December 6, 2023

5 thoughts on “Australia’s move towards a cashless society

  1. The ONLY winners of a Cash Free Society will be the Banks & Govt. I cannot understand how the majority of Australians could be so stupid not to want & use Cash for at least some transactions. Image in the Future without cash money.

    The power goes off & or you’re in a remote area & NO access to the I/Net. Without Cash $ you can’t purchase anything – If off for a long time – You’re stuffed !

    Banks can & do charge what they like — currently charging Businesses often well over 1.3 % for every transaction. Charging customers 3% to access cash from Credit Card + 20% interest ! This while paying SFA or around .25% Interest if lucky ! Imagine their Glee & the charges in a Cash free World. Freedom Lost. We all saw the depravity & greed of the Banks during the so called Royal Commission. They’re back to doing what they want. Remember –ALL Banks are Bastards.

    As for Govt – A cashless society would be a Wet Dream for Govt. If you play up or become a nuisance they could deny access. Accounts could be frozen without a reason having to be given. They would have unlimited overview of your affairs. If this push for cashless is NOT fought strongly the people of Australia are finished as a Free Society. Please keep up the good work informing the populace.

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