO, The HSBC & Other Banking Groups By Association, are ALL in ‘Good Company’! = LOL!

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