Billionaire gives away the last of his fortune

It took almost four decades, but Chuck Feeney, former billionaire co-founder of retail giant Duty Free Shoppers, has finally given all of his money away to charity.

He has nothing left now – and he couldn’t be happier.



Andrews’ private militia: “1984 on steroids”

Daniel Andrews’ attempts to create his own “private militia of Leftist public servants” will turn the state into “1984 on steroids”, says Sky News host Rowan Dean.

It comes as the Andrews is expected to introduce sweeping new powers for public servants, giving them the authority of authorised officers with the ability to indefinitely detain Victorians.


Authorities warn conspiracies risk national security

Both government and ASIO officials have raised concerns over a developing national security threat, which they say has ‘risen through the spread of conspiracies online’.

According to new information uncovered, authorities claim ‘conspiracy theorists’ have exploited the coronavirus and summer bushfires to split the community like ‘extremists’.


Concerns over surveillance units in Melbourne

Mobile surveillance units are being used in parks and public spaces across Melbourne to remotely monitor citizens during stage four restrictions, fuelling privacy concerns.

The technology is the latest step in Melbourne’s ongoing shift towards a techno-fascist state, which has seen the introduction of facial recognition cameras and other ‘smart city’ initiatives.


Australia’s high-speed rail agenda strengthens

The Australian Greens Party is backing plans for a Brisbane to Melbourne high-speed rail project, as part of their new election campaign.

The announcement follows Labor confirming their support for the national vision, which they say will lead Australia to economic recovery following COVID-19.