November 29, 2023

113 thoughts on “The Gates Family, Eugenics and COVID-19

  1. Psychopath, mass murderer & Jew Gates & its ilks, are doing everything possible in their power, to ensure that as many GOYIM as possible will get poisoned + dumbed down forcibly via cutting off vital supplies & via eventual starvation.

    Unless one consents to getting injected with their toxic cocktail poisons, or else will get cut off from Social security for example. Also will be barred/banned from shopping etc.

    Of course it’s not about health at all, it’s the pure opposite in order to prevent health & vitality.
    The psychopaths don’t like it, when us GOYIM are able to think critically & logically for ourselves.
    They are doing everything in their power, so that we won’t be any threat to them.

    Wouldn’t it be grand, when many Millions of us will be able to bring these so-called elite to face justice eventually, at some time/point in the future? Sadly probably too good to be true.

    1. Check this out Covid-19 means Certificate of Identification of Vaccination with Artificial Intelligence. Testing is getting everyones DNA, don’t get tested unless you really need to.

    2. If youre not careful you may be inviting a self-fulfilling prophesy of your very own with your intense doom talk.
      Settle and look after yourself.
      Stay healthy in mind and body and try not to jump to wild conclusions.
      Bill Gates will pay his dues when the time is ready.

    3. Gates is not a Jew. Don’t know where you came up with that. I can’t stand the man and have been writing about him and his agenda for many years – but he is not a Jew. Are you a Jew hater?

  2. Very interesting collection of facts that most people are likely unaware of. Hows does ID2020 fit in to everything that you’ve presented?

      1. It’s my understanding that Gates is related to the Rockefeller’s on his mother’s side.

  3. I certainly will not be having anything to do with a vaccine of any sort thankyou very much. Deadly
    Helen H

    1. It’s indeed amazing & incredible, how a few evil psychopaths are able to manipulate and hold the world to ransom, to satisfy their selfish deeds & serve their self interests.

      George Soros, Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci Spread the Coronavirus

      The plan to takedown China and declare Martial Law in the United States
      — by doing something and then absolutely nothing…

      With special guests:
      George Soros, Bill Gates, The State Department and Dr Fauci


  4. Definitely do not like this person. And, no I do not believe in his scheme to force vaccination upon any one.. He is not even a qualified Dr, and he is not qualified to give any medical advice. Ill leave it there, I’m sure every one else knows enough about him.

  5. Thanks Ethan Nash for all that information, still so much more to read.
    I’d like to see a paragraph in simple worded English to be accepted by the Social Media, detailing the plans of Bill Gates & Co. what he likes to show to the public and what he is really about and the proof especially the deaths of almost half a million dying from vaccines he gave in India. I don’t see that mentioned in the MSMedia, the public needs to know..
    I’d like a short paragraph that I could Copy & Paste on every social media websites that allow me to have a comment.
    We are up against the Media who still show only the one side of their thoughts on Vaccinations.
    Can the MSMedia be forced to tell the whole truth ?

    1. VL,

      It is the corporate media who are the shills of the global elite who pull the strings, pay the money and order the content of the daily news lies.

      Same with the politicians and all those in a position of authority.

      Understand that it is only a handful of alt. media sites that will help you know the truth.


      1. We are dealing with the corporate communist collective, involving technocrats and elitists so rich they can pay to capture countless political allies, to realise their utopian dreams, and so prevent once democratic nations choosing the wrong politicians, such as Trump. How dare us plebs oppose them! Dorsey banned MAGA and lost billions in revenue and share values. But that doesn’t matter to crusaders like him. Dorsey, Zuck, Gates and the others put their ‘progressive’ visions far above evil capitalism and mere money-making, have personal wealth beyond our imagining anyway, and don’t give a flying fig about free speech or what the dumb proles might think. They will save us whether we like it or not.

  6. I am so glad to read what I was suspicious of all along. This is evil at its best. I believe that Donald Trump is the only man to tell the world what Gates and his cohorts are up to. The truth must be made known to everyone before it is too late.

  7. Think about the Microsoft SW with all the faults and encouragement to constantly download security patches and new versions to upgrades…

    Same – healthy individual 2.0… upgrade your immune system until it crashes and obsoletes your genetic code ! 😱

  8. This Ethan Nash piece is powerful, poignant and indisputable! So glad I found Tott News! I’m going to be a regular reader now! Tell Mr. Nash, he needs to get on Infowars with Alex Jones. Love or hate his style, he is singing the same song!

  9. Ethan you do not explain what Bill is trying to achieve by promoting the belief that vaccines are good for us. On the other hand It appears to me that Bill has quite a lot to lose – certainly when he has put money into a number of facilities that will not ultimately be used in producing the vaccine. Microsoft’s share price also fell rapidly from $188 to $135 in the initial fallout after the crisis began (although it has admittedly recently recovered in the market-wide re-rating of tech stocks).

    I also think that any drug offered as treatment for COVID-19, therapeutic or vaccine, will be required to be distributed at cost with generic versions being manufactured simultaneously – something the UK prime minister and the EU have recently both demanded. In any case it is likely there will be a range of drugs that will be approved for use against the virus, so no one company stands to make abnormal profits…at least not in anything but the very short term.

    Further, nothing Bill Gates says in this interview runs counter to the professional opinions of the vast majority of independent scientists looking into Coronavirus.

    You dont state any logical or rational opinions or anything backed up by scientific evidence in your piece which make me more sceptical of your motives…rather than Bill Gates’. Bill G on the other hand has tried to grasp one of the biggest issues that affects the planet today…and that is the unsustainable growth in world population. Education on contraception is one area that many people believe is needed in parts of Africa, but that should be coupled with international aid to build up sustainable infrastructure for agriculture and farming as well as access to clean water, so that child morbidity through famines and disease are significantly reduced.

  10. The biggest issue for me is what’s in the vaccine and proper testing. After the deaths and sterilizations in India and Pakastan I don’t plan on taking the vaccine.

  11. Why is planned parenthood a bad thing?! Right wing “christians”, who have so little in common with Christ, don’t believe in over-population; denying contraception & opposing abortion after rape – Yet say nothing about the misogynist abuse & sexualistion of females that leads to unwanted pregnancy as if all they really care about is control & power, not people – Same ‘crimes’ that this article is accusing Gates & family of. Murky waters, how do we ever get the truth with agendas & bias?

    1. I totaly agree with you This is a Christian movement against the Gates family and Fauchi. Is so sad to be in the 21 century and people does not agree in birth control and educate the women how to stop the over population and bring kids to this world who are suffering, What is wrong on educating people to get a better life? I am Catholic, but my thinking is far from this movement!

      1. Catholic doctrine states that artificial contraception is wrong and abortion is the taking of an innocent human life ie the killing of a human being.

  12. There’s absolutely no way I will be letting anyone inject me with a COVID-19 vaccine. I’d rather take it to court. Full ingredients transparency and proper safety testing (which can’t be rushed) would be handy, but even so I’d rather build immunity naturally, with exposure to the actual virus, as I’m young-ish and in excellent health. Some acknowledgement by the Australian Government of the commonality of nutritional deficiencies in this country, such as Vitamin D and zinc, and their profoundly negative effects on immune competence would be a logical step!

  13. Hey you forgot to mention Bill Gates Great grandfather he had law offices all over china, and helped turn mission schools into Yale in China and they educated and trained Chinese Terrorist Chairman MT. who when on to wipe out millions of innocent christian Chinese and Muslims and they are still doing it today. Where does Bill Gates live today, with his family, for last 2 yrs CHINA.

    1. I know what is happening in China and it is pure evil. I knew Gates owns all the Chinese media but if he is living there you can bet he is visiting the death camps. I know a couple from my church here in Canada who ended up in a concentration camp in China in 2019 and escaped! There must be a way to stop his eugenic genocide. We are being terrorized with threats of heavier lockdowns and now the push to make masks mandatory in our own homes in Canada. Curfews and all. Now we are hearing masks are not enough and we will need to start all wearing full ppe all the time. These are hints the media keeps dropping by telling us “experts say”.

      Any talk against it gets you publicly shamed for now but the arrests will come. The UN is in on the plan and the pages for sustainable development for 2030 are a clear plan for socialism in all UN nations. The lockdowns are recreating the great depression and we will be told soon food is running out you watch. This will stir support in certain circles to bring back eugenics in it’s most evil form.

      Gates new patent is also another huge concern and it would take a complete communist takeover to be of any use. wo 060606. Did he name it that and give it the impression of being the mark of the beast to further terrorize Christian nations? It is illegal to even pray in China now and the Church is clearly under attack in North America. The amount of daily propaganda should be enough to concern most citizens globally but how can anyone stop this when our governments are all controlled by the UN and WHO who are paid for by Gates and his buddies. The Rockefeller’s were directly responsible for the eugenic movement that created Hitler himself and Gates is very very close with them.

      Most certainly our inelegance agencies are on to this but who’s side are they on? We got lucky and caught Gates and his eugenicist friends on Epstein’s island of horrors and people are dying trying to expose it further but while in lockdown who will go after them? Is Trump the only one holding this back? Too many questions and not enough answers.

      All of the UN countries recently has a huge breach in security when Cameron Ortis was caught selling all our allies secrets to China when He was arrested as the head of the RCMP here in Canada in September 2019. It was the FBI who caught him and there musty be a direct relation to this lockdown. It’s almost as if our governments were all blackmailed on the same day when the narrative changed from very temporary lock down to a permanent one. Trudeau let the cat out of the bag to early and said this was the new normal in March 2020 while the rest of the government tried to correct him they all changed their tune in the same 24 hour period. I literally saw this coming back in March. I knew something was very wrong by instinct alone and the language was not right from our government. All logic went away. Now it a makes perfect sense.

      To make matters worse the lockdowns in the US were nearly ended when millions of Americans took to the streets in protest as 30 million of them were out of work from the lockdown and we all knew it did not make sense for the lack of lethality of this virus. Nearly all the covid 19 deaths in Canada occurred in long term care homes. This is a sinister plan and will set us back to the dark ages if not stopped. The massive protests had politicians changing their minds about the lockdowns but it was quickly railroaded by the media and the race riot incident so conveniently timed as black and white were all marching together facing a common problem which is the lockdown. Divide and conquer was far to easy with full control over the media which Gates and his buddies also own all of.

      This could end if Trump manages to stay in power and fight this and joins forces with other nations who can be convinced they don’t want communism or depopulation. The war on child trafficking and the connection to these rich and powerful could possibly be their downfall but we are in awfully deep now. A media take back would have to happen and Trump went as far to sign and executive order against the heavy censorship however the media is not taking heed of it. Not at all.

      I am a dummy when it comes to politics and world affairs and if an average person ike me can figure this out this far there must be more educated and intelligent people also in the know and trying to “do something” By trying to sway public opinion but who can win against all the news stations and news papers and social media propaganda on a scale like this?

      We need to all be discussing solutions other than just getting the word “out there”. We also must not give up thinking this is too big for us. Our very lives and way of life are dependent on finding a solution. We could be and I expect we will be put into a much deeper lockdown if any progress is made to slow or stop this deadly machine. They are using psychology as a weapon against us and we have to stay calm but not bury our heads in the sand. Soon we will see some change sides in if you can’t beat them join them attempt to salvage their own existence. History will most certainly repeat itself if left unchecked.

      We need also to stop fighting and arguing with each other and make everyone understand we are all under the same umbrella and need each other. Love is not such a hard thing to accomplish on a large scale movement especially in desperate times.

      Well I have said about all I can say about this matter and this kind of talk could cause us big trouble down the road as measures get tighter and we move closer to socialism. We still have time so we had better not waste it.

      1. Hello, the Intelligence agencies (some/most or all) are controlled by the Illuminati I would venture to say — British MI6 is paid from the Queen’s purse (Satan Central), CIA – started by Rockefeller and Allen Dulles it may of been (The Devil’s Chessboard – book) — Rockefeller was head of the Illuminati in the U.S. it may of been — The Mossad is possibly evil and a half,

        Just get with Jesus, He is your only Hope — The Book of Revelation is going to happen no matter what anyone does — be worthy of Revelation 3:10 — — God Bless

        p.s. Trump is with the Illuminati too, so don’t worry about any politics — it’s all heading to a One World Gov’t — that is the End Goal — A One World Gov’t under Lucifer / Satan — ‘A Satanic Tyranny of Annihilation.’

      2. You are already a Christian – forgot what I read at the beginning of your post : ) God Bless, Maranatha >

  14. SECTION 51 CONSTITUTION – Look it up I have been told by Lawyer, that they need a referendum to change law. Launch a massive law suit against State and Federal Government as they are breaching SECTION 51 CONSTITUTION this is all a bluff. To cover up 5G roll out and take over by CCP/Royal/Jesuits/Mormons and other perverts along for the access to children of the giant mine Australia. What is scary is that in the pursuit of gold the plan might be to depopulate Victoria. Sydney Sprawl is sitting on the largest iron ore deposit.

    Bill Gates 4th cousin removed to Queen E.

    Hidden History – After so called fake first world war, americans, british, australian and assortment of other english/germanic countries all in China, ethnic cleansing. 20 Australia rebelled, shot English Captain in head and worked out of China. They escaped and hid in Northern Territory, this was told to me by a client as he was the soldier who shot Captain in Head, because they did not want to shot women and children in villages. What we are experiencing now is the Agenda 21, and we are heading towards AGENDA 2030.

  15. The Vaccine push is connected to Child Trafficking see Amazing Polly on Bit Chute or You Tube …….”Asking Way Fair Questions”. So many Elite Peds’ involved, get off scott free, claiming Hysteria from the right.
    The Elite Left want safe trustworthy child abuse : meaning safe from them being found out and they pay dearly for it.
    The Peds’ will always be safe while the Press squash the stories.

  16. Interesting find, FDA Lets Pfizer Test Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine on U.S. Children. Bill gates is the antichrist and his vaccine is the biblical “number of the beast”

  17. If you’re not careful you may be inviting a self-fulfilling prophesy of your very own with your intense doom talk.Settle and look after yourself. Stay healthy in mind and body and try not to jump to wild conclusions.Bill Gates will pay his dues when the time is ready.

  18. Be careful of the groups you follow. You’ve got professors sitting behind them, setting you up as “anti-…”. They allow the comments so they can point to them in lecture slides and make a mockery of the hysteria. Then the doctor says “The problem with these conspiracies, these anti-vaxers…”. That’s all it takes.

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