November 29, 2023

12 thoughts on “Victorian police can enter homes without a warrant

  1. I don’t know what to mourn more; the takeover of the Technocratic Cult, or the revelation of who I have been living amongst – sheep dressed-up as humans! Although I hate using such language, the reality that is unfolding with each breath we take is predominantly the fault of the sheeple readily handing over their entire existence without a question. My dog has more personality than the lot. I can’t put a muzzle over my dog’s mouth… She resists, and she wins! Thank you Ethan and Tott News for the amazing collection of thorough information and knowledge you publish and make available. Bless and stay well.

  2. “When will Australians say enough is enough?” I don’t see any evidence that the vast majority ever will.

    It’s a miserable feeling to have a conversation about Covid 19 (84) with someone who is supposed to be a friend, and they say “I’m not going into conspiracy theories, they just suck you in and it’s too draining”. Good-bye to that friendship.

    Yesterday an acquaintance said to me “I can’t believe that there are still stupid people in Victoria not wearing masks! How selfish!” etc, etc. So I said:

    “Do you know how many Australians died last year from influenza?”


    “The official record was 902 people aged between 12 months and over 100. 902!!!”

    “Yes … but that was just the basic ‘flu”.

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

  3. To me it seems as if Victoria is the testing ground for the Chinese social credit system in all its glory. How easy has it been to fast track with most obeying? We have been easy targets here in Australia with no history of dictatorships or wars within this country. The psy-op is being implemented quite efficiently no thanks to the criminal mainstream media. They have kept the majority in their trance like stupor with the $$$ being dangled out here and there to keep them prisoner in their own homes. All of this evil that is being directed to the Australian people is war against them. This is a cull of the population of the world. Rockefeller – Lock Step – look it up.
    I truly believe that somehow and very soon more people will come to see this for what it is – they are being attacked by their own Government. We outnumber them big time! We need to show them that we are DONE with their attacks and WE will have NO MORE.

  4. Once again, a spot on analysis of this disgraceful situation. Thank you Tott News. This is what we should be getting from the mainstream media; but of course, that’s never going to happen!

    Victoria has definitely reached 1984/Brave New World status. I wonder how long till the ‘second wave’ hits the rest of the country!

    As per comments above, it’s depressing how blind and docile most people are – standing idly by, or cowering in fear of this ‘deadly virus,’ while their rights, freedoms and future are being stripped away from them. If I open my mouth, I’m accused by family and friends of being a ‘conspiracy theorist.’ How can they not see what’s going on? Cognitive dissonance is rife!

  5. This is unbelievable we really are becoming a Marxist-Leninist hellhole! I wouldn’t be surprised if Dicky Dan authorities lethal force next!

  6. Time for D.H. Dan and the corrupt police supporting him are rounded up and incarcerated. They need to be quarantined from the rest of society!

  7. All Victorian’s have practically lost of of their precious few remaining civil liberties under this declaration of state of disaster by Daniel Andrews.

    The Victorian state government under Daniel Andrews can now do the following:

    1) Access infinite government resources
    2) Control the actions committed by any government agency
    3) Suspend any active laws in Victoria
    4) Confiscate any Victorian’s property
    5) Control any Victorian’s movements

    I wrote a piece about this on my website going over the Emergency Management Act 1986 law that gives them these excessive powers at the link below.

  8. ‘States of…’ are not states. Anything with an ‘of’ is a corporate fiction. Corpororation.


    ‘Corp-‘=the dead.
    Therefore, make believe ‘corporation’=The dead speak.

    Under attack by the ‘speaking dead’, zombies trumping flesh and blood mankind.

    So scary. [sarc]

  9. I’m so scared, I feel like theres no hope left and there’s no point to anything. I can’t do anything and it looks like when I finally can… There’ll be nothing left anyway. I can’t believe the elderly have let this happen and done this to us. They’ve taken everything.

  10. Actually the Bio-Security Act 2015 is the senor law. The Police are NOT Bio-Security Officers. Furthermore is the 1946 Referendum; No Civil Conscription. Then there’s the Nuremberg Code & the UN Charter On Human Rights. Unnecessarily declaring a State of Emergency is going to come back and haunt Andrews, his Cabinet, and the Police who are all sub-contractors in any case. All this for a virus that has not been isolated! What’s the real agenda? One Belt One Road?

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