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Take the time to reflect on some of the best content on our website throughout 2019.

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What was your favourite piece in 2019? Photo: RNH

As we wrap up the biggest year for TOTT News since beginning publishing, reflect on some of the best and most popular content on our website throughout 2019.


2019 was a huge year for TOTT News. We have once again seen increased growth across all of our platforms, primarily due to the fact people are getting tired of mainstream propaganda and lies.

For too long, press outlets and the established class have pulled the wool over the eyes of the Australian public about the true nature of their system, but in an era of advancing technologies and independent media, their grip on constructed reality is slipping with each passing year.

Australians are awakening to the fact they are being deceived about major issues relating to their lives and continue to seek alternative perspectives that are source-based and objective in nature.

This year, we have published 142 published articles and features (over 200,000 words), 17 video pieces, 33 full length podcasts, 2 magazine collaborations and more additional content for users of the website.

We have continued to become more involved in social media platforms, where uncensored and unfiltered discussions happen each day with the sharing of exclusive and interesting content. 

Through this process, our continued goal of providing Australians with a genuine alternative to the mainstream establishment has remained the focus with all content published.

Many alternative outlets, for many years, have put out misleading information in an attempt to discredit the ideas being discussed, leaving an imprint on public perception of all alternative sites.

TOTT News wants to provide a platform that alternative thinkers can share with their friends in hopes of reaching them through highly-sourced, well formatted and well written articles and features.

This is in addition to keeping those are already familiar with the concepts updated on the system.

In addition, 2019 was about taking this a step further, as we also re-designed the back end of our website and brought membership content to the front page for viewing when visiting. 

The goal of this was to open up what historically was only a small circle of truth seeking friends and hidden content, to a growing like-minded community of Australians. 

In an attempt to build a community by filtering those who genuinely want to support our operation, we have come together to discuss some of the deeper questions behind the public themes on our website.

We have received many lovely comments and emails thanking us for our work across 2019, however, it is the Supporter Members and Full Members of our site who are really responsible for this.

Ongoing contributions in 2019 have allowed us to increase all website content by almost 300%!

To all of the public audience, Subscribers, Supporter Members and Full Members, thank you.

Stay tuned for a TOTT Update on plans for 2020, including new features, increased content and more.

Take a look below at some of our best content throughout the year and remember to head to our categories page at any time to begin exploring all of our published work in 2019.


‘Top 25’ of 2019

1) Revealed: 5G tower locations across Australia

One of the most popular pieces we have ever published on the website, this exclusive list of 5G tower locations in Australia has taken the top spot for 2019.

In this piece, users can search their local areas and greater state regions with locations obtained from the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) under fair use and confirmed with site location data from the Radio Frequency National Site Archive (RFNSA).


This article is the top Google search result for all 5G-related tower inquiries in Australia.

Thank you to EMR Australia for linking to this piece on their website.

2) Supermarkets begin switch to automated workforces

Automated technologies are in Australia and they are already beginning to take jobs at both Coles and Woolworths supermarkets, as we explore in this popular piece from 2019.

In this feature, we explore Coles’ plans for a new “electronic workforce” by 2023, while Woolworths unveil their new automated warehouse, leaving experts concerned that a trend in advancing technology may cost Australians over five million jobs.


3) Australian Bushfires: A Smart City Conspiracy?

Published only this month, our feature piece on the Australian bushfire ‘crisis’ has gained significant traction across many online forums and social media platforms as the fires continue to burn.

In this piece, we explore the deeper questions behind the narrative, geoengineering in Australia, suspicious fire paths and links to Agenda 2030 and ‘smart city’ goals for this country.


Listen to Alan Watt discuss this article on Cutting Through The Matrix here.

Thank you to Max Igan for linking to this piece in Drought by Design – The Genociding of Australia.

See the mainstream go into damage control over this theory here.

Read the Reddit forum discussion here.

4) New South Wales region set for Roundup aerial spraying

In this piece, we followed controversial preparations for helicopter spraying of the chemical RoundUp around the Port Kembla region in New South Wales, and the subsequent public backlash over the plans.


This article was trending on Google News for a 48 hour period.

5) Telstra formally warned over 5G expansion

In this piece, we covered Telstra’s formal warning by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) for failing to comply with regulations when deploying new mobile base stations.


See also — 5G ‘health scare campaign’ is growing: Telstra

6) Fall of Democracy: Australia’s growing anti-protest regulations

In this piece, we explore how governments have passed successive legislative amendments in recent years that threaten fundamental rights to protests and freedom of speech in Australia.


7) Yellow Vests set for national action in Australia

We connected with many like-minded Australians through our Yellow Vests Movement coverage, including this piece promoting upcoming protests and marches to be had.


See also –Yellow Vests protesters rally across Australia

8) Australians set to rally against 5G technology

Similarly, we also connected with many concerned citizens over the announcement of a 5G rollout in Australia, and helped to promote a fortnight of related events by many community actions groups.


9) Australia is building ‘smart city’ infrastructure

In one of the most important pieces on TOTT News, we cover Australia’s ongoing plan to develop highly-sophisticated, technologically-driven ‘smart cities’ in fulfillment of the Agenda 2030 plan.


10) China’s ‘Social Credit System’ will reach Australia

Published in February, this Subscription piece was released to the public in May after revelations Australia’s national facial recognition system is moving ahead.

Since this feature has been published, predictions made are beginning to manifest through the increasing introduction of biometric technologies and identity requirements for daily life.


11) 5G rollout set for 2020 in Australia

In this important piece from May — the first of extended coverage — we detailed the government’s intended plans to have 5G technology completely rolled out across the country by 2020.


12) Connect with your local 5G community action group

In response to the announcement of 5G upgrades across Australia, many activist groups have joined together in multiple regions to fight back against the plans.


13) Facial recognition activated without notification

In one of the most important steps towards a Chinese-style surveillance system being introduced, both Perth and Melbourne locations have switched on CCTV cameras capable of facial recognition.


14) ‘National disgrace’: Australia’s NBN disaster

In this piece, we take a look at one of the country’s biggest infrastructure failures — the National Broadband Network (NBN) — and some of the hidden connections behind the plans.


Thank you to The Guardian for linking to our article in this piece.

15) The end of natural medicine in Australia?

In one of our very first pieces of 2019, we explored news laws allowing the Australian government to no longer subsidise for a range of natural health treatments such as Yoga.


16) Suburbs to be included in Telstra’s 5G launch

Telstra has been leading the charge in Australia’s 5G network development race, and in this piece, we reveal the locations covered in the announcement of their 5G capable smart phone.


17) Google’s $1.5 billion research center to “solve death”

Google has become a corporate behemoth of unprecedented scale, and in this piece, we explore secretive ongoing plans by the company to explore the concepts of ageing and death.


See also — Google’s secret data network in Australia

18) Australian government as a privately owned company?

For many years, truth seekers in Australia have claimed the Australian government is a privately owned corporation, and we have the documents for you explore until your heart is content.


19) Plans to limit cash transactions over $10,000

In this piece, we explore announcements by the Australian government to implement an economy-wide cash payment limit of $10,000.


20) Council back residents against Telstra installations

Campaigners against 5G technology saw one of their first major victories against the plans with a successful appeal granted against Telstra community upgrades to infrastructure.


21) More 5G tower victories across Australia

Following this news, further regions were successful in blocking Telstra’s attempts to upgrade existing telecommunications towers with 5G technology.


See also — TPG abandons 5G plans over public concerns

22) Cash ban continues against inquiry advice

In this piece, we examine moves to push cash ban legislation through the House of Representatives, bypassing parliamentary process after a Senate inquiry on the topic.


See also — Cash ban delayed after public backlash

23) Land ownership papers to be made “redundant”

In this piece, we take a look at passed legislation that ends the legal validity of paper Certificates of Titles in Queensland, classifying all options outside of digital documents as “redundant”.


24) When Big Pharma ‘gets it wrong’ in Australia

In this piece, we explore a few examples of when Big Pharma has ‘got it wrong’ in Australia, leading to serious health implications across the national population.


25) Government wants access to Facebook messages

Finally, to wrap up the most viewed content of the year, we take a look in this piece at new plans that give authorities access to read encrypted Facebook messages sent by ordinary users.



In addition to our most viewed pieces, here is another list published in 2019 recommended by Ethan Nash.

  1. Australia: The Biometric Surveillance State
  2. David Icke blasts “totalitarian Australia”
  3. Spot the Difference: Wrestling vs Politics
  4. Australia: The Road to Digital Tyranny
  5. The foreign takeover of gas and electricity
  6. Questions with the Port Arthur narrative
  7. China’s ‘Social Credit System’ in Australia?
  8. The Influence of Big Pharma in Australia
  9. Secret State: The Monitoring of Australia
  10. How the Corporate Media Brainwashes Society
  11. The Social Engineering of Australia
  12. Expectant father discusses vaccines
  13. App ranks students on ‘set behaviours’
  14. The Australian who helped create Israel
  15. Tech companies develop ‘mind reading’ projects
  16. Neuralink to trial microchips for human brains
  17. Surveillance tech coming to all new vehicles
  18. Endocrine Disruption: An attack?
  19. The secret room that controls power supply
  20. Optus Director appointed tech Minister
  21. Telcos given powers to block websites
  22. Screens can manipulate the nervous system
  23. New legal advice exposes fluoridation programs
  24. Top reasons to question ‘climate change’
  25. Foreign investments in water entitlements


We also published some of our most hard-hitting original Member and Subscription Content throughout 2019!

Analysing Mass Media: History and Agenda (Part III)
What is the Role of the Media?
The media groups that control your perceptions
— Free

Australia: The Biometric State Cometh
What is China’s ‘Social Credit System’?
China’s ‘Social Credit’ System will reach Australia
— Free

Reverse Reality: The Social Engineering Agenda
Twilight Zone: The Manipulation of Australian Youth
How the LGBT lobby is brainwashing Australian children — Free

Agenda 2030: Australia’s Role in the United Nations
The Implementation of Agenda 2030 in Australia
The UN takeover of Australian society — Free

Thought Police: The End of Free Speech
Australia: ‘Hate Speech’ is Thoughtcrime
Is PC culture the modern ‘Newspeak’? — Free

The Education System: Constructing Human Minds
The Need for Alternative Education
Schooling was designed to indoctrinate society — Free

Dehumanization: A Tale of the Modern World
Beyond Human: Imagining the Posthuman Era
Transhumanism: When Sci-Fi Becomes Reality — Free

Dystopian Visions: The Brave New World Order
The Huxley Family: Scientific Tyranny
How the Huxley family influenced the world — Free

Googleplex: The Ministry of Alphabet
The Truth About Google
How Google is controlling your reality — Free

The Information War: Players and Narratives
The ‘ACT Realm’: Breaking the Chains
In Search of Truth: Beyond the Red Pill — Free

Rebirth: Critical Thinking and Understanding
Objectivism and the Dino-Fraud
Heading Down the Yellow Brick Road — Free

Poison Touch: An Analysis of Danger
Precaution: Disconnecting from the System
Protection from the System: An Introduction — Free

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