September 30, 2022

2 thoughts on “The Truth About Gun Control in Australia

  1. Excellent video. However, there’s one error that need to be brought to everybody’s attention.

    The error in question is that that Australia hasn’t had a mass-shooting since Port Arthur. Australia still had numerous mass-shootings despite the introduction of the 1996 National Firearms Agreement and the much-vaunted bans on semi-auto longarms and pump-action shotguns. If you want to know more about this, follow this link. It will show everybody that the narrative of “zero mass-shootings since Port Arthur” a massive lie.

    Since it’s now 25 years since the Port Arthur massacre (2021), it’s clear that the 1996 National Firearms Agreement doesn’t prevent mass-shootings or firearms crimes, or enhance public safety. The 1996 NFA is nothing more than a vehicle for the government to beat up law-abiding firearm owners and treat them collectively like potential criminals for cheap and easy votes from a gullible Australian public that’s raised on the anti-gun narrative the government and it’s allies have promoted since 1996. It should also be brought to people’s attention that the laws in question is being used to ban and restrict toys guns like gel ball blasters as well as Nerf guns (e.g. SA Govt and Police want Nerf gun owners to have their toys registered with SA Police).

    In closing be sure to see how many Australians have reacted to the anti-lockdown protests of the last 18 months and the American teachers in New York City protesting against Australian-style lockdowns and mandatory vaccine mandates. Their reactions are identical to the vitriol they dish out to licenced gun owners and the blind support they give to the 1996 NFA.

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