November 29, 2023

6 thoughts on “5G ‘health scare campaign’ is growing: Telstra

  1. Thank you Tott News for keeping us up=to-date with this sort of information. I find it rather suspicious that Telstra can direct the Government of Australia to ‘educate’ it’s citizens about 5G. Who is running the Government – Telstra? Optus? Certainly the Government is not listening to it’s citizens.

  2. Why would the Gov-listen to the people? They work for the International Gooks, & Illegal Rothschild Jew Cabal, Wake up, for F, Sake! Look at the Protocols of Zion !

  3. To date you are the ONLY media outlet doing solid research on this issue WELL DONE TOTT NEWS!! Who’s regulating the regulators I keep wondering? And why has no-one seen these safety tests are underpinning the growing community concerns. The is plenty scientific data showing proof of harm for increased EMF; yet no data proving safety of long term 5G tech…

  4. The government needed to “quickly and respectfully” address a small number of the community’s fears about the network, Telstra’s submission to an ongoing 5G inquiry says.

    Defiantly dis-info. Typical tactic they use, that it’s only a small tiny few of the population that is concerned. There are way more than this.

    Australia’s government is working for corporate interests, it’s NOT there for the people.
    They will use any means at their disposal to force this dangerous + deadly so-called technology onto the sheeple. In reality we have no need of it.

    It is 1st & foremost for their interests, not for ours!

    In no circumstances can they be trusted.

  5. Dr charlie teo is a leading Australian neurologist. Dr Devra Davis is a leading american senior epidemiologist. Both warn of 5G dangers with a 20 million dollar study ran in America. To say Russia is the only one involved in this debate is making the communications companies look more corrupt. Must Watch >

  6. Telstra push so for 5G fortunately nowadays people are more informed and more knowledgeable people knows the dangerous of 5G people must resist its all about human health and humanity involved for those whom pushing for 5G are for money and helping UN agenda depopulations for A New World Order. That’s not a secret anymore. I’m glad I have come to know tottnews. Great news real knowledges 👍

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