December 5, 2023

3 thoughts on “Bill Gates details the coming rise of “AI agents”

  1. So the nutter is only 68. I was hoping he was a lot older, he certainly looks it. I guess at least one of his offspring will carry torch after Gates carks it.

  2. Bill the Skeksis Gates, so Keen to Incorporate A.I. for the ‘Betterment’ of Everyone’s Lives (- LESS his Lucrative ‘Jab’ investments of course) ! Perhaps he could start with lifting the Lives of his ‘Fellow’ Estimated 105 MILLION Unemployed Americans (25 % of the Workforce)!!
    last; Bill Mate, you’ve been watching Too much of ‘The Jetsons’! Who’s going to Engineer/ Develop/Build/Maintain The ‘Tech’? – The Local Jabbed Zombies, OR, Retrain the Street Dwellers, OR Import workers, OR – If it’s out to License with China, You’d Better get a move on! App-aRently, your due for a War with Same, according to President Joe Biden’ His time, from UNaware (Delaware). A.I. Agent that.
    ARE/IS this Personal ‘Agency’ ALREADY 5GW Onboarded, with APPropriate ‘Bents’ (All aspects)? = OF COURSE!

    1. Apologies. Out of the U.Ser of A population – 334,233,854 (July 2022 Stats), Of this 207,406,609, are classified to qualify as working age by OECD (15 > 64 yrs). The 105 Million +/- A Million Unemployed – Read, ‘Without a Job’, MUST Equate to Approx HALF, OR 50% of the WorkFarce! – &, Getting WORSE, BUT, I can still only get a Poxy U.S. 65 cents / AU$1! How’s that working Tangibly for A.I. – Chat GP’s ‘En all? Maybe a Fentanyl Chat GP for Americans!
      1) Billy Goat Gates, You’ll have to Work Double time to ‘Supply’ The A.I. ‘Dream’!
      2) It’ll have to come thru Walmart, to make it Affordable (STILL don’t start a Proxy war with China, Until ‘Supply is A.I.ssured’)!
      Last; Bill, I’m Sure, there are Medical Procedures avA.I.lable – To remove certain limbs from your Groin area! – Maybe take our PRIME & other Minstrels with you, as a Group booking! – IF/WHEN/AFTER Albino gets back from Permanent Knee Bending to his ‘Superiors’. I think curRentLie in China on a Dog training exercise!
      Meanwhile in CCP Land; – PING back to CCP LeaderShip, PING back to Another NETT-Less OZtopian CAN’TBERRIAN JUNKet, PING back to Other local Shipping; @ Navy Divers having High Tea under an OZtopian Naval FRIG-IT !
      Diver#1; “What’s that? I’m Screwed!”
      Diva #2 ; ” Oh stop being so Melodramatic. It’s a Propeller, not a screw. Oh look, a fishing Line. Let’s cut it out of the way, for a Net result! At least we’re in the shade. Biscuit?”
      Nearby Chinese Frigate Bridge; CCP Capt; ” Hurro! An OZtopian Naval vessel. I Thought OZtopians ONLY paid obscene amounts of $s FOR Weapons & Equipment, Not ACTUALLY acquire them? What are THEY doing here, while Their PRIME & Foreign Minstrels are Also here?”
      Chinese Comms Officer (CCO of CCP); “A message in from LMFBXi JinPING”.
      Capt; “Set up our Auto A.I. Surveillence on OZtopian ‘Defence’ war canoe, Operational in JapanKnees waters. Check for Other ACTiviTies!”
      CCOoCCP; ” Done Sir, ARE we still using Voice active CISCO Systems?.”
      CCP Capt; ” NO, we Improved on them Years ago, now fully Automated! And now for Communications from A PING!”
      A.I. Voice active SoNear’ ‘ PIIIINNNNGGGG!”
      CCP. PLA-N. Capt ; “BUGGA ( In Mandarin)! At least we didn’t have to visit Walmart, & wait for Bill Gates A.I. ‘Version/ Vision’ CON-struct! HURRAH!”

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