COVID-19(84): Birth of a Brave New World | Presentation

The struggle for freedom is the engine of history, and as humanity experiences the most significant world shift since 9/11, the freedoms described in this great struggle are fading.

21 May 2020
What can scenes witnessed over the last few months tell us about the future path of the world? Will society return to ‘normal’ or is the COVID-19 saga simply a stepping stone for a greater agenda?

In the following presentation, we examine deeper themes behind this international transformation, including Orwellian features of the narrative, the ‘new normal’ coming for society, Aldous Huxley’s ‘prophecy’, the future Brave New World Order system and more.

COVID 19(84): Birth of a Brave New World

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Update: June 2021

Popular TOTT presentation gets BANNED by YouTube


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21 comments on “COVID-19(84): Birth of a Brave New World | Presentation”

  1. COVID-19(84): Birth of a Brave New World. Great presentation Ethan and so true. Only the wise understand unfortunately. Most are not seeing the true motive behind all of this and the rapid erosion of freedom. We are rapidly progressing towards what society was like during the time of the French revolution. As it is, I am hearing about rumours of anarchy and the spirit of unrest, of riot and bloodshed from all over the world, the US, Europe and other parts of the world. The US Police Officer that posted the YouTube video and was fired for it made it clear that the US Citizens were going to take it into their own hands. The population is starting to wake up. The Future seems rather bleak to say the least.

    1. Appreciate the kind words and continued support, Legitan! Certainly some very interesting events ahead – perhaps of biblical proportions. Time will tell. Either way, glad we can all connect on this website during these important times!

  2. Currently working as a nurse — have to isolate for 14 days every time I’m identified as a ‘close contact’ — average income has been effectively halved (but not enough to qualify for benefits) I realise I’m much better off than many people — it’s just another means of control — our shifts have been shortened (without complaint — to ‘minimise contact’) money is getting scarce, how long can we keep paying rent/mortgage bills?? — my neighbour runs when she sees me — incase I’m a source of infection. Fear is certainly a very effective control measure.
    People are already strangely ‘quiet’ .. when I was younger I travelled a little and have been to China & Russia ( I remember being on the, beautiful underground railway in Moscow, it was very busy but so quiet, I believe people were almost afraid to speak—- there is something similar definitely going on here now.
    Thank you for making this video which I stumbled upon tonight & will share with my friends. X 🙂

    1. Sorry to hear about your experiences, Jenny. Unbelievable times at the moment and your story is an example of this. Thank you for the kind words and glad you have found some value in the information! Keep up the good fight!

  3. Welcome to Hunger Games down-under! postcode/district lockdowns, turning people into cold-hearted yobbos spitting at others to stay locked down or ‘keep em out’ like animals, how easy it is to influence the masses! an asymptomatic yet deadly virus, those two can’t even exist together and yet people are happy for other’s lives to go down the drain just in case they catch a flu. 6 months ago we were all about to help each other rebuild homes from the fires. First they made us love one another and then hate one another with the next designed crisis, they are testing how easy it is to influence the majority clearly. Matthew 24:12 Because lawlessness will increase, the love of many will grow cold. It seems we are heading worryingly quickly to the ‘Every man for himself’ zombie apocalypse mentality here in Aus. Unless you’re a koala; then people will run through burning flames, touch infected door handles, and give you all their money. May the odds be ever in your favour.

  4. Great info again Ethan. The tie in of all the recent events was well done. It is such a tragedy you and other great independent journalists don’t get prime time exposure.

  5. This country is so backwards, It is still allowing itself to remain beholden to a colonialist attitude about itself, namely that if the Empire doesn’t instruct it, there is no thought..
    The cv19 is the example, most especially in the AUS media which is self censored/ banned from discussion about ant thing other than the Main Stream Agenda, which has become VACCINE only. There is a complete censorship of a broad discussion, and there is a massive PSYCH plan of repetition and single solution being offered and mandated with congenital corralling of big money interests to entrain the citizen unto OBEDIENCE, and get the civilian in line. Your Boss, your neighbour, you information, the schools. All social interaction is a mass information propaganda structured for ONE SOLUTION.
    Threats and visual TV low production value of Police enforcement is manufactured; and then broadcast as RealTime News, where it is just another police drama which has a costume dept. call sheets; High production values which include deliberate low production appearance just to keep the citizen reassured they are on your side.
    Alternative opinion is just repetition of MSM opinion which when spoken from beneath the Banner of Alternative is sub consciously believed to be different whereas it is just the same stuff reinforcing the same stuff.
    The alternative information is also owned and run by the MSM system, which quickly bought out any/all AUS produced competition years ago, but studiously perpetuate The radical Front Page, but, the consumer has been carefully and expensively assessed, and they are comfortably understood as SHEEP, which means any rhetorical jingle fed to them from the past that was a rebellion only need be repeated in or out of context, and the sheep will dance.

    1. I believe you have very valid points here. Everything, is indeed leading to the final synthesis ( the solution ) as part of the Hegelian Dialectic being played out on a worldwide scale.

      It has and always will be a battle for the mind. Here is what Dr Matthias Desmet , clinical psychologist has to say about why people are still buying into the narrative. It has been a well concocted plan for centuries leading to where we now are. It cannot be a battle with flesh and blood.

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