October 2, 2023

13 thoughts on “Supermarkets begin switch to automated workforces

  1. Wow, technology really is gaining momentum everyday. You can only imagine the implications for the rest of us. Shits getting real!!!

  2. The supply chain will also be automated with self driving trucks within several years.
    Also, large scale automated agriculture machinery is making huge advances.
    Give it a decade and we may have a fully automated food supply system (for large scale agriculture anyway)

  3. It’s not just manual jobs under threat either. Everything from medical diagnosis to software development is also ultimately under threat from AI.

  4. R we that much of an idiot to alow robots to do the job instead of our childrean and grand childrean are people

    1. We will have no choice as industry , farming and government agencies will use robots so they don’t have to pay superannuation, holidays and wages. Unless people rebel our children and grandchildren will have no jobs.

  5. Priority one…priority one! That’s all you hear in these supermarkets! It seems that the customers are NOT priority one with the lack of operators to serve them! Why don’t they focus on customer service and forget the robotics and loss of jobs! 😡

  6. Well if nobody will do there shopping there the lose all their Customer would be nice if we start already I did I only go to Aldi or IGA

  7. Well simple answer, just shop back at your local store where they have friendly humans working in the shops. Stuff Coles and Woolies

    1. What local stores? In my area there’s only one IGA left an Aldi and the rest is Coles and Woolies!

      And btw Aldi is not my idea of a ‘local store’, I note I can only ever get about half of the stuff I want at any one time.

  8. If 5 million jobs will be lost this will add already to the long queue of unemployment . Where is the government going to take money to pay welfare? Taxing more the remaining workforce or something perhaps more sinister.

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