September 25, 2023

11 thoughts on “Police raid, arrest anti-lockdown protest organisers

  1. What are these protesters great concern? there is always 2 sides to every issue. Is it because they fear their freedoms are gradually being eroded? I see both sides of the coin and I weigh them both up fairly and see the pro’s & the con’s

    1. Please Raymond what are the pro’s of loosing your God given freedom of choice, expression, freedom of conscience? Elaborate please as I am curious to know. We were created free beings and free moral agents, unless of course you believe that you come from a amoeba, in which case the discussion is moot and you can acquiesce .

      This has been going as Ethan says for a while and to my knowledge since I was at university in the mid-90s and I saw it coming but I was not sure how it was going to come. The Jesuit and Freemason Albert Pike in his book, mentioned 3 World wars not because he was a prophet but because when you plan it you know when when it will take place.

      I believe that we are currently experiencing the third world war and the whole point as Nathan says is to remove ALL God-given freedom and create a society where it is all controlled by the 1% and we are simply the slaves here to serve only and nothing else under strict conditions. Communist China is the model being used. Those in charge have slowly eroded our freedom for some time now and we are almost at the climax where all is coming together. Brace yourself for more as this is only the beginning of sorrows . I wonder if you would like it when you needed to go to toilet and was told you couldn’t or you were only allowed one bread roll even if you wanted 2?

      One thing I know for sure is that what we are seeing right now is the “man of sin” being revealed. The plan will not come to fruition, but once he is fully revealed, God will intervene because everyone has to have their own full mind and conscience to make a choice on which side one stands. We cannot be influenced by drugs or a vaccine that interferes with our freedom of choice when making the decision.

      When they say Peace and safety, then sudden destruction comes upon them, as travail upon her that is with child; and they shall in no wise escape.

      Ethan, excellent article as usual. You always out-do yourself each and every time 🙂

  2. Ethan as always you are right on the mark with the current state of events playing out in Victoria. Like others I have seen this coming for some time now. With the constant compliance by the majority of the population the rollout of this lock step scenario is unfolding very quickly right now. I agree entirely with you in regard to diverting our attention away from the ‘mask wearers’ now. They are already in their dream state and it shows with the vitriol they display towards ‘non mask wearers’. It is aggressive, angry and rude however they are not aware of their own rage against the situation that they themselves are in so it is misdirected anger I feel.
    Yes we need to unite, if you havent already done so seek out like minded people, talk to them, they are many in numbers and I would like to think much more so than we realise.

  3. Ditto Groovy Granny, thank you Ethan and others for your hard work and research and keeping us all informed. From one appreciated reader

  4. It is time that non-corrupt police and armed services personnel stood up and be counted and incarcerate D.H. Dan and his cohorts including the Police Commissioner.

    1. Yes it is time for those in the police force, defence force, medical doctors, nursing staff, media who have any kind of conscience at all to show some true courage and speak out about the atrocities being perpetrated on the Australian people.

  5. Right on Lisa. They all need to think about their children, grandchildren and the generations to come and the future that they are subjecting them to and that they had the power to prevent it from happening but they didn’t do a thing. Come on you guys, choose love not fear.

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