Virus used as catalyst for increased spying

The erosion of personal liberties in Australia.


As weeks go by in the age of virus hysteria, we begin to see more and more ridiculous control measures taking place under the guise of “stopping the spread and flattening the curve”.

The willing acceptance by the public to allow big tech to spy on you and divulge your location data to government agencies, health authorities and police agencies around the world is a continuation of the ‘Track and Trace’ agenda. By General Maddox. […]


Track and Trace: COVID-19 Used as Catalyst for Draconian Spying Measures — Real News Australia


Phone data used to track COVID-19 movements

‘Pandemic drones’: Creating a police state?

Calls to further increase intelligence powers

The rise of brain reading technology

2 comments on “Virus used as catalyst for increased spying”

  1. The below quote is from your article . at this very moment . we have all ingested Nano Bots .

    through Chemtrails . these act as receptors . transmitters . via 5G . ” they” can Control ! . Kill !

    “Musk also went on to say that he will require finding a way for the brain to “merge” with AI, most likely through tiny wireless chips implanted in the brain through a 2-millimeter incision to create what he called “some sort of symbiosis with artificial intelligence,” with a goal of no less than
    securing “humanity’s future as a civilization relative to AI.”

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