September 27, 2023

10 thoughts on “Australians rally against lockdowns, vaccines

  1. Well done, Australian Patriots !!! It was good to see those pictures, with surprisingly strong turnouts. Even a handful of protesters helps awaken the people to “The Biggest Fraud ever perpetrated on Humanity”, as someone said.

    After reading your article, I looked in Britain’s Daily Mail, and found nothing in their headlines until I looked in their “Australia” section, and found this sneering piece:

    “‘United we stand’: Controversial celebrity chef Pete Evans backs ridiculous protest against vaccines and 5G towers as hundreds break lockdown laws by taking to the streets in Sydney and Melbourne”

  2. Thanks for honest journalism and unbiased coverage. Finally, reporting with integrity 🙌🏼

  3. Does anyone have contact details for the Groups/People who organised these protests? I would like to make contact with them.


  4. It’s interesting to see how if the protests got any media coverage, it was negative and about the reckless dangers of spreading covid-19, but the race riots in American and London UK and Germany, the media portrays the defying of the rules sympathetically as brave act.

  5. Seems the Medical Profession are not game to do research of how many children have suffered form Vaccines, they should do blood tests before and 2 months after vaccines……..
    Three of my grandsons suffered with breathing problems, 2 of them having to have Oxygen for well over a year from when they were about 3 months old, they were all born with no breathing problems. Please explain.
    Also please explain why many children today are suffering from ADD often for life from some type of Autism and worse problems with Dyslexia although Dyslexia can be helped with coloured lenses.
    When I get to know children I see signs of Autism in most of them. All schools need to have training programs for parents of how to cope with children with Autism problems & special classes for children.
    I realise all Governments around the world cannot be sued because of Vaccines & so once again Bill Gates goes free.
    The UN wants de-population, so all Autistic children will have to be done away with.
    So forced Vaccine is the answer to Eugenics.

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