Mandatory face masks for all Victorians

From midnight this Sunday, it has been announced all Victorians will be required to wear a face mask when outside their home, regardless of where they live.

Synchromysticism and the Mind Virus

Examination into esoteric phenomena concerns interpretations of communication from a conscious universe, unconsciously drawn into the human mind through patterns and codes.

How can we use cryptic understandings of symbols to decode the path of world events? What can we learn about ‘synchronicities’ relating to coronavirus and the Book of Revelation?


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Scientism: The Religion of Science

How many times have you heard the term: 'It has been scientifically proven’?

At the heart of existence lies a longing to make sense. Why are we here? What is life about? These questions are as old as time. How are we to answer them? Can they even be answered?

Those who reject spiritual guides in life claim to have done so in favour of reasonable, clear-cut answers, provided by 'scientific logic'. However, when pressed to explain the underpinnings of this logic, most realise they actually understand very little. They were exhibiting blind faith.


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New Zealand bill will expand internet censorship

Legislation introduced to New Zealand’s parliament will vastly expand the power of state agencies to censor and remove online content deemed “objectionable”.

The culmination of pushes since the Christchurch event, the move will enable the ‘Chief Censor’ to issue takedown notices and create internet filters, concerning privacy advocates.