September 23, 2023

41 thoughts on “Questioning COVID-19 will become Thoughtcrime

  1. Yes, anything which is a threat to the 1% psychopaths, they will outlaw by whichever means necessary. It is these 1% who dictate of what we the 99% are allowed to say, think & do et cetera.

    Jewish dictatorship –

    Marx did not actually originate anything, but merely “streamlined” Talmudism for Gentile consumption. The Socialist” system he conceived merely brings about a practical means for a state dominated and controlled through a Jewish minority to rule by absolute dictatorship over everything and everyone, a concept which has been carried out very successfully in those countries of the World brought thus far under Marxist dictatorship.
    Socialism is indeed merely the clover held in front of the cow’s nose to get her into the barn under the milking machine. It is a mechanism whereby a “human” can lead a whole non-human herd into the Jewish controlled barn.
    The next time when some Christian dupe tells you: “Socialism is not Jewish!,” for one thing, pull out the pamphlet “Jew and Non-Jew,” put out by the Reform Jewish “Union of American Hebrew Congregations” and their “Central Conference of American Rabbis” and read:
    Socialism was originated by Jews; and today Jews play a leading role in its spread and interpretation.” (page 30) (The Commission on Information about Judaism, Merchants Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio, Exhibit I, page 71)
    In a publication of the Jewish Publication Society of America, “Jewish Contributions to Civilization,” it is stated that, “We find a strong Jewish participation throughout the socialistic movement which, from its inception up to the present day. has been largely dominated by Jewish influence. (See Exhibit I page 71)
    Says the 1905 Jewish Encyclopedia: “Jews have been prominently identified with the Socialist movement from its very inception.” (See Exhibit J, page 72)
    The leaders of the 1917 Russian revolution were mostly Jews. (See Exhibit K, page 73)
    Read on –

  2. @Danny Agreed. To add to this, there is a big push for the 7 NOAHIDE laws to be enacted ( these were already passed as law in many countries ) which also forms part of the Talmud. These so-called Noahide Laws, or Seven Laws of Noah are Talmudic Jewish Laws originating in ancient Babylonian times and are not actually the same as the Christian laws since Babylon was purely atheistic.

  3. The day that “thoughtcrime” and “pre-crime” become real crimes is the day that society has officially lost the plot, if it hasn’t already.

    1. Also I can definitely foresee greater internet restrictions coming down the pike. Like a similar system to the great firewall of China being introduced across the global, with varying degrees of success in each country which will end up fracturing the internet as we knew it!

  4. The discouraging thing for me has been the refusal of most friends & family to even discuss the Corona-Hoax. Who needs surveillance when your own people accuse you of “Thoughtcrime”?

    They even get angry if you send them links to articles or videos explaining the evidence for the hoax, or predictive programming like the recently re-discovered 2012 Olympics ritual— too bad he ruined it at the end by wittering on about “giants”, but the parallels with the Corona-Hoax are disturbing:

    One friend did admit to being alarmed at how quickly people are getting so used to “house arrest” that they’re beginning to act like battery hens, who don’t even want to go outside anymore. It reminds me of movies like “The Island” and “Soylent Green”.

    1. @Protestant. I have had the same experience. The refusal of most family and friends can be put down to two things. Most of the population has been conditioned and programmed to think that the world is full of bad people and bad things and that the government will protect them from it all and that they should comply for their own benefit and anyone else not complying is the enemy. I recall learning about this in the late 90s and how this formed part of the NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) that was succintly achieved by Hollywood, the media and the Education System, under the guidance of the 1%, for decades now.

      So now introduce a big lie ( It is indeed a big lie, so big that it is believed ) that the Corona is real and that only the government is the expert at it and you are not (ever noticed how they always talk about “experts” in this or than field and no one else has better understanding except for the experts?)

      So now add the two ingredients together and you get the perfect sheeples, ones that would prefer to lose all their rights to be able to get what they used to have, without thinking about the ramifications or where this journey is leading because the experts told them that this is how it is. Anyone else telling them that there is an alternative explanation and that they should use their common sense is blatantly wrong and now becomes the enemy. Remember the enemy is invisible so making someone palpable the enemy makes it more real. The picture of the frog in a pan of tepid water on a lit up stove comes to mind. By the time the water boils, it is too late.

      1. @Legitan07- That is a really good explanation. Thanks for helping me to understand their reaction better.

    2. My school friend came to visit me as I was sick with the “flu” many years ago, and as soon as my mother told him he shot from the house like a bolt of lightning, never even taking one step onto the porch! Now, he’s even more petrified about this PANdemIC Corona (or a Con). I’m going to slowly persuade him using logic and kind words, and it’ll be like oceanic waves against the mind rocks!

  5. I wish 1984 had been compulsory reading in the high school curriculums in Australia. I wish people would get out of their houses and protest. I wish people would tell this Government that they have no legal rights to keep us locked up under house arrest like criminals. I wish people would stop reporting their neighbours. I wish it was the 1970s again and I was a free teenager hitch hiking to Sydney from Melbourne. I wish it wasnt truth that the population have been mind controlled beautifully by the mainstream/social media. If the previous words are ‘thought crimes’ well come and get me as I am not scared of you and never will be.

  6. One good thing the Virus has done has made parents wake up , that today’s children have been taken over by their mobiles that they have to be entertained 100% of the time, and because of that they now suffer from boredom because they haven’t used their own mind in being creative .
    Any child that says they are bored we can honestly say they themselves are boring.

  7. Another strange thing in the news today was a report that the US government now says SUNLIGHT kills coronavirus, by the ultraviolet light it contains.

    So…um… is that why all our governments have been forcing everyone to stay INDOORS, even closing beaches, parks, banning outdoor exercise? Away from the Sun?

    1. @Protestant. Because I believe that this is all part of the mastermind plan. I wonder if the whole plan of the Corona was indeed also to get hold of our children and indoctrinate them as per the Olympic Games opening Act and the poster’s comment “they are coming for your children. That was a rather good insight.

      That was exactly what Hitler did during the second world war. See here

      and here

      Now here is another one of the imperialist peddling the same idea and this matches exactly what the Opening Ceremony was about.

      That reminds me so much of the pope’s Encyclical “Laudato Si” which talks about indoctrination of the children in “his school” to care for the so-called common home.

      This document and its intent was severely attacked by the Members of the same church a while ago. See here

      All the entangled web of deceptions that has been the Corona Virus , seem to now start to unravel and make total sense.

      1. Love Him or hate him, Young Adolph had a ‘Handle’ on the Mob. Pull up Quotes of Adolph Hitler, and see Who’s running His ‘Play book’! May want to check Allied ‘Treatment’ of German POWs at end of WW2, Rebadged as DEFs to Negate ANY form of Humanity, to these poor souls, without Charges,Trials,Representations. Find the ‘Difference to Operations’. Today! So did the Allies ‘Adopt’ the Nazi systems,OR, were they ALWAYS the Same People? People – Loose term! The Nazis got their Eugenics Policies from the Eugenics Society of America, from memory.

    2. So…um… is that why all our governments have been forcing everyone to stay INDOORS, even closing beaches, parks, banning outdoor exercise? Away from the Sun?

      Answer: Because they have now achieved what they planned to do, and to do so they had to lock everyone else up. So now they can let the cat out of the bag and let you know what the truth is ( with a small oopsy apology ). The same truth that was originally stated by many doctors and banned from Youtube as being “Conspiracy theories”. Again, the experts know better than anybody else and the sheeples unquestionably follow. The waves of deception is beyond unimaginable and the evil purely undiluted.

      But it would not surprise me if this was only the beginning and that more trouble is looming ahead and we are just going to experience a respite for a while.

      1. Yes, I think it was David Icke who invented the term “The Totalitarian Two-Step” dance: two steps forward, one step back, each time slowly advancing toward their goal.

    3. It’s the vitamin D produced from contact with the sun that does it. Coronavirus is really exosomes produced by the body as a reaction to toxic insult upon the immune system: everything from poisons to EMF radiation produces exosomes that act like toxin sponges to protect the cells

      1. If the world realised this basic truth then we wouldn’t have the mess we currently have. Except the PTB would find another Trojan horse to confuse and oppress the masses.
        There simply is no virus!
        There is precious little understanding of the human virome!

      2. Absolutely true, but you see they do not want the world to find out that it is only exosomes. I recall Dr Thomas Cowan stating this fact at the very beginning of the plandemic to University Students and making mention of Rudolf Stenier who actually said the exact same thing and the correlation between Viruses and the fact that they are excretion of a toxic cell . Viruses are pieces of RNA and DNA which are excreted by the cells when the cell is poisoned and they are not the cause of anything.

        But they shut him out very very quickly. Now they are going to lock us down more now in Victoria and I wonder how long it will take for people to wake up to the biggest hoax every perpetrated on mankind. I think by the time they do it will be too late. People have been hypnotised into thinking this is real for a long time prior to the plan being executed.

        Based on what is going on, I think that the elite and the 1% in cohorts with the leaders have been so surprised as to how gullible the population has been to their lies and deceptions that they have decided to push the whole agenda till the end very quickly instead of little by little. This is nothing but abuse and oppression. All of this cannot be anything else but evil.

  8. Here are two more to add to the list:

    1) “Doctors Question Coronavirus Paranoia in Viral Video; YouTube Deletes Video”

    Luckily you can still watch it here:

    2) “EXCLUSIVE: ‘It’s a horror movie.’ Nurse working on coronavirus frontline in New York claims the city is ‘murdering’ COVID-19 patients by putting them on ventilators and causing trauma to the lungs”

  9. The CONSPIRACY THEORIES : That there is a Corona Virus going around………..And that Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald ..…….And that Hitler was a Dictator.. …….. And Bill Gates is out to save the world through Vaccines ………….And the MSMedia is determined to get the truth out no matter what………… And Obama wanted to unite Blacks and Whites……….And Hillary lost the election because she was criticized/put down by the MSMedia before the 2016 election………..The MSMedia desire to give full recognition & approval to Christian & Conservative leaders ………..And President Trump was loved & given full say by the MSMedia in 2016 for his stand on wanting to make America great again……….And the MSMedia and world it’s Elites, desire to give the people a democratic voice in the News and Social Media.

    1. You forgot to add: That the Govt always has the public’s best interest at heart.

      1. News just in; independent Oceanographic Group searching the Cold depths of Mariana Trench for Mythical Beast, going by name of Governmentia Heartis, Genis : Rex Prattus.

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