November 29, 2023

30 thoughts on “Martial Law: Enforcing the COVID-19 Narrative

  1. thankyou so much for being a voice of logic and intelligence in a world full of zombies. keep up the great work.

    1. Hurrah, correct, one of the principal ignorance in this is complete lack scientific debate, on the alleged behaviours of viruses.
      The expansion on the allegations of this bio-weapon of man made origins and the implications of this, we see no conversations on this only accusations.
      How is that all the lockdown efforts, elsewhere other than China are having little to no effect?

  2. I am completely sick of these psychopaths that occupy the positions of this country. If they shut down the country completely everyone will ultimately lose everything!

    1. Exactly! Ethan’s inclusion of Orwell’s warning,”In principle the war effort is always planned to keep society on the brink of starvation” hits the nail on the head.

      Starvation will be the inevitable result of collapsing the world economy and imprisoning everyone on the planet under “House Arrest”. Starvation will force them to accept the “Mark of Vaccination” microchip in order to re-enter society, buy or sell anything. If nobody is working, everyone is going to starve. After all, they did it to 12 million Ukrainian Christians in 1933, starved to death by Jewish Bolsheviks in the “Holodomor”. Not taught in schools, of course.

  3. Astonishing tie-in with Orwell’s warnings— well done!
    Have you seen the short YouTube video exposing the head of the World Health Organization as a Communist Ethiopian Terrorist with no medical qualifications whatsoever? Here’s the link, and also another one about the situation in Canada:

    -“WHO’s Tedros should be tried for Crimes Against Humanity”

    -“We Are Being Played”, especially summed up after the 35:43 minute mark:

    -“Communist Forces Creating Chaos with Pandemic to Grab Power” [it now looks like this article has suddenly been removed]

    1. I was able to translate some of the document online and here is the translation.

      The present scenario describes an unusual epidemic that occurs on the
      Spread of a novel pathogen based. The scenario is the hypothetical pathogen
      ” Modi-SARS ” is used as the basis, its properties in the information sheet (see Appendix)
      are described and which is very closely based on the SARS virus. The past has
      demonstrated that pathogens with novel properties that are a serious epidemic
      trigger, can occur suddenly. (e.g. SARS coronavirus [CoV], H5N1 influenza virus,
      Chikungunya virus, HIV). A current example of a newly emerging pathogen is a
      Corona virus (“novel corona virus”), which is not closely related to SARS-CoV. This virus
      has been demonstrated in six patients since summer 2012, two of whom have died. On
      Patient was treated in Germany and could be discharged as healed. The difference
      this virus does not seem to SARS-CoV or only very poorly from person to person
      to be transferable, so that the current risk assessment assumes that
      the risk of illness as a result of transmission from person to person is low (status
      November 26, 2012). Until then, SARS-CoV and HIV were “new” to the human population
      Page 58
      Printed matter 17/ 12051
      – 58 –
      German Bundestag – 17th parliamentary term
      unknown viruses with a high lethality for HIV only after years and extreme
      costly research could be reduced. In contrast, Chikungunya viruses and
      H5N1 viruses already known; properties altered by mutations resulted in these viruses
      however, for better transferability to humans. SARS-CoV and H5N1 are about
      the respiratory tract is transmitted, Chikungunya is transmitted by a vector (mosquito). With that
      these diseases are more difficult to control than HIV, through sexual intercourse or through
      Contact with HIV-positive blood is transmitted. During HIV control in Germany and
      other countries in Western Europe or North America have been relatively successful, in many others
      Countries with less good health infrastructure do not – an indication of how
      Control measures are essential in limiting the spread.
      2. Description of the event
      The hypothetical modes SARS virus is common with the natural SARS CoV in almost all Properties identical. The incubation period, i.e. the time from the transmission of the virus to a person until the first symptoms of the disease is usually three to five days, but can move within a period of two to 14 days. Almost all infected people fall ill also. The symptoms are fever and dry cough, the majority of the patients have shortness of breath, changes in the lungs, chills, nausea and x-rays visible in x-rays Muscle pain. Diarrhea, headache, rash (rash),
      Dizziness, cramps and loss of appetite. Mortality 1 is high at 10% of the patients,
      however, to different degrees in different age groups. Children and adolescents
      usually have mild disease courses with lethality of around 1%, while lethality
      50% for people over 65. The duration of the disease also differs in
      Dependence on the age of the patients; younger patients often have the infection after just one Overcome week, while seriously ill, elderly patients around three weeks in Hospital care was required, as well as treatment needs of up to 60 days
      described the SARS-CoV. This age-dependent course of infection with SARS-CoV was not accepted for modes SARS . For modeling the numbers of sick people and
      In the scenario, we assume that all age groups are affected equally.

      Other parameters that can modify the course, such as human contacts and mobility
      in metropolitan areas or social networks were also not taken into account. The
      Transmission takes place mainly via droplet infection, but because the virus is inanimate
      If surfaces remain infectious for a few days, smear infections are also possible. With
      When the first symptoms appear, the infected people are contagious. It is the only one
      Difference in portability between the hypothetical modes SARS and the SARS
      1 Lethality describes the proportion of those who die as a result of the infection.
      Page 59
      German Bundestag – 17th parliamentary term
      – 59 –
      Printed matter 17/ 12051
      CoV – the naturally occurring pathogen can only be transmitted from person to person,
      if a person already shows clear symptoms of illness. There are none for treatment
      Medications are available so that only symptomatic treatment can be given. A vaccine is also not available for the first three years. In addition to compliance with
      Hygiene measures can only take protective measures in this sense Isolation of sick or suspected contagion, as well as the use of Protective equipment such as protective masks, goggles and gloves are taken.
      Isolation, isolation and quarantine are only of limited effectiveness, however
      there is a very pronounced infectivity at the onset of symptoms (Fraser et al., 2004)
      The infectious disease spreads sporadically and in clusters. A transfer takes place
      especially through household contacts and in the hospital environment, but also in public Means of transport, at work and in leisure time.
      For the Modes-SARS scenario, only a mutation – related change in portability will occur adopted the virus; further possible variants, also with multifactorial characteristics would be conceivable (Reichenbach, 2008) 2 , but are not considered in this scenario
      2.1 Place of occurrence / spatial expansion
      Where does the event happen / which area is affected by the event?
      The event occurs globally (mainly Asia, North America, Europe).
      The spread in Germany takes place via a trade fair city in northern Germany and a
      University town in southern Germany (→ see 2.4 Duration and course). In the initial phase of A total of ten cases are registered in Germany. Here are two
      Cases of particular importance as they occupy key positions for dissemination (see
      2.3 Triggering events). The other cases concern travelers who contribute to the spread.
      The distribution takes place across Germany, analogous to the population density. This Assumption reflects a theoretical, simplified model, with a natural “real”
      Outbreak events would have to be reckoned with geographical differences, their complexity here cannot be mapped.
      2 The choice of a SARS-like virus is also due to the fact that the natural variant in 2003 was very quickly pushed different health systems to their limits. Also the one quoted here Green Paper has run through a similar thought experiment with a mutated SARS virus. The
      This mode-SARS scenario differs in its characteristics and the derived
      Assumptions for the extent of damage.

      2.2 Time
      When does the event happen? (Season / time of day if necessary)
      The event starts in February in Asia, but will not be there until a few weeks later
      Dimension / meaning recognized. The first identified Modes SARS case occurs in April
      Germany on. This point in time forms the starting point of the present scenario.

      2.3 Triggering events
      Which events lead to this event? / How is the event triggered?
      The pathogen originates from Southeast Asia, where the pathogen found in wild animals via markets was transferred to humans. Since the animals themselves do not get sick, it was not recognizable that there was a risk of infection. Started by this zoonotic transmission Infectious chains could only be traced retrospectively; this did not succeed in all cases.
      Domestic pets and farm animals are not infected by Modi-SARS and therefore do not carry to spread or maintain the chain of infection.
      Two of the first cases that are brought into Germany concern people who are
      infected in the same Southeast Asian country. One of the people is still flying on the same Evening in Germany to have a stand at a trade fair in a northern German city care, the other person flies back to Germany a day later to look for one
      Semester abroad in China resumed her studies in a university town in southern German to record. In Germany, these two people are two of the index patients through whom the Infection is more common.
      3 They are of particular interest because both people are with
      extraordinarily many people come into contact and so strongly for the initial spread
      contribute. There are other cases that are imported to Germany, so that one of
      a total of ten infected people, on which the first wave of infection can be attributed.
      3 The course of the SARS epidemic 2003 has shown that extremely few cases can suffice to get one
      trigger global infection events. So became a doctor who stayed in a hotel in Hong Kong
      has, as the primary index patient for four clusters of SARS cases and two cases, none of which
      Infections, identified (WHO, 2003). From this index patient it is known that he
      infected at least 13 other people (hotel guests and visitors). Those infected
      spread SARS in 27 countries within a very short time – between February and June 2003
      Toronto infected 225 people whose infections could be traced back to a single hotel guest.
      The Toronto Health Department counted over 2,000 suspected cases and over 23,000 people were injured
      Quarantined (see reference events).

  4. Thanks to all the commenters. One thing that has never made sense to me about the lamestream media narrative on COVID19 is why it seems to be only affecting largely elderly people? Surely, if there was a really dangerous pandemic out there, very young children would be the most at risk, with their less developed immune systems? Yet apparently, children are largely safe, and so are schools, kindergartens, childcare centres? Surely people know that schools (like hospitals) are wonderful incubators for bugs, and yet ScoMo wanted us to keep them open? Historically, we know that before modern medicine, plumbing etc children often didn’t live to 18, because they were more susceptible to bugs, infections etc. Yet COVID19 is just killing elderly people?

    1. Hi Jacksprat, I my humble opinion, the plan is clever. I believe this is all driven by the WHO and the UN, who by the way was setup by the same Elitists that run the IMF. I personally also believe that the reason ScoMo has not closed the schools and kindergarten and childcare would be because he was ordered not to do so as if he did they would no longer be able to continue to use it as a means of “indoctrinating” the children with their agenda since parents would start home-schooling their children and give them a better control over what is being taught to their children.

      This would therefore negate the whole purpose of what Education has become in this country over the years, a means of peddling their agenda in the mind of the young ones , and what has thus led to the current corona virus becoming a “crisis” due to the ability to create and instill fear that has led to panic. Additionally, there is a call from Rome to the world to “re-educate” the world and mainly the young ones with respect to climate change with it being the cause of the “corona virus” or anything else for that matter, through Education. I will wait and see how this pans out.

      1. Thanks for the link. David Icke is brilliant, but way off the mark with his “reptilians”. The Illuminati and most world religions worship Kali/Allah the 8-legged “Moon Spider/Kraken Goddess” and her Toyboy Shiva/Satan. The Vaccination Mark of the Beast will be the Crescent Moon, symbol of Kali/Allah & Shiva/Satan. Anyone refusing it will be exiled to the wilderness lands the Illuminati are trying to create, and hunted down for sport, as in predictive programming film “The Hunger Games”.

        1. I do tend to agree with you. He is off the mark with the reptilian stuff but in this instance I think he has good insight.

    1. You can say that again! I have always thought that too. But then again look at what nationalities have also been allowed to migrate from overseas lately, specially in Victoria. Residents from countries such as India, have arrived by drove. A country ,where they have been oppressed for years and they bend down to whatever is dished out.

      For example, in India, the populace gets beaten with sticks by the Police if they misbehave or by their own people that are of higher societal cast. So they submit to authority very quickly and do not protest or resist. They tend to acquiesce very quickly as that is what they have been used to doing from the time they were born.

      I have been there on multiple occasions and found this to be true but also very sickening. So now, we have a population that makes up a lot of these nationalities that accept and submit to what is being told and asked from them without questioning anything because they are already programmed to obey without discussion. That coupled with the fear that has been induced, makes them the perfect sheeple. Additionally, they do not the law and therefore do not know their rights. Sad but true!

  5. Well I’m one of the few who does know my rights.
    I don’t pussyfoot around either!
    I’m no lawyer, however I know more than I would like, unfortunately this goes to show how many people try to shaft me & other people, I don’t just walk away, if they can’t be fair about it, I go the whole hog.
    I’m in Victoria, I don’t “obey”, I just don’t give a rats.
    I’ve confronted people regarding the masks, they look at me as though I’m the “weirdo”, they don’t get it!
    Because they don’t get the simple facts of wearing a mask, there is no way I would speak about anything else.

    1. Good on you Tracey!. I also live in Victoria and I am also like you are and i don’t care for any fines since I also know my rights and will fight for my freedom tooth and nail. However what surprises me is the fact that no one, I mean no one, is standing up for people like you and I and even for others who are forced to comply. They are all talking about it on Sky News but that is the extent to which it goes.

      I was watching a video on the Internet today showing the endless queue in the Melbourne CBD, of people lining up for food parcels. I was appalled. They are starving, yet they are acquiescing. Have we for most part become that dumb’ed down that we would rather starve to death instead of pointing out the injustice and the hoax of this plandemic and act to stop it? Really?

      When will people stop bowing down to these globalists who have created this plandemic to bring in the NWO and dictatorship with their lies and deceptions? I guess a lot of them professing to be wise have become fools and now bow to their new master. Victoria has changed overnight. I recently went to sleep one night in Australia and woke up the next morning in 1940 Germany!

      And if the bill for locking Victoria all down passes, we are all doomed. I am still curious as to what is Dan Andrews agenda behind all of this as this is no longer about the virus anymore and that’s a fact!

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