December 7, 2023

4 thoughts on “World Economic Forum to host “The Great Reset”

  1. The New World Order is that it is simply the rebranding of the Old World Order, in that rights and privileges where granted from the top down from kings, queens, oligarchies or in this case the state, rather than that of individuals. The only the thing that makes it new is the weapons being used i.e. money.

  2. Anyone else throw up in a bucket when clicking on their regions Global Shapers and looking at he smiling naivety of all those young virtual signallers pushing this beast along without a goddam thought at what they are doing. Reminds me of the Common Purpose BS. Gosh we are living amongst a nation of group thinkers with a superiority complex at the expense of those who just want to be left alone to live and bring up their children they way they want to. Im angry, VERY angry!

  3. Glossy warm enthusiastic packaging and user friendly wording topped with the beloved Prince Charles putting people and planet at the heart of global value creation. The hollow Reset rally cry “jointly and urgently build the foundations of economic and social systems for a more fair, sustainable and resilient future”. Aaaahh the future……… not quite so much noise and mention about the Globalists aspirations of huge and dramatic global depopulation, when AI comes into play, and the slaves just become a waste of space and creators of CO2. Also no mention of spiritual direction moving away from the normal religions to the darker Globalists preference of the religion and workings of Satan. All that glistens is not gold unless of course you are part of world’s rich and powerful who want to run the entire show ……. and do it their way. Enjoy.

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