December 7, 2023

13 thoughts on “Virus being used to accelerate 5G rollout

  1. Indeed and a very good point in this article about the possible intentional sabotage of NBN to pave the way for 5g

  2. Australia is heading into Winter soon, were the prevalence of cold & flu may increase in some people, especially those whose immune system is already compromised & weak due to lack of proper nutrition, care etc.

    Now as the psychopaths are desperate to irradiate as many people asap via 5G, there will most likely be more flu like symptoms in many more people, as their immune system is attacked via these dangerous high level & new frequencies microwave unrelentingly 24h round the clock in + out of their/our homes.

    This will give the impression to most sheeple that the epidemic is getting out of hand, something must be done, plz hurry up with the vaccinations to the rescue!
    (The Problem, Reaction + Solution Scenario)

    The psychopaths are indeed taking full advantage of these well planned circumstances as far as they are able to do, via their mass media etc.

    Hopefully there’ll be enough of us GOYIM, who’ll put a spanner in their works big-time asap.

    The psychopaths are even using well know celebrities, as a cover to entice + trick the gullible sheeple to get injected!


    1. I think you are right on! To me, its all very logical and as well I have a gut feeling which I trust with my life. Make it known Danny far and wide!

  3. The Workers putting up the 5G towers or putting them on our Telephone Posts, How will they escape from the 5G WIFI current they will be exposed to.

    1. Perhaps they arent connected to 5g at the time of installation. They only transmit when turned on. However I have read about workers having to sign an indemnity form before they begin employment so they cannot sue employer for any injuries/illnesses sustained.

  4. We are doing well here in QLD, Australia, thank God we are a little behind especially with the 5G………….. Our children’s health is more important than 5G……………. I guess if we lose a few thousand children to cancer, the Gov thinks that’s better than being without 5G.

    1. No your not…qld has been testing 5g on you guys for 2 years and you have very extensive 3g and 4g network that has placed you miles above the national average for brain tumors in nearly every town and city in the state. Go check the cancer atlas of Australia. Filter the map by brain cancer and see for yourself. Noone is talking about this data.

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