How to Escape from a Sick Society

Compliance is the food that feeds totalitarians. It is never the path back to normality. Rather, non-compliance and civil disobedience are essential to counter the rise of totalitarian rule. 

But, in addition to resistance, a forward escape into a reality absent of the sickness of totalitarian rule requires the construction of a parallel society.


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Australia has a 98.4% survival rate for COVID

It is time the Australian establishment stops obsessing over significantly low positive COVID tests results and ‘attributed virus deaths’, given the overwhelming survival rates.

An examination of mortality and case statistics reveals that Australia has a 98.4% survival rate from COVID-19, with only 4.15 (questionable) deaths recorded per 100,000 people.


Is the NSW Government becoming a Hobbesian ‘Leviathan’?

The back half of 2021 has witnessed unprecedented scenes occur in Australia, with the NSW government growing into something resembling a Hobbesian Leviathan.

The word ‘Leviathan’ is believed to have come from the Hebrew etymology: “Lavah”, meaning “to couple, connect, or join” and “Tannin”, meaning “serpent or dragon”.


NSW Health re-classifies death statistics to ‘died with’ COVID | Video

NSW Health has switched to recording patients as dying ‘with COVID’, instead of ‘from’, as it acknowledges that not all reported deaths are directly linked.

Dr. Jeremy McAnulty said the change in language was because it was ‘very difficult to know’ whether someone with COVID died from the virus, or another health complication.

We have also included a compilation of many other locations across the world who have done the same.