Dan Andrews: ‘Don’t focus on conspiracy theorists’

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has called out the “appalling behaviour” of people flouting Melbourne’s strict coronavirus restrictions.

Recently speaking to the press, Andrews pleaded with the public to ‘ignore conspiracy theorists’ who “have no basis in science, fact or law”.

‘Trust us – we’re your friends!’. Photo: FLO
Dictator Dan is not impressed with the actions of citizens standing up for their rights and those questioning an establishment of known liars.

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7 comments on “Dan Andrews: ‘Don’t focus on conspiracy theorists’”

  1. Well there it is folks, do as you are told and keep your alternative ideas to yourselves as you are using up precious oxygen. The man can hardly form a coherent sentence and we are supposed to kowtow!
    He is a muppet

  2. D.H. Dan and the police and armed forces personnel supporting him need to be quarantined from the rest of society!

    1. How desperate these globalist are out to get full control of all things, even your conscience, well no one can touch that, it belongs to God and Him only. No one can touch it !

  3. I wonder what happened to him as a child and what dark secrets he holds?. He seems to live in a tormented, psychopathic mind, unable to escape his anger and what appears to be an overwhelming desperation to torture the very people that voted him in.

    He may have permanently imprisoned himself in this state of mind because it seems very evident now that he will never gain the innate need for peace that comes with morals, integrity, goodwill and the intrinsic ability to lead well.

    People may be locked up in their houses but they will never be imprisoned in their own cesspool of hatred like this mentally deranged lunatic.

  4. We will consider/believe in whatever we like and fit for our believe system. We are individuals, not a flock of sheep. Please, leave us alone … God bless Australia …

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