October 2, 2023

9 thoughts on “States continue national facial recognition push

  1. Personal designed contact lenses & fake mole, to take out/off after ID Driver’s Licence Photos.
    Wouldn’t you enjoy to seeing the confusion in the Gov IT database.

  2. It doesn’t take much imagination to link the ‘new abnormality’ of having to stay 1.5 metres apart from each other, to the 5G surveillance cameras everywhere, picking up clear shots of our faces …

  3. Facial recognition is totally unnecessary and a gross invasion of privacy and the dignity of man.

  4. sadly this is the ultimate last step for a “total control” of society where authorities will expect you to justify why you did anything and also why you didn’t do it.

    eg: why did you pay cash & where did you get it when we haven’t seen any ATM withdrawals since (whenever). now you owe tax on undeclared income+ a fine (robodebt 2.0)


    why didn’t you wait for the street light to change green even though the entire road was empty. on the spot fine taken out of your bank account to save you the inconvenience of paying bills.

    we can just sit & wait for the inevitable dystopia or strike until the higher-ups make radical system changes FOR the people, not for THEIR handlers.


    1. Totally agree Bob. I’ve been saying the same thing for years and still people just laugh. Relying on politicians is like pissing in the wind mate.

  5. This is how every evil scheme marches forward. If their plans are stopped, they just back up a little, and then slowly sneak forward again, just like this chameleon crossing the road:

  6. Stop the Facial Recognition• Facial Recognition is a pimbing work for CCP••
    minimise the Cash Less••
    Ensure your Freedom•

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