October 1, 2023

2 thoughts on “WA joins ‘No Jab, No Play’ vaccine crackdown

  1. I LOST my FIFO job & Energetic Versatile Inputs of 10 Years Plus, because I, ACTUALLY CHECKED THE pHARMa Corporations OWN CON JAB-19 MSDS /SDS (Material Safety Data Sheets), & refused to be Bullied by THE COMPLETE WEST AUSTRALIAN RESOURCES SECTOR – AND BOUGHT GOVERNMENT – NO JAB – NO JOB!
    RESULT; EVEN IF I LOST EVERYTHING I OWN, I AM BLOODY WELL, IN FRONT!! Good Luck to the Ticking Health Bomb, Folks ‘VOLUNTEERED’ For, & Hopefully enough Folks are ‘Adversely Affected’, to DROP the Resources Sector & other Systems into ANY one of their OWN PITS! = SELF INFLICTED!
    As for R. Murdoch’s Media ‘Inputs’ – ARE ‘You’ still Destroying Communities on the Planet? Shouldn’t YOU have ‘Left’ already!!
    Wellness to Individuals. THAT IS, being Human. Question the Bastards on EVERTHING, because historically, ‘THEY AS A COLLECTIVE’, ARE UNTRUSTWORTHY! & as for ‘Schooling’, UNBIASED/ BALANCED, BROAD SPECTRUM EDUCATION IN AUSTRALIA – IS DEAD! PURPOSEFULLY CORRUPTED FOR GLOBALIST PREDATORS! PULL your Kids From a Corrupted System, & Co Operatively Home School them with other ‘Like minded PROPER Families/ Citizens’!
    Wellness once again.

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