June 3, 2023

5 thoughts on “Fall of Democracy: Australia’s growing anti-protest regulations

  1. The taping of the ABC’s ‘Q and A’ should be interrupted, and Tony Jones citizen-arrested for conducting an un-permitted discussion. Pepper-spray, Tasers and Mace should be applied to ABC security. The 6 or so on the panel (almost certainly government shills, mouthpieces and propagandists, should be manacled and charged with illegal assembly and riot.
    Anarchic, you say? not legal? Well, our colonial masters have long refused to grant Australians a Bill of their Rights. They have already turned Australia into a police state: now, in attempting to licence vigilantes against sex offenders and to force IT workers to sabotage software to enable spies’ hacking, they are deliberately constructing a regime of violent chaos. It’s time recognise our situation and stop this.

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