December 7, 2023

86 thoughts on “Revealed: 5G tower locations across Australia | Exclusive

  1. Why not more of outer Gympie QLD area like Widgee. So many black spots and Glastonbury road from Gympie to Widgee has heaps of accidents…

    1. Yes Glastonbury road does have alot of poor drivers on it – they drive too fast for their limited driving skills. I do Not want 5g at Widgee as I moved here to get away from emf. Do some research on the affects these increased microwaves will have on your health.

  2. Have any studies been done to evaluate the health safety of 5G towers on the population’s health? I have heard that it could be catastrophic and people just won’t be able to escape EMF radiation. I am very sensitive as it is now.

    1. 5g is military weaponry. They fire it at the enemy to incite submission. They fire it at crowds to clear them as it makes you feel your on fire. Look at David Ickes interview with London Real. No wonder he was banned from the country the day before Samsung’s 5g compatible phone launch….

      1. Agree it is the way to control the population and David Icke has been talking about this for many years now. The Government in this country did not want him here talking about the proven health risks of 5g right at the time they were agreeing to roll it out with Telstra et al.

      2. David Icke, the ex footballer lunatic was banned from the country because he is insane. This is the same lunatic that thinks the world is run by shapeshifting reptiles. The only thing hes been right about (and thankfully so) was his constant claims of Jimmy Saville being a molester. For that I thank him. For anything else hes a nutbag. Keep him out!

        1. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course however I believe the Australian Government stopped his last speaking tour here due to the fact that he has disclosed much truth about what is really happening in our world. People have been programmed to believe events via mainstream media. It has always been this way. David Icke has spent decades of his life researching with the result that he has written over 20 books.If you can get your hands on one of these books and read it you may find it to be quite interesting. There are other well respected disclosure industry researchers doing the same. These are intelligent, curious and dedicated men and women who seek the truth

        2. Haaaa Daron your comment made me laugh my head off ! i hope Icke is nuts otherwise we are all lizard sandwiches LOL

        1. Just been looking at how far the 5 g has got in Australia.just uncovered the vaccines contain 99% graphene oxide . Look it up .its worse then ever imagined.the 5g sets of the magnetic substance put in your body slowly killing you .but can’t be detected on an autopsy. you can see the truth of what’s been planned for the killing of millions of people

    2. You are in “BIG” Trouble 5G Millimeter, waves, where 4g is about 60 5g is like 600, and can Still be increased remotely ! VERY BAD !

    3. No. Many countries have banned 5g until long term research can prove it safe. Meanwhile Australia has welcomed it against the wishes of the people.

      1. Just like the Fluoride that gets put into our water. Getting told it’s to benefit the health of our teeth. Look at the year fluoride was introduced and the year people really started to clean their teeth with toothpaste and brush

    4. ..over 300 scientists are standing up against it, people are burning towers in the UK. Switzerland has banned them for the better part. A whole nursing home of elderly people died when they put one near the nursing home. This is genocide and people are feeling scared to shout it from the roof tops because we have been conditioned little by little over the years to keep quiet. These laws to keep us confined to quarters were snuck in through parliament nearly a decade ago! We have to ask ourselves what are we going to tell our grandchildren when they ask about this time in history. When they have no liberty and live in a draconian microchiped future. Oh we waited for someone to do something and no one did, we weren’t allowed to say anything! Its time for all us people to stand together and put a stop to this. A handful of crazy leaders cannot stand against millions of people. Its such an illusion of control out there.
      There are 5G groups on Face Book. Brian Rose from London Real is putting together an army of people to gain back freedom of speech. It’s time for all of us to share this information and get people alerted. I won’t be sitting on my arse waiting for someone to take my freedom, my health and my children’s health. Inject me and my kids with mandatory vaccines that are currently killing people all over the world.
      We need to ask the questions if our Government isn’t serving the people then what legal action can we take to take that Government down. its time to hold a referendum and get some truth happening in our country. I don’t know about any of you but I am sick to death of living in fear … that’s not a life! I want to bring these pricks to justice and if it can’t happen in my life time then Im happy to fight the fight for the next.

      1. Agree with you completely! I am in Australia and nothing is happening in regard to push back of the Government. We have all done as we were told to do. Many people have been given extra unemployment benefits as an incentive to keep quiet and stay home. There is no marching on the streets in protest here. People are at home, enjoying netflix and tuning in to the regular propaganda bs that is the mainstream news. I have two young grand daughters and heavens knows what kind of life it is going to be for them if things dont change soon. They have been born into this screen society that they dont understand could make them ill or worse with the emf from 5g and vaccines.

      2. Yes we need to be active, the country and the world are going to crap because of eugenics, which is now being financed by Bill and Amanda Gates, don’t be fooled people they want to control the world

    5. Yes there is thousands of studies on wireless radiation.
      The military has many weapons designed on the 5g mm wave technology, they should be sharing their science and effects with us instead of keeping it classified.
      As well as giving us the technology to study, that we pay for.

      This is the worst communications technology we could give ourselves. Have a look at the people and planet, we are sick by the masses, do we want the people who made us so sick, to have such technology that is a weapon against us at any given time. I mean loo, at us, it is a weapon in use already.

      Hault 5g, get to your council and neighbours and share with the the truth. for great expert talks.
      Or collective Evolutions .com gives us information being kept from us about 5g.

      Dont wait until it is to late.

  3. I’ve heard too much bad about 5G , and who is going to pay for this stuff up, doesent matter, we will all be dead, and for what??

  4. 5G safety standards by Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency are from tests completed on minimal exposure and these tests are years old. Times have changed, and these tests need to be done again.

    There have been no guarantees given that any kind of exposure is safe and/or risk free. This is very risky at this point, we should halt the rush on further movement and activity here.

  5. Madness at every level (allegedly) of Australian politics and their alleged ‘interests’/’revolving doors’.
    We are sick and diseased now and it will get much worse – this 5G is insanity to the extreme.
    I have spent a lot of time compiling information (the truth you never get from mainstream media here).

    Australia is in Crisis – Epidemics of Chronic Diseases – Mental health/Behavioural Disorders, Domestic Violence, Street Crime and Violence, Alcohol and Drug Addictions, Dental Crisis.
    If you think you are ever going to allegedly get the truth through mainstream media you are sadly mistaken – get the tip of the iceberg truth here.
    RESEARCH REPORT An In Depth investigation to get to the bottom of why the health of Australians is in a shocking state. Remember, this affects our Pets also. By Diane Drayton Buckland Dated: 3rd May, 2019.
    The Truth on Water Fluoridation Chemicals – your Health Dept/Australian Government doesn’t tell you truth; they say it’s a decay fighting mineral # hogwash – see from page 47 onwards the truth of dangerous, damaging & destructive fluoridation chemicals.
    See the truth about the NHMRC from page 142 onwards – the NHMRC, ADA & AMA and their associates/partners, all say water fluoridation is safe, effective and ethical as again parroted in the NHMRC’s most recent reply to me (June, 2019) they are not telling you the truth at all.

    See from page 86 on as to just how damaging/dangerous/deadly fluorides especially in combination with aluminium are to our kidneys – also the Liver and more page 89 – half the Australian population suffer gastrointestinal disorders – fluorides (and the co-contaminants of the water fluoridation chemicals) damage the Gastrointestinal tract (and everything else). Please read this Research Report in full.

    Take the time to go right through this Research Report hereunder please for all our sakes and take action to demand the Australian Government stop adding these destructive fluoridation chemicals to our drinking water supplies hence contaminating our food chain, us, our pets, all life and our environment.
    See from page 47 on for the truth about water fluoridation chemicals.

    Australia also forces/mandates vaccinations with their NO jab no pay no play mandated vaccination policy allegedly initiated by Murdoch Media Empire – where are all the Lawyers who should also be fighting against this alleged gross violation of Informed Consent/Nuremberg Code and the harmful ‘ingredients/substances injected’ OMG.

  6. International Appeal – STOP 5G ON EARTH AND IN SPACE
    An Emergency Appeal to the World’s Governments by Scientists, Doctors and Environmental Organizations
    To the UN, WHO, EU, Council of Europe
    and governments of all nations
    We the undersigned scientists, doctors and environmental organizations from (__) countries, urgently call for a halt to the deployment of the 5G (fifth generation) wireless network, including 5G from space satellites.
    5G will massively increase exposure to radio frequency (RF) radiation on top of the 2G, 3G and 4G networks for telecommunications already in place.
    RF radiation has been proven harmful for humans and the environment.
    The deployment of 5G constitutes an experiment on humanity and the environment that is defined as a crime under international law.
    5G will result in a massive increase in inescapable, involuntary exposure to wireless radiation
    Harmful effects of radio frequency radiation are already proven
    Regulators have deliberately excluded the scientific evidence of harm
    RF radiation has both acute and chronic effects
    World governments are failing in their duty of care to the populations they govern

    (I don’t think we allowed to post links here??? so can’t put link in)

    1. …and they shouldn’t be allowed to put antennas up without the publics permission and there you have it! Im sure a link is nothing in the scheme of things.

  7. The poor victorians will be roasted. Ive heard from Barry Trower that 5G radiation will ‘mesh’ with the smart meters pulsed radiation, for their smart grid. Victoria must be australia’s test site for the IOT? They will gather data and monitor how many trees die, and how many animals leave or die, as well as the population getting cancer, neurological and autoimmune diseases etc.If anyone wants to know the full impact of whats coming, please listen to Barry Trower, a microwave weapons expert at

    1. 5G low orbit satelites are being launched across austraia as we sleep every night I look to the night sky and see more going up in the early hours. funny coincidence with virus out break in Wuhan being just after the first 5 g trials

      end of days are upon us and we must fight back , pls say no to 5g

  8. The health risks from 5G will be truly shocking especially to children I really have to ask why are they doing this what difference will it really be having faster speeds. I think there is a bigger agenda to it all

  9. I hope that KARMA will eventually catch up to the insane criminals behind all this mess, may they drown in it !!!

    1. Andrei, there is no Karma, false hope, i dont support 5G and thats my small contribution to slow down the spread of 5G.

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  11. Interesting that today the Countries with the worst corona virus probs have huge 5G rolled out – Wuhan China has somewhere around 10,000 towers maybe more!
    Wake up Australia! Stop your addiction to media rubbish and fight for yours and your children’s health and wellbeing. Your immune system is about to be fried…
    And the big question is who benefits from destroying our health?? Worth researching.

    1. I know who is benefiting from it, it’s the 33 people running the world. Look it up, they cull the population every 100 years throughout history.

      1. A research I did not long ago said we have a group of 300 running to take the world over their way, it really was scary shit but I’m believing it.. 😞😞

  12. Check out where 5g is already. China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, the Diamond princess boats. It penetrates the very air we breathe!! It stops our haemoglobin absorbing oxygen. Causes horrendous respiratory illnesses.
    It will absolutely hurt and kill us. Can we all be writing to the PM and our local members to make a stand. ?!
    We must.

    1. I agree 5g is so harmful to not only people but animals too especially birds. Byron Bay were successful in stopping it so other councils could do the same if enough people protested

  13. Nobody is going to to believe this now because they found their perfect scapegoat in the coronavirus. D r y cough, yet ends in pneumonia my ass it would be a wet plehmy cough. Don’t believe the hype.

    1. PS it’s the towers killing the weak and old to cull the population. They do it every 100 years.

  14. My ears are ringing terribly since Tuesday, my daughter has had three unexplained nosebleeds and ringing ears we both have pressure in our ears and a persistent throbbing headache. we’re both going downhill fast.
    If anything happens to her, I will go absolutely postal. I don’t and won’t care what will happen to me. I hope it’s worth the faster downloads you guys.

    1. That is awful to be experiencing this discomfort for you both. Just wondering what suburb/state of Australia you are in?

    2. Yep, as of November 2021, I can report that the ear ringing, nosebleeds, headaches, temperature issues, sleep problems and more symptoms of 5G radiation poisoning have started in Aldinga Beach, SA. So, don’t rely on these maps and tower locations as being up to date. This is the way they “get” the unjabbed, folks.

  15. The weird thing is that ordinary people all over the USA have noticed unmarked white vans busy installing huge 5G towers and wiring up schools & street lights during the coronahoax lockdown, and the vans are often protected by police vehicles. Others have noticed it here in the UK as well.

    It seems that the lockdown is just a cover to allow them to install 5G everywhere. Wuhan was the epicentre of 5G, with more than 100,000 5G towers and installations in the city switched on just before the coronahoax outbreak, as TOTT staff & commenters have noted. Coincidence? Makes you wonder.

  16. Thankyou for this webpage and the valuable information of 5G Tower locations. I have copied the Victorian list and will check out those locations near to me (when l can)

    Hopefully there is a Bunnings or a K-Mart near these locations so l can do some essential shopping and drive by the towers along the way (Lockdown/Essential Travel Only)


  17. This is a crime against humanity. It will cause extreme ill health over time. It needs to be stopped. For people who think it’s safe please do your research. The government has blood on their hands. Other counties are banning it but why not Australia?

  18. Latest reports say that at least 40 UK mobile phone towers have been set on fire in protest at the 5G-coronavirus connection.

    “UK mobile carriers politely ask people to stop burning 5G towers”.

    “I say, chaps, do please stop setting fire to our towers. We know what’s best for you peasants.”

  19. We need to demonstrate against this. Contact politicians, fight back. Our Diggers would be saddened at how readily we gave away our freedom and allow
    them to damage our health. Looks as if 3 went up quietly in Alkimos

  20. For 5G to work there has to be a close tower to your home, so the cost of towers is too expensive, so in the US they are putting 5G transformers on light posts, 5G microwaves can only go so many metres.
    To combat the high 5G WIFI radiation into your home people are trying to block it with trees/bushes, mirror window/glass covering, keeping the landline phone.
    Plugging into your Computer/Laptop etc. from the box, some people notice when they have done this their headaches have suddenly stopped and breathing has improved , and the immune system improves.
    Dana Ashlie on Bit Chute talks about the 5G and interviews Medical Scientists and Doctors who are against 5G. for health reasons.
    5G is all connected to NWO , Bill Gates, FBI , Socialism ,Eugenicists(De-Population) , Total Vegetarianism , no more natural growing seeds, any adult who cannot work has to die, they will make a super human race connected with Robotics. ….Total Robots to be given their own will, in the near future.
    The Human mind will be controlled by the Elites own laws, they put their will into your mind to do their bidding with the help of the Mark/Chip, once the chip is in and settled (time lapse to show all is well with the chip) then your body is not your own any more.

    1. 5G can only “go so many metres” because at 60 GHz it operates at the frequency of molecular oxygen spin, so the 5G beam is attenuated by O2. Theoretically, if a 5G beam hits your lungs you would go down like a sack of potatoes as your complete oxygen supply has been neutralised. Isn’t it such a wonderful coincidence that “social distancing” keeps you away from other people with 5G phones! (wouldn’t want those important movie downloads to be interrupted now, would we?

  21. The COVID “pandemic” was a necessary step prior to the introduction of full-blown 60 GHz 5G as the technology produces a raft of symptoms that overlap with “coronavirus”. Can’t have a direct association with 5G can we? Also allows for a multitude of interrelated control agendas to be implemented simultaneously, like cashless commerce. Then there’s also 6G & 7G ultimately! …

    1. What do we need 5G for? To watch Netflix, to send emails? Who needs 5G? It’s not the people who need it that’s for sure. 5G is bad for humans, bad the the birds and bad for the bees. Killing off the planet slowly and painfully.

  22. I have a vision of a rise in the popularity and efficiency of Australia Post, and a return to letter writing between friends and families.
    What a joy to be able to express oneself with the carefully written letter.
    No more the scanty meaningless one line in an email.
    One day this will happen.
    We will stop using email, go offline, throw away our smart phones and return to postal services.
    We don’t need 5G.

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