October 1, 2023

94 thoughts on “Revealed: The Australian companies manipulating our weather

    1. Hey! Come on! There’s more to this than you are telling us!
      I do not consent to all the toxins used in our atmosphere that are effecting our health!
      How come the cloud seeding can cause ‘rain bombs?
      How come we are having floods on the east coast and South Australia is having the odd drop and is in drought. Cloud seeding is obviously not being used for the greater good.
      All over the World
      geoengineering is continually contaminating our atmosphere with horrendous chemtrails that i believe is causing all this, by somehow preventing nature from giving us ‘normal weather’. We have no idea what normal is anymore!
      I do not consent, i do not understand. Stop meddling with nature, causing so much destruction on our planet. I speak for all those who are unaware and would choose not to allow this if they had been given truthful informed consent. We do not consent! We do not understand and we do not contract with you who are controlling this.

      1. Apart from the Govt. & AFP using LRADs & ADSs against Australian Citizens – Canberra freedom rallies & other ‘venues’, the ‘manufacturers of said ‘Passive (Sic.)Weapon Systems’ – Raytheon & BAE systems, ‘Operate’ inside Australia, & are counted as a ‘Positive Science & Export manufacturing Plus’, by the Drones in Govt. Admitted & Documented, Laser Energy weapon systems & Aerial Platforms Manufacturers, interactive with the ‘Weather’, on U.S. programs ‘Policies’ developed since 1966 – See if some Corporations look familiar- AT&T, BAE Systems, Boeing, General Dynamics, ITT, Lockheed Martin, L3 Communications, Medtronic, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Rockwell Collins, Schlumberger, Vitesse. Australia has a long history of ‘Voluntary Interactions’ with a lot of Nefarious ‘Programs’.
        Check California Fires & Directed Energy – Forbidden Knowledge T.V. – Links to weather Modifications. Maybe use ‘Brave’ search Engs if the Usual Soc media Plats ‘Bug out’ on You. There is no such thing as coincidence. – ‘Dedicated’.

        1. John Dawe…

          Tack this onto your overview. A few years ago, the local MLA, Yingiya Guyula, asked me to research aspects of the Gulkula civilian aerospace site and background.

          The first names i identified were Raytheon, LockeheedMartin, and the Australian Department of Defense. I alerted Yingiya’s staff but by that time the site had been taken down. A check of the NT Government’s 2017 budget review committee records showed the site was funded to expand the US military presence.

          The public was told it was a civilian aerospace project. Later it was admitted that NASA were involved, but it is not widely known that NASA now operates more as a discreet funding conduit for the US military.

          What also is significant is that the original aerospace proposal was scrapped in 1987 because “it was too dangerous for the NT population”.

          Dangerous? Yup.

          The exhausts of rockets and missiles include chlorine, aluminium, toxic gases, and heavy metals. These damage the ozone layer and life beneath. Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) state that toxins are released over the sea in the Gulf of Carpentaria, which is true, but the prevailing wind is south easterly, so it blows right back again over the Gove peninsula.

          As far as I know, only one scientist has studied the qualtity, quantity and impact of rocket exhausts and she (Gabrial something or other) asserted that the projected 5 year satellite launchings alone will produce enough toxins to wipe out all life on earth, and no authority is measuring, monitoring, or regulating any of this.

          Be that as it may, the promotor of this assault on Australian Earth is DEAL, which is the acronym for Develop East Arnhem Land, the board of which is utterly devoid of Aboriginal membership, and no skills or knowledge which might make it useful in this part of the world.

          The most powerful Board members are linked to Rupert Murdoch, US military, and mining. The three malignant Ms… media, mining, and military.

          Contrary to public mineral maps of north Australia, Arnhem Land has vast areas of bauxite and other ores and it would be real handy if all the blackfellas died out. Pursuant to that observation, government is doing everything it can to bring that about… forced mRNA jabs; preventing any indigenous comprehension of nutrition, food toxicity, or dangerous medical interventions; and the key to Aboriginal survival, homelands, are being actively attacked on all fronts.

          Am I another panic merchant from urban southern cities, forecasting doom and gloom? No. I have been closely associated with the people of this region for half a century, count hundeds as part of my family, was formerly employed by both the Commonwealth and NT Governments to ensure the welfare of Territorians, and I have been writing about geopolitics for sixty years, with several attempts to close my mouth for good.

          It all just gets worse. The inevitable precursor to US military action has been a long litany of Rand Reports, the 2015 version recommending war with China, which will be “won with minor collatoral damage”. I later found this to refer to Australia. Nuclear and other missiles targeting China will attract pre-planned, preemptive or reprisal strikes, which in the usual scheme of things means eight targets in the NT, plus Australian capitals for good measure.

          Is anybody in Australia calculating the significance of this? No.

          Will we fight back? No. We will be out of fuel inside four days and Singapore will cancel further shipments the moment they hear from China that war is imminent.But the rainbow flag is flying high in Military Intelligence.

          We are sitting ducks, playing out the destruction that Malcom Fraser warned us about seven times before he died (Dangerous Allies).

          Kinda makes cloud seeding seem like small change, eh?

          1. G’Day TR43. Good Work My man!
            Yes years ago – 70’s/80’s, ‘By magic’, THE ‘Scheduled’ NEO threat to our Existence was a raft of issues- ‘running out of oil’ (Swindle for Entrapment of Nations for Petro $s Leverages- What’s changed), amongst these precursor to global warming/melting Ice caps – glaciers/ Catastrophic sea level rises – Now Embarrassed , Sorry ‘Embraced’ as Climate Change to cover ALL future CONtingencies, ‘THE Threat’, was the Ever apparent increasing ‘Massive Hole in the Ozone Layer’, Centred from Memory over Antarctica. Later, after an appropriate time leverage, Govt Indoctrination of how Bad the average Citizen must be for using Manufactured goods (Incorporated components beyond one’s control = CFCs & propellants Inc.)Obvious PLANned logging into Public Psych history. Again thru the Smoke & mirrors Dept of COMIC (Corporate Organised Military Industrial Complex), the Tooth Fairy broke out Her Amazing Atmospheric BERNINA, & Stitched the hole up! HOORAH!
            WHAT A CHICK! Er BERNINA, apart from a versatile piece of Swiss quality sewing machines, in this case stands for;
            Bloody Effective Repeat Needlework Insuring Negative Atmospherics. – Still HOORAH!
            Alas, ALL rockets propellants, launched from this planets Surface, ‘Burn’ a hole thru said Ozone Layer, with appropriate NEGATIVE ‘Outcomes’!! SO, what 1 Swiss product has Resolved, OUR rockets have turned into another Swiss product = Cheese!
            Alas, THE Collaborative Authorities, Australian/ Or Foreign operations, haven’t been Worthy of Trust for some time. What would anyone expect of ‘COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA’, A United States of America Corporation; Reg #; CIK0000805157.
            I remember in High School, the Expanse of This Continents resources, including the N.T. The problem with this is, the Drones in CAN’Tberra are somewhat incompetent about Foreign affairs & ‘ANY Strategy’ FULL STOP -BOTH Sides.
            Whilst talking up the ‘Sino’ threat, New Boy ‘Forever Bend Da Kneesie’, Junket Troupe in Tow, swan around the planet, ‘Believing’ that They are somehow ‘Players’. Carrying on the Tradition of Illusionary importance!
            Instead of ‘Stepping Out’ of Compromising Situations & declaring ABSOLUTE Neutrality in our Operational Arena (Asia Pacific – & COMPLETELY Forget European Theatrics), Consecutive Prime Minstrels, Strategically Allying themselves for Generations with their U.S. ‘Directors’, into Numerous Negative abysses, have ‘Successfully’ complicated ‘Their’ position by Leasing a piece of Strategically Sensitive Real Estate (Darwin Port), to the Other Major COMIC protagonist in our Over region HOW have THEY managed this, with such EASE?
            Experienced Amazingly Stupid Ethos? Appears by History, that this is a Common prerequisite for Operations- Consistency speaks!
            Further; THE ‘Continental Treasures’, apparently DO NOT belong to the local Citizenry. they are/ Have been bequeathed to foreign interests, Ever since Civilisation rocked up to Bother Me Bay. ALL ‘Inconveniences’ (Or ‘Convenience’- ‘View’ dependent) in Mortality Since, whether by Civil &/Or Military Conscription, ‘Outfalls’ from ‘Scientific Incidents’ are ALL covered under the Govt – Co Operative COMIC P.D.F = Plausible Deniability Factor! – Er, with Appropriate ‘International Blinkers’ – Obviously U.N. Agencies Inclusive. Business as Usual!
            Economics & Warfare. Current. Australian Continent. With the Global swindle, of which there are Many, ‘Exchange Rates’, ALL currencies on the Planet are Strategically better than Australia, even the Failing Economies. So Foreign ‘Investments’, with the TOTAL co operation of The Local Minstrels, means that ‘THEY’ can just Purchase what ever they want, without Military options!

            Just in; Official News apparently; Melbourne Wharf. Dock worker finds Old Schnapps bottle in Harbour; Dated Feb 1947. Origin Location; Neuschwabenland Base.
            Note; ‘Tell Admiral Byrd He’ll have to ‘Jump a little Higher’. The Switch on the Base’s Major ‘Inlet Fan’ has been Kaputt by Amerikaner. It is switched to ‘HOCHSTE GESCHWINDIGKEIT’SS’TUFE’. WE Hope the atmosphere isn’t SUCKED IN! Ha Ha! Auf Wiedersehen. Martin B.

            1. Thanks, John. It’s nice to be on the same page as someone.

              Latest news is that the doctors of the Australian Medical Professionals organisation have challenged the official covid.mRNA jab narrative and presented a vast global record of injuries and deaths, demanding the TGA and APHRA confront the evidence and cease forcing deaths and injuries.

              If Australians swing around in support of these doctors, who are supported by many thousands of medical scientists overseas, the entire globalist infrastructure will fracture and the truth of every other conflict will be forced before our critical vision.

              This is the first hopeful sign I have seen in 25 years of research.

              1. Good Luck to them! APHRA, another pHARMa OWNED ‘Kennel’ Cohort, (Same as TGA 100%), as far as I’m aware has NO ‘Medical Doctors/Personnel’ on IT’S ‘Medical’ revue Board!! = 3 x Lawyers, 1 Physio & 1 ‘Shrink’! Oh, & a Big STICK for Chemical /pHARMa/ Govt NON ‘Compliant’ individual’s.
                STICK- Strategic Terminating International Cooperating Kickers.
                Nothing like a bit of NON representation of Peers to ‘Mark’ your ‘Exam Papers!’
                This IS a reflection of ALL of ‘Our’ – Sorry! – THE, Systems. Federal Cabinets and ALL!
                How can ANY System, have an Individual He/She/IT/ a Singular ‘They’ or Vaughn (I think that’s got 5 of the 128 apparent ‘Current’ Sexual Muppetry orientations ‘Covered’), any ‘Individual’-loose term, politician, possibly – previously Let’s say, a Lawyer, now a ‘Minister’ – or ‘Minstrel’, being given a Portfolio on Defence. Then 6 months later possibly with a few Errors pushed under an enormous Carpet in CAN’Tberra, the same ‘Unit’ is given the portfolio of Health/ Education/ Infrastructure/Transport/ Immigration/ GOD HELP US – Finance or Treasury!
                WHO are these SUPER PRATTS? & do I, have ANY ‘Confidences’ in their ‘Abilities’, Singular or Collective? =
                ‘NOT ON YOUR NELLIE’ -‘Duff!’ In this case, a Visit to past phrases, plus Duff Ref for our Learned Pollies & APHRA Ongoings;
                ‘Duff’ [Rhyming with Ruff]; Slang; 1). to change the appearance of or give a false appearance to (Old or stolen Goods);Fake. 2). OZ; To steal ‘Cattle’ & alter the Brand (Maybe some help from our Sino/EU/US/Canada ‘Partners’ there. 3).Golf or Other; To Bungle a shot by hitting the Ground ‘Running’ – SHIT! SORRY! That’s what’s ‘Expected of DOERS’! NO, our Intrepid MINSTRELS, have the Alternate ‘Action’- Hitting the ‘Dirt’ behind the Ball!
                Psycho Representative Attentions Turning Things Stagnant. – SUCCESS!
                In Medical terms, this would be referred to as ‘Efficacy’!;
                Power or Capacity to produce a ‘Desired Effect’!
                WELL DONE MINSTRELS, & not forgetting ‘Supportive Staff’! Really ‘Cooked it’ on this one!
                Mental as Anything; –
                “WHOA HO – The CARPETS GETTING BIGGER!”

      2. interesting about the weather modification and cloud seeding in the 1970’s. Was the Brisbane 1974 flood’s a result of government interference? An experiment?
        I suspect this recent 2022 floods ALL over Eastern Australia is NOT natural. Note how the QLD government have offered a big “buy back” housing plan?? Part of Klaus Swabs’ (WEF) “You will own nothing and be happy”?

      3. Hello Barbara, I agree 100% and to my dismay there are no active groups anywhere in southern MD. They are spraying for days and nights up and down xtreme weather. Humid then cool so thick sometimes you can taste chems. You would think after all these years speaking out and supposedly fighting for clean air, no one has any active groups anywhere!? Do you know of any? Because, you would think that Russ T. or Dane W. would have groups all over fighting for periodic testing and regulation, but from what I can see, NOTHING

        1. To Barbara, blizjam1 and others, we are a farm in central Portugal and we are fighting this all alone, by directing our efforts towards the perpetrators which are in our case the American air force. amazingly, we are seeing some success, but I cannot be sure. To my knowledge, dane and the others internet personas are pretending to fight, which is a very bad thing. contact me by email at gmail, and I’ll tell you what we are doing, and what you can do. my name is isyyes.

          1. Count me in too. We have US Air Force patrolling the skies of north Australia and our weather has gone insane. Time to act. As our government is run from New York, and our policy director is Rupert Murdoch, there is no help to be found there. tonyryan43@gmail.com

          2. yes I would please no what ITH to do?? Seems we are helpless…We pay our taxes and mortgage? We are paying to have the Military/Contractors poison us 🙁 How do I contact?

          3. Remember, they take Orders. Military/Contractors are doing the “deed” But they are following orders, from what I have found out Climate scientists from NOAA and Univ. Harvard for one and our fav. person…
            Bill Gates 🙁

      4. Turns out We can do nothing…Everyone in US involved in Geoengineering has been ordered to clam up! to the point of Not Doing their Job! I recently found this out a few mos back trying to locate someone to report gagging on chems. EPA has a web site that supposed to report Air Quality…Of course it reports “Good” Such lies …Gag order on NOAA and Natl. Weather Serv. No one is/has done anything! The planes fly from base to base spraying some nasty crap and they have “Carte Blanche” to spray whatever the order is and we have No Recourse 🙁 No oversight, NO Testing, No Regulation, Nothing!!

      5. i have the EVIDENCE that Murdocks Nephew murdered those two farmers i have the flight path duration wind speeds and direction. the Tasmanian government got greedy and burnt out the underground power cable. I also have the screenshot of where they said we are sitting on a pot of gold.

  1. The ADF Management in Australia are parasites and criminals , NO LAWFUL AUTHORITY and riddled with Israeli criminals and supremacists, that kill children and abuse our rights as a sovereign nation , they are the ones behind all this chemtrail bullshit because Israel owns Australia and Australians are to stupid and too gutless to do anything except bend over like the cowards they are . I wish I had a surface to air missile , then see how many chemtrail planes don’t fly anymore . Expose evil Israel the criminal illegal state .

    1. Omg where in Australia are you, the storm is here we are taking our country back!
      You coming or what!
      We can use some straight out patriots

    2. SORRY BOB! Before we get started, I’m 4th Gen Australian[See why, later for ‘Aren’t you with US? pointers’]. NOW THEN, Don’t YOU know, Israel has an everlasting ‘Holocaust Umbrella’? THEY are the ‘Victims’. I am surprised @ You [Tee Hee], even though THEY[Israel] , run our Middle East Policy, Our/ Sorry,THE Australian Reserve Banking systems via Bank of England [Rothschilds], ISRAEL [Read; NOT THE ISRAELI General Population], Cannot produce ‘Accurate Figures for European Jewish Populations Pre/Post WW2 [Apparantly,THE European Red Cross CAN], Zion Murder squads [With pro support of THE U.S & Britain [In the Day] Have been recorded Murdering 1000s of Unarmed German P.O.Ws [POST CONFLICT WW2 – Won’t even get into the 11,000,000 Germans systematically wiped out by THE ‘Victorious MORAL Allied Forces’ [2,000,000 Unarmed P.O.Ws] SAME PERIOD- Missed this in MY History Lessons]] personnel ‘Without Charge’, & Under protection of THE Geneva Convention. ISRAEL HAS ‘Occupied Foreign Lands against United Nations Resolutions [for over 50YEARS]’ [Apparantly Australian GovernmentS Condemmed Saddam Hussein for same], Starting an ‘Allies of THE WILLING ‘Trade Sanctions’ which Genocided 1,000,000 Plus Civilian ‘Casualties – Iraq alone’, 60% Children under 12 Yrs Old – U.N. ‘Conservative figures’. FOR ALL THOSE WHO WISH TO KNOW; Terrorism -THIS INCLUDES AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENTS; Dictionary; Terrorism; Person OR persons who USE, BOMBING,KIDNAPPING OR MURDER, TO CHANGE GOVERNMENT POLICY. SO, That’d be Bombing,Kidnapping & Murder on Iraqis to Change Sddam Hussein’s GOVERNMENT POLICIES. YEP! THAT IS TERRORISM! By the way, HAVE THE Governments Of THE ALLIES OF THE WILLING, OR THE ‘FULLY EMBEDDED’ MAIN STREAM MEDIA, ‘FOUND’ THOSE WMDs YET??],
      Moving on! The Israeli support/training of ISIS [Including MOSSAD Commanders[DOCUMENTED] captured LEADIND said ISIS combat units, by Iraqi Government Forces], In ‘League’ with Documented U.S/U.K./NATO & UAE ‘Membership States’ SUPPORT THRU SUPPLY/TRAINING/ INTEL/AIR SUPPORT/U.S/U.K Special Forces Support @ Borders of Syria-Iraq. Chuck in the Doctors san Frontiers @ this point as well, ‘Financed by THE Banks of WALL STREET [I Think that’s in THE U.S.A] ‘Treating’ ISIS forces across ‘Syrian Government Rebel Lines [READ; NOT CIVILIAN CASUALTIES -They had already left Conflict Zone!] So WHEN, is a Peson/Faction, a ‘Rebel’,Or a ‘Terrorist’? Hold a U.S/Israeli flag you must be a ‘Rebel’. ALL the Rest must be ‘Terrorists’! I’ll call TEAM AMERICA & ask! I’d call Australia for advice, but locally, apparantly, WE have only got TEAM BUNNY! TOO Much?
      Wellness to You!

      1. John, some relevant points. but also noting if you are aware of the meaning of the acronym you mentioned? My understanding of ISIS is that she was a VIP female winged ancient Egyptian goddess symbolising protection of women and motherhood among several other attributes. ‘IS’ on the other hand is a 21st Century terrorist group called Islamic State (IS). Somehow the msm seemed to have confused the names showing their usual disgustingly poor research, lack of accurate reporting skills and ignorance.

        1. This IS true. ISIS the Egyptian Goddess, which was also adopted into Hellenistic systems of Greece & Rome.
          The acronym I.S.I.S Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, & I.S.I.L Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (1999) > 2014 – I.S. Islamic State.
          Difficult in Modern times, dealing with ‘Txt Language’ orientated Work colleagues & general M.S / Social Media fed/ Government programmed -Education Dept., outputs for The masses, to revert back to grammatical correctness. I’m trying. There is also the general issue as well with acronym referrals, Popular with the previous mentioned Institutions, of whether putting full stops between letters, would resolve this.- Maybe.
          With this in mind, ISIS mentioned previously, is what my interactive associates & others ‘relate to’, no matter it’s source.
          ‘IS’ on the other hand, may also relate to the ‘Man creation Thingy’ – aka; – ‘The Almighty IS’. Funny old World.
          As for that Ancient chick ISIS, could do with some of Her ‘Input’ Today! Or by ‘current’ Divine Government ‘correctness’ proxy, do I have to refer to ‘Her’, as ‘They’? Singular/ Plural – No wonder I’m confused, even without Flouride & Alumina ingestion!
          Wellness to You.

      2. Hey John, Looks like you are the go to person for info. I am flabbergasted how the Military has Carte Blanc to spraying whatever they want in the US…I have more time now since I’ve retired and I find Zero groups doing anything about this Geoengineering gone wild. We have the right to know what they are spraying? Since this COVID crap they have ramped it up and I sincerely believe, now that Bill G. is funding and working with Ken (learning to spray Pathogens in the clouds) Caldeira from NASA. they spray so heavy sometimes you can taste chems. No one to report to?? No groups, no regulation, no testing being done by the EPA…Then I find out they put a Gag order on everyone involved in Geoengineering so if you can’t disclose then nothing gets done and they can poison the air we breathe, they all talk about depopulation so go figure. I still can’t get over all these websites or was before censorship but still after publicly spraying this sht for 20+ years where are the groups?? Have they blanketed censorship so well it has eliminated anyone that spoke out and is trying to?? Very frazzled how they can shut a whole planet up! Thanks m8, Matt

        1. Howdy Doody Blizjam 1! Sounds as if you fit All the parameters of Obe 1!
          A ‘Joke’ Brother! If ‘One’, Anyone, Isn’t ‘Aligned’ with the COMIC (Corporate Organised Military Industrial Complex) – Black Rock/ Vanguard/State Street Global Financials Funds/ Central Banking & their CABAL ‘Front Office’ – THE United Nations- Amalgamated Kept PETS, Then you are Amongst The ‘Lepers’! HAVE, any form of Plausible Logic, & ‘Identify’ as an Average ‘Middle Class’ Citizen, no matter what part of the ‘Developed world’, EXPECT, ANY, form of Reasoning/ Empathy/ Due Diligence/ Responsibility/ Transparency/ Empathy or ANY form of Moral Coding , ‘From’ THE Government (NOT My-Your Gov as ‘Advertised’ as ‘Your’ Representative, Local-Nationally or Globally), ANY of it’s Hyper Pro ‘P.R.’ Bureaus or Multi Acronym Agencies, OR, ‘Systems @ Large’ – Illness – ‘Cos it surely AIN’T related to ‘Health’./ DeEducation/Utilities/Offence Dept.,(Sorry, that’s the ‘Defence’ Dept, which is ‘Utilised’ predominantly for Offence – or ‘Containments’, maybe along with Police Forces ‘Deployments’, Locally & Mainly Abroad), Quasi Hamster Sciences (I think that’s called ‘Science By CONcenSUSS’), Meteorology Transport, ECO Something Depts incl E.P.A & ON – Inclusive – ANY ‘WatchDog Depts’ ( Another Intrusion by Stand Up Comedy – SO MUCH proper COMIC subject Materials- So Few ‘Outlet / Out system Performers’!! Bring Back the ‘D Generation’/ ‘Fast Forward’ or ‘Rubbery Figures’), SORRY, Forgot ‘Justice Systems’ – For the ‘Other’ Stand Up Comedians in the Crowd, & The FULLY BOUGHT Supportive Corp Harlots to Mis/Dis/Fishy/Manufactured Information M.S. & MOST, if not ALL, Social Media Systems, – PHEW!!
          Where’s the ‘Grammar’ in All that Boy? Grammar ,Boy!! Proper Formed Sentences, paragraphs, capital letters Etc.?
          Apologies. That was an Uninvited residual Christian Brothers program, trying to reinstall itself from a previously deleted psych file!
          Moving on. Awake as you Are, to ‘EXPECT’ Any Genuine Values or Response of Afore Mentioned ‘Units’, & you would expect a more tangible result, By Shouting into a Vacuum, or Sending a Nude Wombat to Mars! – It was a Male Wombat after all, or else the Female unit would have been sent to Venus! – Same Nett Result!
          THE CABAL thru ‘History’ – The REAL Version, has been NOTORIOUSLY MAD, & STUPID! (Simpletons Trying Universal Psychological Idiocracy Dynamics).
          THEY, The ‘Globule Elite’, Neither Understand, Nor have Capacity,, Nor Try to Understand, the Concept of THE ‘Holistic’! Physically, Mentally, Spiritually, in the Animate & Inanimate Existence of Balance!
          Upon reflection, over a couple of Decades, of ANY, ONE ‘Global contribution’ by the Species ‘Man’, that has led the LARGEST IMPACT & TOTAL UNRAVELLING OF THE HOLLISTIC FABRIC TO/OF EXISTENCES – INCLUDING MAN’S ‘SURVIVABILITIES’ =

          THIS, should not affect Your/ My Individual Positive ‘Outlook’, Nor your Kin! OUR Collective Creations, Spiritual Diversities (Institutionalised Religions Not Inclusive), Benevolence too, & General Humanity, Inclusive of other Species, are NOT ‘Touchable’ by the Local Globule Elite kept PETS (Pretty Easily Trained Stupidos), of the Authoritarian Systems!
          Last; For The Globule Elite/ Their ‘Supporters’ (Blinkered or Not) & ‘Support Systems’/Their PETS/ Circus World/ THE Idiot Factory – Inclusive of The Drone Factor – Whether Controllers or Deployers, once You’ve ‘Released’ Your; Multi spectrum Chemical products & ‘Platforms’, Cumulative, Toxic Wastes, Geo Engineering – HAARP inclusive, DU & Scalar/ Electro Weapons- TELCOS incl., Into the Planetary Jet Streams, Landfall- Mountain – Glacier/River TO Oceanic Currents – ALL Holistically ‘LINKED’, AND, with ANY of your Partners & Offspring in Mind’s, ‘Future’, We have for your ‘consideration’,- SORRY! Forgot! ‘Consideration’ ISN’T part of your Operational Vocab, only ‘CON’sideration. We’ll just say –
          PLAY IT LOUD! ; Take it away! =
          Martha & the Vandellas – “NO WHERE TO RUN, NO WHERE TO HIDE!”
          I’m no Guru. – Possibly Mediate forces within. Be Comfortable & reasonable to which/what level you are ‘Practicably Able’ to Affect these ‘Systems’, But Always Converse with like Minded folk, with an aim of Popular Stimulation of The Norm & Self. & thru Critical Mass, the possibility of Awakening the ‘100 Monkeys’ Consciousness!
          Wellness young Matt.

          1. OMG! Sept 11th. “21 Today, – 21 Today! Well Folks, it’s the bottom of the 9th Month, On the Field it’s The Republicans on ‘Strike’, & the UNdemocratics Pitching IN,- Apologies, – Pitching, in, the ‘Potomac 2 Step’ – ‘World’ Series, that ONLY involves the United States! – & YERRR SAFE!

            All the ‘Bases’ are Loaded. Joe Biden, ‘The Pitcher’ From NotAware – Sorry again Folks, that’d be Delaware. Steps up to the Plate. The ‘Catcher’ K.Harris ( V.P. High Income & bent, -Er, Um Sorry! That’s V.P.
            Chameleon Harris ‘Incumbent’, who currently is so UN AWE Inspiring that she blends in to ANY background, & Formerly ‘Identifies’ as a She, Her, & is currently wearing a Blue Baseball uniform). WHOrah!
            Umpire; “PLAY BALL!”
            Intercom; “Can someone please send a runner out to the Mound, & wake the Pitcher up! He’s fallen asleep again!”

      3. Hi John, most of what you say is correct, but you need to distinguish between the Khazarian mafia (Rothschild, Rockefeller, etc.) who call themselves Jews, but are not, and the real Israelis (the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel) that God gave the Promised Land to when Moses led them out of Egyptian slavery.)
        You can find more details, apart from the bible, at
        Fall of the Cabal – Part 1-10 FULL DOCUMENTARY – HD
        The Internet misinformation people have blocked their original website, so you can find all their 28 episodes on Bitchute until they block that too.
        The WMDs that the US went after were there until Saddam sent them off to Syria before the invasion and the reason they knew he had them is because they sold them to him to fight against Iran in their war. They had the receipts.

        1. G’Day young B.C. Yes, I understand the ‘Provisions’ of supplying Mssr Hussein with ‘Stingers’ & the Like, to help ‘Neutrilise’ the Iranian Advances in that ‘Promoted CONflict’. Several things though, THE Allies of the Willing were NOT particularly ‘interested’ in ‘Survival of either side’ (Have they ever?) – Militarily or Civilian (It’s akin to standard Roman Strategies= Promote Tribal War between Occupied factions, stand back & see who the ‘Winners’ are! If the winners are Pro Roman, then you haven’t ‘Exposed your Forces to Loss, Damage or resource issues.’ If the Winners are Anti Roman, they’ll already be weakened & then the Romans can ‘Clean them up’ more Easily – After Recon of said winners of Course!) Back to Allies of the Willing (AoTW)’Mark# Something’, After an obscene amount of Damage to both sides of the same Ancient Persian peoples (These folks were earmarked to Disruption/Eradication by AoTW for Decades if not at least a Century, as part of Mid East ‘Policy’ – And a History check of the ‘Creation’ of Iraq post WW1 & the ‘Annexation’ of Kuwait out of Iraq Territories by Good old England (Back in the Day the POMS – These were Transjordan, now called the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and Iraq. Obviously a Sore Point with the Local Persians, ‘Promoted by current AoTWs’), Both sides called a Truce, thus freeing up Iraq & Mssr Hussein, to Retest the ‘Disputed Annexed Kuwait’ territory. I believe that Saddam ‘Advised’ the United States of A State Department on ‘Reannexation’ of Kuwait BY the Iraqi Govt, & apparently the ‘Roman response’ – Sorry, U.S. State Dept ‘response’ was – “It’s an Internal Arab affair.” Gee, I don’t know, but that Doesn’t seem like a ‘NO’ to me, & considering as you say ‘Saddam H’, WAS the U.S. ‘Supported local Lad!’
          Note; Kuwait’s ‘Access deep water Ports’ have Always been critical = If you can’t CONtrol the Resource – CONtrol the ‘Strategic Outlets’
          Pre Invasion by AoTWs, including Australian Govt Support, a 10 Year period PRE The Lie of Sept 11 ‘Linked Invasion’ (Thanks ‘Colon’ Powell Inputs – Arsehole by Nature) s
          ‘Sanctions’ disguised as ‘TRADE’ sanctions – To make it seem like AoTW members were ‘Civilised or Civil Lied’, saw the Decimation of approx 1 MILLION dead Iraqis (Civilians, with nearly 60% Children under age of 12 Years [U.N. Stats]- Well done Australia!! (Definition of Terrorism -Bandied about by Govt & it’s Bureaus @ Will; Terrorism; Person or Persons who use bombing, Kidnapping & Murder to Change ‘Government Policy’ = S.Hussein & his Party ARE/WERE the Legitimate Govt of Iraq. ‘Trade Sanctions’ including ‘Bombing & Murder’ of Facilities INSIDE IRAQ by the AoTW Forces {Including ‘Shooting Down’ of Civilian Aircraft – ‘Mistake’ or Not – ‘Mistake’ – A ‘Joke’ on Military ‘Tin’ tracking}. Yep, AoTW ‘Terrorism IS APT!
          Back to the Timeline of PRE CON Invasion of Iraq. Young Scott Ritter ‘Knew’ that The AoTW Weapons inspections were ‘Bollox’, & that the Iraqi’s WERE Complying with ‘Requests’ of ‘Base Inspections, AND, Ritter noted the dragging around of ‘Sealed test Equipment’ on their Tours – Obviously Nav Sat logging of Base locations for ‘Future targeting’. (I didn’t notice Israel or others ‘Requiring ‘Open inspections’ of their Arsenals, under threat of Invasion, NOR, the United Nations ‘Requiring’ Israel Hand back it’s ‘ILLEGALLY Occupied Territories’! – They MUST be the Chosen people! Wonder how that’s working for NON Zionist Jews under CONVID # Something ‘Jab Regimes’.
          ‘Khazarian Mafia’. I thought Maybe that The Rottenchilds & Rottenfellas, may want to annexe the UKR, seeing, I believe, as ‘Their’ cult ancestors Rocked out of the ‘area’ some time back. Nicely ‘Located’ in Central Europe, Fertile (Was), broad spectrum Landscape, Sea frontage. BUT, Alas, the AoTW Circus has rolled into town, to join Forces with the Local input Circus. =
          “Jester! Bring forth ‘Proper WMDs’! DU. With the Deployment of approx 240 Tonnes of Depleted (NOT) Uranium ‘ordinance’ in Bosnia Circa Early/Mid 1990s (USAF & Military Units – Locations of Deployment maps being refused to even Allied military -U.K MOD included [With some Est 40,000 NATO ‘infected combat troops’ from various issues]& approx 1200 Tonnes in Predominantly Iraq during Gulf war ‘Operations’ (NATO/US/UK), & the Ensuing Health ‘Outcomes’ via Human- Animal Cancers/Reproductive & Birth defects/ Deaths & Flora Anomolies [Some Est 400,000 U.S. Combat personnel across all ‘Gulf’ deployments from ‘Various’ issues]. NONE of these Stats include Civilian ‘Casualties’, Nor ‘Effects’ from ONGOING ‘Proliferations’!
          So it’s MORE than Bizarre, that the U.K. as part of NATO in Ucranial, are even ‘Contemplating’ deploying these DU WMDs!!
          I guess the Rottenchilds & Rottenfellas, will have to do with just ‘Dealing’ out of a slightly safer RottenDam!
          Descriptions of ‘Register of CONsendSUSS’ of WMDs – Locational, everyone should understand.
          If it’s Iraq or other NON agreeable ‘With’ AoTW ‘Policy/ Directives as Sovereign states; A couple of Shell case ‘residues’, containing Unknown ‘Contents’ – Obviously Hand made by S. Hussein (Or 1 of his many ‘Playing Card’ referenced Henchmen – Call NATO or The U.S. DoD to get the Retro Play card Set [When U.S.DoD & DARPA aren’t busy ‘Batching’ the Next PLANdemic – Wonder if it’ll be on youTube? see next> LOL] S.Hussein, from his observations on Google ‘Chemical weapons manufacturing 101, for the Amateur Home Nutter’, with How to Videos – Step by Step, provided on YouTube’, ARE classified as WMDs! HOWEVER, if it’s a U.S$17Billion @ 105,000 Long Ton Ford class Nuclear powered Super carrier, Complete with ‘Broad spectrum Ordinance’, this is NOT a WMD! LOL! 3,500 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles released by AWOL G.W.BushPossum @IraqInvasions.com, PLUS Backup Launch platforms, ‘Apparently’ DO NOT fit into the WMDs ‘Definition’ as well!
          ‘HANDY’ – Mssr S.HUH-Sane, ‘Sending’ the ‘Elusive WMDs’ to Syria > Who was Next on THE U.S/NATO Persian HIT List’, after Iraq/Afghanistan? = Syria = COINcidence. Thank GOD! I say Thank God, Walle Streets ‘Agents’ – ‘Doctors without Morals’ or ‘Borders’, WERE Coincidentally on hand, to ‘Patch Up’ those I.S. Terrorists! Sorry! ‘They’ & the White Helmets were on ‘Our Side’? Refresh; Thank God Doctors San Frontiers & Uninvited U.S. Troops were able to ‘Support & render Medical assistances’ to the Local Heroic ‘Rebels’, in front of that Nasty Legally/Democratically elected President of Syria Dr Assad! – What was the ‘Reason for U.S. ‘Forced Entry’ again – In another Persian Country, where THE U.States of A, WERE trying to Oust the Legitimate Govt of that Country since 1968? = Another FAIL! – OH LOOK! – Ucranial Maidan revolution – QUICK! Flip the MSMedia Concentrations Again!
          I have long since been Tired of being Referenced By CoOp C.O.M.IC ‘Owned Govt P.E.T.S & MSM’ & Supplied ‘Home Mob’, that the ongoing ‘Hamster wheel’ is the Sole option or Solution of ALL Knowledge. – WITHOUT questions – of Course!
          Another God Damn Book! Thanks for the ‘Links’- ‘Fall of the Cabal’. Any chance of an ‘Acceleration on that’? The ‘Bible’ can take a long stroll – I was ‘Educated’ Thru the Christian (LOL) Brothers Educational Gauntlet!
          Wellness to All.

        2. Hey John, thanks mate, brilliant, cant say the same for my stuph, censored by the US re my book on http://geoengineeringmorgellonsdnaassaultwithoutyourapproval.com, banned and ripped off by publishers and media, Musky vapours, trying to work grassroots etc, lots of clods tho, dont worry eh there are plagues of us coming, welling up from the wellness of truth. The problem is the technos are filtering blood underground and have been for thousands of years, and we cannot fight their implicit caring, hence their terraforming of Earth for their interplanetary missions of expansion. We are not alone, never have been, its all being swayed by wots under the ground and secret for we are the elephant in the room when it comes to advanced intelligence, gagged by truth it seems….re the above, yes i found all sorts of nanotech all over my body, and everybodys Doctors blind eye, cyclopean – insult to naturalness. Hence the transistors, piezo crystal buckyball machines which can talk to you so that you think ONE is thinking. What? all microscopic(800X) yes from the underground stars, while in space they altogether play tiddly-winks with our longevity.

          1. ‘Censored’ Book? YOU must NOT be ‘IN’ with the ‘In Crowd’! & yes, Your ‘Link’ has gone down the well travelled ‘#404’ NOT available Tunnel of the Controlling ‘E’ Spanish/ Roman Inquisitors! (LOL). Which means it probably is ‘Somewhere’ close to A or Several ‘Truths’ on information therein! You can only get this stuff out to main stream entertainment, IF, it’s put in a ‘Fictional format’ such as movies like , The Manchurian candidate, or The Matrix trilogy, or Vampires Adrenochroming – Maybe an offshute for Plugging leaks of information, can be an ‘E’ Carbazochrome. All other information of ‘Worth or Threat’, usually gets ‘DeBunked’ in Plain sight by Groups such as The Atlantic Council & BAMGF ‘Sponsored Underlings’ – The Poynter Institute. Another God Damn ‘Not For Profit’ Think Tank & ‘F#ct Checkers’. Maybe ‘They’ could give you some ‘Tips’ on Literary Ops!
            Side Note; Bill Gatesby Gates – NOT a Doctor, Scientist, Engineer, Bio Anything, Nor even a farmer (Though he has a Shit load of Land),So the BAMGF’s ‘Global Policy & Advocacy Division’, gave the Poynter Institute – An institute for ‘Media Studies’, US$380,000 in Nov 2015 TO;
            To improve the accuracy in worldwide media of claims related to global health and development/ Grant Topic; Global Health and Development Public awareness and Analysis. Region served ;Global/ Africa/North America.
            GOOD NEWS, ‘Poynter’, apart from being ‘Ethics Central in Media’, IT, is the GO TO Institute on Globule F#ct checking, AND, they tell you/ Me/ Us that it is SO!;’We are the home of the Craig Newmark Center for Ethics and Leadership as well as three fact-checking enterprises — the International Fact-Checking Network, the Pulitzer Prize-winning PolitiFact and MediaWise. You can also check their raft of ‘Sponsors’ including here; As a 501(c) non profit organization, Poynter receives funding from corporations, philanthropic organizations and government agencies. Major donors since 2015 include:

            *Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation- A proper Virus -Strategically Everywhere
            *Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
            *Charles Koch Institute
            *Craig Newmark Philanthropies
            *Democracy Fund- Created by eBay founder P.Omidyar
            *Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility
            *Gannett Foundation
            *Gill Foundation
            *Google News Initiative
            *Google News Lab- Mixed in with Google SMC & Big Pharma, I’m sure – even the Australian Div.= Science for MSM Journos & Govt policy Makers ‘In real Time’!
            Institute for War and Peace Reporting – Somewhat oxymoronic, maybe just MORE Moronic! I wonder if they got young Leo Tolstoy’s ‘Inputs’ lately, considering he’s ‘Russian’= ARGH! RUSSIANS! ‘They’ Don’t get a ‘Voice’ currently! = Error Code #404 AGAIN! – LOL.(War & Peace – Novel. Popular with German troops on the Russian Front. Guess they saw the Irony, & SAME Nett ‘result’, when 2 x Army ‘Corporals’ [Napoleon & Hitler]had the same ‘Vision’. Is round 3 ‘Waiting’)
            *Knight Foundation
            *Lumina Foundation- Founder Ed McCabe also founded Sallie Mae
            *MacArthur Foundation – (Members of The Atlantic Council along with HSBC)
            *McClatchy Foundation
            *McCormick Foundation
            *Meta Platforms-Doing business as Meta, formerly known as Facebook,Inc & The Facebook,Inc. Meta Company owns Facebook, Instagram,WhatsApp (see on list), Messenger & Meta quest. Other acquisitions-Oculus, Kustomer, Mapillary & CTRL-Labs(External Neural interface technologies with machines – So far)
            *National Endowment for Democracy
            *Newton & Rochelle Becker Charitable Trust
            *Omidyar Network
            *Open Society Foundations
            *Rays Baseball Foundation
            *Tegna Foundation
            *TikTok = ‘Wonder how these are Travelling currently?’ & IF the Australian Govt/ Crats, WILL ‘Block’ the Poynter institutes ‘Inputs’ because of this Sponsor? = NAH!
            *Washington Post – right!
            ‘ SO, MOVE OVER Inquisitor General – Spanish Dominican dude Tomas de ‘Torque’mada (Amazing! so that’s where they got Mechanical ‘Torque’ from = Rachet up the Rack! “CONfess, because ‘God’ Loves You!”)
            SO, I.T.Walker, DO you have any of the above ‘Contacts’ in your corner? Sorry Brother – Rhetorical question!
            Last; ‘Aliens & Geo Engineering’. I’m reasonably sure, Unless E.T. ‘Paul’ is somewhat wanting a ‘Challenge’, He/She/It/ (I don’t think ‘They’ have ‘Issues’ with Sexuality, just the usual Dumbarse Hummans), E.T. ‘Paul’ Would just choose any 1 of the 60 Quadrillion Billion of the ‘Known’ pieces of Uninhabited Real estate floating thru the Void of Space! AND, they wouldn’t have to put up with the obscene trading industry, thus named on this 3rd rock from our Sun – THE UNreal Estate ‘Professionals’ with B.S attached ‘Fees, Taxes & ‘Altered Title Deed SWINDLES’@corporateNotMyGov.aEwe.
            UNLESS, said E.Ts Can’t access THE Human Fast Food Industry anywhere else, or@ ‘Home’. Look out ‘E.T. Paul’! ALL of that Omega 6 & Toxin loaded Unstable Unsaturated Oils = Pizza Tha Hutt! Then there’s the deal about, ‘Neutralising’ a Race, ‘Before’ they develop TOO Sophisticated Defence Systems, and I’m sure that ‘They’ have been here a while, to ‘Sort this’ before Now!
            Got a last Scenario per ‘Blood Filtering’ (1) Underground – H.G. Wells – ‘The Time Machine’- Mind you, the up & Coming next generation Mob, Devoid of baseline Intellect or manual skillsbase(Purposefully Stolen by the ‘E’ Device ‘CONstruct’), Fit the ‘Eloi’, whilst the Globalists/ Banksters/ Well Resourced [Formerly DIS/MISlabeled as ‘Elite’] U.N. Deviants & the Associated P.E.T.S. Govts /Crats/Medics/Scientists – fit the Morlocks to a ‘T’!.
            The OZ version of ‘Time Machine’- That’s NOT to be confused with Australian developed ‘Time Dating’ system SHRIMP.
            (1) Adrenochrome for Aliens – Deep Purple/The Rock Group – ‘Space Trucking’.
            Last/Last; “My (Your) book, banned & ripped off by publishers & Media.” = That’s generally because they have NO Ideas of their own, or their ‘Operations’ as above are on Negating Individuals/Groups who are Neurologically independent OF ‘Their Systems/Ethos/Controls’, OR, they are Lazy @ ‘Media at Large’ – Which IS their main game. And they are generally Slick & well ‘Resourced’, as Interconnective lists above show! They will probably Site, that if Your Info isn’t ‘Officially Published’, Therefore your Non ‘printed word’, according to Revolving logic, cannot be ‘Plagiarised’! Hominum Parasitus Mediis, give Real parasites a Bad reputation – well the current MS & ‘Sock it to Me’ Media anyway!
            Keep at it!

  2. TIPER-NOx: Transmitter Induced Ozone Depletion !!


    VLF transmitters can cause Van Allen Radiation Belt electrons to fall and rain down into the upper atmosphere forming NOx which depletes stratospheric ozone. This can increase Solar UV and affect our weather and climate.

    Scientists with HEPPA-SOLARIS have found that our current climate models don’t accurately portray the effects of Energetic Electron Precipitation (EEP). It’s been found to be more significant than previously thought and scientists are working together to integrate EEP more accurately into IPCC and NCAR climate models.

    TIPER-NOx is a constant process hidden in the noise of our turbulent space weather environment.

    The quieter you become.. the more you are able to hear.. ~ Rumi

    To learn more visit: http://www.broadcasttheory.com

    1. It is plausible that the high levels of radiofrequency radiation used for extensive radar surveillance and the particles released to the environment for weather manipulation have caused massive oxidative stress in Australian people leading to a whole host of chronic diseases like cancer. Australia has the world’s highest rate of cancer (incidence rate) out of 185 countries and NZ is at the 2nd position!

      1. What “particles released to the environment for weather manipulation” is being undertaken in Australia..?

        1. well silver iodide is a common one used in cloud seeding, the cheapest easiest method so you know thats what our government would use, cloud seeding with water sounds like it would be easier but on a large scale requires some fairly expensive aircraft to get that much weight in water above the clouds and drop on top of them

          1. pity they don’t let us buy colloidal silver (expensive) which kills viruses and cancer, and iodine (necessary for a healthy Thyroid). Iodine is rejected from attaching to the body’s cells (it should be attaching) if the other halogens such as bromide, Chlorine or fluoride are in abundance in our water, toothpaste or food)


  4. I live in Tasmania and they still spray us with Poison in 2019.They were 100% responsible for the 2016 floods that killed thousands of head of livestock,People and damage to private property. The fact the investigation resulted in cover up and the end of cloud seeding for rain.However they spay Aluminium, Barium and Strontium aka Chem Trails in attempt to block out the Sun on daily basis.

    1. I’m in NE tassie, every time we are predicted to get high rain fall, a few days prior out come the planes to seed! So obvious. Mainly in the north they spray, never see it much in the south. I’m sick of it, we live in high rainfall area with rainforest, that rainforest is turning into scrub like bush because of low rain. They are purposely drying us out steering away precipitation and keeping high pressure systems over us for longer. Don’t want people in the country anymore, want them in smart cities where we can be controlled better. I’ve lived in WA, VIC and TAS and tassie is the worst for it! We had a total of 10 trails the other day prior to us getting rain. Guess how much rain we got………just mist.

      1. No doubt with high levels of Aluminium, which the criminals are dumping on purpose, to ensure that it contaminates everything, including the very air of course + to help to ensure, that it builds up in the soil etc.

        1. Air /Ground/ AND along with Haloid Flourides/ Antibiotic Flourines (Seriously BAD Shit), Alumina is Purposefully put in THE Water, THE Food (Anti Moisture Salt/ Sugar Et Al), Cookware & Utensils & what slips under the Radar is the Large amount of Pharma/ Cosmetics containing the same Alumina, ingested or ‘Absorbed’ into Skin/ Bloods/ Lymphatic systems & other Soft tissues – Brain toxicity being a Major – Motor Neuron issues [Autism, Alzheimers, Brain Fog et Al] (Humans, Pets [ NO Ref to WEF Politicians] Wildlife. When the same Humans/ Pets ‘Wastes’ (aLa Crap/ Urinate) ‘Some’ of these Aluminas eventuate in ‘Sewage Treatments’ where Outcomes are ‘Evaporated’ or Supernatants are ‘Pumped back into the Terra Sub strata, to ‘Polute Ground waters’ ( Along with Most ‘Dissolved Pharma Chemicals, & Including such High level Toxic Compounds such as Waste CHEMO/ Cancer ‘Treatments’ (Loose Term) NOT encapsulated @ Specialised Local ‘Deployments’ Facilities (Specialised Hospitals – READ, Hotel Rooms Sewage systems ARE Hooked up to ‘THE Standard Civil Sewage Systems’!! The Brain ‘Lodged Alumina’ is MUCH MORE DIFFICULT, to ‘Remove’, requiring ‘Special Chelations’ & are not Always totally effective, or, Need multiple attempts to remove said Toxins (Incl Permeations thru Environment of ‘Known Heavy Metals – Mercury/ Cadmium/etc.> Prevalent in ‘Jabs’/ Pharma & Dental Products/Fertilizers/ Fuels/ Petra Chemical/ Auto Industry/ THE Military > Weapon systems, Ordinance & include RadioActive D.U. & a Raft of Other Arenas including Food Stocks – Fish Etc.)! Previous mention of ‘Haloids’ such as ‘Bromide (Used in food stuffs such as Bread making are logged under ‘Improver’, or Anti Fungual Bacteria ‘Neutrilisation’, Sex drive ‘Depressents’, Potassium Bromide over the Counter 19/20th Century Headache / Sedatives – Pity it was Toxic, & Pest control Formulas), & Flourides, ‘Suitcase’ Aluminium Passed the Blood/Brain barrier > The ‘Getting IN is easier, than the Getting ‘Out’! The Govt/ Health Authorities ‘Already Know this’! But still ‘Promote Safety of Element’ (Including Flouride) by statements of ‘Look it’s found in Nature Everywhere!’ = Yes! But NOT in an UNprocessed Form! – SAFE & EFFECTIVE!
          Iodine is also a Haloid, used for ‘Immune Support’, but is weaker, & easily ‘Displaced’ by the Others.
          The mentioning of the ‘Above’ is for ‘Tie In’ effects of Alumina in our ‘Everyday Existence’, & most times, this Element IS NOT Tangible – Aka ‘Buried in Products’, or Aerosoled, or ‘Dissolved’ in Solutions, or Listed as some Alphabeted Chemical compound, ‘Labeled’ in small print!
          Aerial Chemtrails containing Radio active Barium/ Coal Fly ash/Alum, what goes UP, must Come down >Land, Sea, Water reserves, Building Roof tops (Washed down when/ If it rains, into underground Water tables).
          How much Alumina, is in our Environment?
          C.O.M.I.C. Chemtrails Geo Engineering. Hawaii – Local Flora/ Palms outer Tree bark Shedding Layers & Dying, via Alumina & ‘Other Chems’ changing PH of Soils & Affecting ‘Interactive’ Soil Bacteria/ Microbials.
          General Water Supply systems – ‘Drinking Water’ (Loose Term) Australia – 2ppm – Used for aid in removal of Colour/ Turbidity > Products Al2(SO4)3 or PAC forms.
          You, Me/ Your Pets ? You don’t have to look like a ‘Deskinned’ Terminator, to be having Issues!
          Melt water off the Rocky Mountains U.S.A. – AH! So Fresh Mountain water – 23,000 ppm, & it ALL ends up in Water Supply, or Rockin’ down a Major River near you, & then ends up Via Overlapping Global Ocean Currents, Everywhere. Just Like Fukushima Radio Active water ‘Outfall’. (Side Note ; Nuclear Power – Another ‘SAFE & EFFECTIVE ‘Product”, Japanese Government, apart from not being able to ‘Resolve’ issues with THE ‘Plant’ 2011 ‘Incident’ [Remember THAT?], Plans to ‘Dump’ 1.23 MILLION Metric Tonnes (1.23 BILLION Litres) of ‘Stored Water’ containing Dangerous Levels of Radio Active isotope Carbon 14, & ‘Other Radio Nuclides’, into the Northern / Mid Pacific Oceans (If you don’t understand, look up Sub Polar/ North/ South Gyre Currents & Subsequent ‘Overlaps’ for ‘Distribution’! [NO, I didn’t SEE this on THE ‘News’ (Loose Term) Either!!]
          & Folks are ‘Worried’ about ‘DNA affecting Contributors’, such as CON JOB 19 ‘Jabs’ {& so you Should]! Prime Minstrel SCUMO, Ya Useless ‘Prick’, JAPAN is in your ACTUAL Front yard! THE Ukraine IS across the other side of the Planet! AND, YOU haven’t got a ‘Clue’ about the Russian/ NATO ‘Backgrounding’ There!
          Ok, bit more than a ‘Side Note’, BUT, ‘EXTREMELY Relevant!’
          Dispersal Continued; Aerial ‘Dispersal/ Deployments’, also go Global Via Planetary Jet Streams! EVERYONE gets it!
          NAH! I’m SURE it stops at the 12 Mile International Limit!
          Hasn’t affected me yet. WHOA! WHOA! BIG DOG, BIG DOG! WHOA!

          Monsanto – Now ‘Absorbed’ by Ex I.G.Farben 3rd Reich Military Industrial Complex Corporation – BAYER.

  5. I have been telling this for years & no Believe me i will keep on telling them now i have some more evidence. The only reason they are doing this is to get the Farmers of the land to sell to China i Bet The Bloody Bastard

    1. Yep! Corporation taking over food and water supply to control humans! Its time Australian’s woke up from deep sleep!

    2. It will also make it easier for them, to bring in dangerous + deadly GMO’s to their rescue, which is indeed their very aim, intention & motive. This way, they will be able to vastly increase their profits, while at the same times, it enables them to reduce the population also.

      1. Are you aware that Brisbane’s UQ (University of Qld) is currently researching how to infuse lettuce and spinach with Covid vaccines??

    3. Just very recently it has been noted that Bill Gates has sold a lot of pharma shares & is buying even more land.

      1. He is now one of the world’s largest land owners so he can stop agriculture and starve the population. Grow your own food and get at least a year of food supply NOW.

  6. it is legal for a govt to spray the population for medical reasons, it is legal in a covid emergency to engineer any aerosol-vaccine, it is ok to dry the bush and follow the Masonic Guideline Stones advice and reduce the population for sustainability reasons, they can make it rain or dry, they can even shout in your ear using cochlear implants which were aerosoled as nano-tech medicines to transform interstitially in certain places within the body (which your mobile enhances) and then if your DNA is wrong they burn you out using transmissions back to a military computer which is linked to your implants; for there are many. We were all nano-chipped in 2012 with polarising particulates and small micro-sensors which fell from the sky and were absorbed through the mucosa. Science fiction before, here and now today. With AI and electro-telepathy and control and the threat of no vaccine – and we give them money to spray! And Morrison lies to us, they know no better…

    1. you are being sarcastic, i see, but i just want everyone to know the obvious, which is: spraying from the air is in direct violation of private property rights, public domain rights, and yes, Nuremberg, etc. For this reason, this whole Geo experiments are kept as mysterious as possible. i know I am saying the obvious but someone has to say it. these are mostly military aircraft experimenting on civilian grounds, this can never be legal, only in a military dictatorship which we do not yet have. the whole thing therefore stands on a hair pin, my name is isyyes, contact me at gmail if you had enough.

      1. I was thinking …Is this “Toxic Tort” and genocide on the people…wondering if it fell in that category…An attorney w/ balls and a couple tests of fallout should get things started…Trying to find one who would

  7. Australian Rain tech is wholly owned by Matt and Clare Handbury, ART operates the Atlant ionization rainfall enhancement technology, developed by the same scientists at General Electric who developed chemical cloud-seeding after World War II.

    Matt Handbury. Matt is the nephew os media mogul Rupert Murdoch and Executive Chairman of Murdoch Media, Blueshyft and Australian Rain Technologies.
    Clare Strang. Clare has had a career in public relations, advertising, media and publishing.

    They are in it up to their eyeballs..


    1. Mmm > aLa, So French & Fantastique! > Matt Hand Bury – Per Chance THE Slight of Hand, & his Partner, I do de ‘Clare’, the Strang’e Woman (Can I still use this ‘term’ > Woman, CALL The U.N. Adjudicator on ‘Allowable Speech’, Please?)! They’d be ‘Right’ in organising Their ‘Putrid Skies’ via a Disgusting Avenue LE ‘Blue Shift/ SHIT’ ( Some Hypothetical Initiated Technology)! & the A.R.T.(Artificial Related Term)- of WANK! (Without Actual Nominal Knowledge). The trouble with THE Aristo CATS (Caught Activating Theoretical Science), [Sorry kitty Cat, I still LOVE you, &, I AM Genuine!], IS that these Pratts, apparently the last time I looked, with ALL their ‘Propri’ete’s & Opulence Personnelle au Maximum’, ARE still breathing the same Air, & Interfacing with THIS Planetary Environs, as the rest of us ‘Useless feeders’!
      ‘Celebrity’? WHAT does this actually ‘Mean’ Anymore? > Except ‘Gold Fish Bowl People’!
      Wellness to ALL of Deserved Folk!
      Sorry, last! Up to ‘Their Eyeballs’. Some form of PPE, Snorkel, SWILL breathing Technique, or Visit to Spec savers for ‘Remedial Vision’!
      OH!! I just feel like a Free Lance Kalashnikov in The Phoney/ Decepticon Ukraine ‘Conflict/ Play’ @ the moment! WHOA! Bring your own Hand Bury slight of Hand!

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