December 1, 2023

1 thought on “Campaign launched against ‘anti-vaxx bubbles’

  1. This insidious brainwashing of the Australian population has edged us ever closer towards total medical tyranny. Our rights to informed consent have been taken away from under our noses, with very little resistance from the public – and those of us who have tried to resist have been censored and vilified at every opportunity.

    The most frightening aspects of this are: (1) The extent to which parental rights have been stripped, including ‘medical kidnapping’ when people resist:; (2) the fact that whole generations have now been brain damaged, which doesn’t auger well for the future of the human race; (3) The fact that we’re just a whisker away from compulsory vaccination, as well as compulsory conventional medical treatments (like chemotherapy etc. for cancer), even though independent research often doesn’t support safety or efficacy of the treatment, and the rates of iatrogenic illness and deaths are horrendous.

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