December 6, 2023

12 thoughts on “5G rollout to begin in 2020 for Australia

  1. Wow, the 5g rollout seems like the unstoppable juggernaut at the moment doesn’t it? If the 5g rollout with no real biological test results available to the public by the governments of the world, it really does make you wonder what their motives are? Wait a minute, yep, I’ve think I know the answer… it’s to download all my movies faster! I couldn’t possibly say that it is for something a lot more sinister than that could I???

    1. Yea right….Movies??
      You know as well as I do the towers are to get rid of us humans quick.
      We cannot live with radiation floating around like it will be when 5G are installed everywhere.
      We need protection devices quick smart.


  2. We Plug In we don’t use WIFI , and we won’t take our Mobiles with us when we go out. I should use more cash than I do. Hoping this helps us to be more independent of global control and less prone to Cancer.

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