December 5, 2023

68 thoughts on “Australian Bushfires: A Smart City Conspiracy?

  1. Classic problem, reaction, solution? Too many coincidences there to be unassociated occurrences, surely. Hard to be objective with such a deep distrust for the Govt, especially knowing they are creating the Agenda 2030 brave new world.

    1. We live up in East Gippsland & we’ve been noticing massive chemtrailing all year long.
      Even without being educated about this plan we came to the conclusion they were preventing rain for some reason. We assumed it was so they could sell it to a foreign entity after the farmers had been driven off the land because of the drought.
      If this is true we weren’t far off the Mark.
      All I can say is what an insidious wicked plan devised by truely wicked people.
      We are surrounded by fires as I write this & our property could well be under threat shortly.
      The roads are blocked, There’s smoke everywhere & people are scared & upset.
      If this is the Agenda 2030 smart city answer to climate change all I can say is that the only man made climate change happening around here is by the govt chemtrailing & stopping the rain creating a false drought & a false flag fire event to manipulate good people.
      People who are now suffering because of it.
      When did the government & corporations ever do anything for anyone else’s benefit except for themselves.
      Who asked them to disrupt our way of life & turn it on it’s head to become something that’s the opposite of the Australian way if life?

      1. The world is run by psychopaths (via proxy).

        To better understand current events, one needs to be well informed on past history, that is the true/real history, unlikely the bs indoctrination one gets brainwashed at school, which are like indoctrination camps these days.

        After World War Two, the victors of the war not only went on to write our history books, infiltrate our media and public education but even going so far as to criminalize the mere questioning of the official story’s orthodoxy. The truth is, that our world today can only be understood through a correct understanding of World War II, the architects of it and the conflicts between Globalism and Nationalism. Between the old and new world order. The Traditional and the “Progressive”.

        EUROPA – The Last Battle ~ The Full Documentary (2017)

        The lunatics have been (+ continue to) spray & disperse poisons to benefit the so-called elite, in order to manipulate the climate, block the rain, it’s also to help to increase aluminium levels in the air, rain & ensure it builds up in the soil, to help to dump down the sheeple, otherwise we may become a threat to the criminals who are running (destroying) this country unlawfully.

        Watch chemtrailed rain water in New Zealand being evaporated that leaves highly combustible aluminum / thermite residue which is then burned in a flame. The flame flares up as they did in Paradise and Australian fires and is proof positive we are being sprayed 24/7with fire propellants that are also causing rampant respiratory problems as well.

        Plz search You for: Inferno In The Making Aluminum Oxide

      2. The criminals who are running (destroying) this country, are truly traitors in the highest degree.

        We the people, need to hold these criminals accountable to the MAXimum amount possible.

        Plz Google:

        OPERATION TORCH AUSTRALIA: A Special Report on the Geoengineered Firestorms and DEW-triggered Arson Fires

        An Apocalyptic Geoengineering Project of Epic Proportions
        The Millennium Report

      3. Right on the money! Early cloud seeding operations made the direct connection between cloud seeding creating raiin in one location but over time drought in another. The planet is choking on this stuff, silver nitrate, bromium, strontium lithium etc. Rain water tests, soil tests air tests and blood tests around the earth confirm. If you google, click rain radar, then select Brisbane location on the map, click above, 512km and watch the MICROWAVE RADAR ENERGISE THE PARTICULATE to create rain and motion direction. Now click National and you will see the equipment installed around Australia creating localised weather, faking cyclones for Gillard and Rudd changing of the guard, fires to improve sco mo accused of child molestation and child porn, a conviction wiped, was in Hawaii playing golf with Obama while we burned. All to improve his image? The most patronising creepy pm eva. Liability Mate on youtube discloses the illegal way the brigalow corp grabbed all qld land, usurped the constitution and their party corporation have been fleecing us of all of it. Direct energy weapons DEW, are microwave weapons used from planes to torch anything, references to military chaff is suss because it sheilds planes and ops, so 200 fire starters is bigger than a gang and ridiculous, but evidence is pointing to some of the shocking testimony of witnesses who would not know what it was but felt it was way out of normal range of experience. This dangerous tech has been identified in new generation street lamps, weaponised scanners. The blue light hazard alone destroys the retina like other digital devices. They lie and lie and hold hands WITH THE LIKES OF Clintons, Obama and the rest of the deep state swamp creatures Trump is taking down and the swamp directs our media to program Australians that he is the bad guy.. Statements, statements, Statements but NO FACTS. We are at war, Rockafella has put money into councils to play his game, Turnbull is up to his nuts in all this too. when you look at australia military spending and population states a reduction of 6million souls here in the next 5 years. God help us all. Waking each other up, getting truth out and ceasing to comply with anything they say, swampping the post office and their offices with the humiliating evidence and get them out of office, all of them. Pauline and malcolm are listening. I have seen THEM use microwave tech over aboriginal protesters at the G20 years ago, battlefield tech entered qld and never left, Brisbane is wired for sound and surveilence. Protesting is not safe unless you take a microwave meter so that you can identify the shooter and get that evidence. Sorry it is so deep and wide the evil, pure evil the entire system they have crafted. Love to all thankyou.

  2. The bushfires follow the populated areas along the coast, which in turn follow the fertile & congenial climate corridor… so correlating the fires with the planned train route is a bit of a stretch IMO…
    However, other than that, I agree 100% and am pleased to see all the dots joined so neatly – no doubt that the sinister agenda behind Agenda 2030 is operating here: herding people into the cities, discouraging people from going off-grid or even a bit rural…. and manipulating our weather too!

    1. the blow out in the Green wattle fires that devastated Balmoral Village was a planned an orchestrated deliberate act to wipe Balmoral village out for the planned new smart city north of Goulburn.

      Did our government politicians not swear an oath on the bible to protect and serve Australians?

      The green wattle fire was contained at 40 hectares before crews were stood down from the foreground.

      we have proof of the in competence and the lawsuit will be staggering.
      The phoenix has awoken it has the solution but first revenge against the flthy layers of corruption within government both state and federal governments .

      Danny your comments are bang on from the few ive read so far.Thankyou

  3. Are you guys for real? Do any of you live here? 250,000 hectares of just one National Park has burnt. That’s just one fire. I think you need to stop smoking whatever it is you smoke and face a bit of reality. There are too many people on this planet, especially privileged Westerners who seem to think they are owed everything. We pollute without a thought in every aspect of our lives and you need a conspiracy theory to understand serious fires? For f..k’s sake. Use your time effectively and advocate for smaller populations, no-growth economies, cessation of fossil fuel use and plastics and there might be less of these disasters.

    1. its aluminium oxide being sprayed into the atmosphere hence geo engineering as it talks about. Its no conspiracy you tell from the colour of the fires. cessation of fossil fuel use and plastics and there might be less of these disasters ?? how much plastic does Australia even manufacture anymore ?? hardly any. we import all of it from Asia.

    2. Tend to agree with you and would like to add if you care about the environment, also remove animal products from your diet….its the most inefficient way to get nutrients, causing deforestation, on a massive scale…each year they burn to prevent forest regrowth, 50000 litres of water to create 1 KG of beef. No space for the damage here…but check out appetite for destruction with Gerard Wedderburn Bisshop on you tube if you want to get the facts.

    3. Are you encouraging world depopulation here? you sound as sinister as Bill Gates and others who want the opposite of Gods plan for us to multiply. The world isn’t overpopulated so why ask for smaller population? I think your the one without a brain cell since nobody mentioned a conspiracy theory, they mention conspiracy facts you nutcase

  4. I don’t know how to add photos to my comment. I am standing facing north on my property facing the direction of massive fires, which will most likely hit our place in a week. To the west and north west of the smoke and fire I have photographed a day of criss crossing aerial spraying. I have the photos. 🤷🏻‍♀️🔥

  5. there is no mention of care of the wildlife . this agenda is all about people and money . what a foolish plan .

    1. Martin, my thought, too! Little to no comment about animal lives lost and/or injured or plans for rescue/rehab. Human life lost is tragic and it is a time for rallying to aid the victims of fire and the firefighters but what of the animals? We need to know about our fellow species and their fate What about the web of life theory? Perhaps there is an incorporation of flora and fauna in these alleged plans but if not, nature will ultimately find a way through, probably at the expense of humans when we realise we lose our humanity when we do not live with instead of despite, nature.

  6. If there’s is a Hell, the psychopaths who are running this world via (proxy) + their minions, surely deserve their rightful place there. These lunatics believe that they are the chosen ones by their fictitious god & everyone else who’s not one of them is their slave etc. The fact that most of the world is ignorant of this reality is proof that the media itself is in the hands of the perpetrators.

    Of course when close to the mark, the shills & trolls are more likely to come out to play & to deceive…

    I think the author is right on the mark.

    The Californian fires have been orchestrated & planned well in advance, to make way for their Agenda 21/30 to force people of their properties into so-called smart cities, while the so-called elite have made plans to run away & hide at their paradise location. They own vast tracts of land there. The area is known as Patagonia. It will also be free of GMO’s, inc. 5G, chemtrails etc.

    Madman Bill Gates is desperate to get the sun blocked in most parts of the world, except in their parts of course, to ensure that most people will get poisoned asap.

    The Satanic Rothschild have an estimated worth of 500 trillions at their disposal, so money is not any issue for them.

    The Georgia so-called guide-stones are man-made btw. They even haven’t got any guts to state who really put them there, they use instead a made up fictitious name, in order to hide their real identities, that’s what COWARDS do.

    1. I agree Danny. Mark Passio has been tuned into this manipulation by the so called “elite” for years. He is so informed on such matters. Watch Nikola Tesla’s free energy on Utube. This whole event is really sad. I volunteer for wildlife rescue and we have been working around the clock trying to save the Flying Fox. In numerous colonies across the states the mothers have abandoned their babies because of the lack of food. We have lost thousands from the colonies in and around the Shoalhaven alone.

  7. The technology does indeed exist & is capable to ignite fires remotely.
    Of course the guttered & controlled main stream press media, will claim it was lit by some 12 yr old boys et cetera.

    Check this video from Santa Rosa fires 2018, Google / YouTube keeps deleting the video but it keeps getting put up as mirror sites:
    D.E.W. & Blue lasers from the sky; CA FIRE TEST Grounds 2030 -A21


  8. In searching for a common enemy against which we can unite,
    we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming,
    water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. In their
    totality and their interactions these phenomena do constitute a
    common threat which must be confronted by everyone together.
    But in designating the dangers as the enemy, we fall into the trap,
    which we have already warned the readers about, namely mistaking
    symptoms for causes. All these symptoms are caused by human
    intervention in natural processes, and it is only through changed
    attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome.
    The real enemy then is humanity itself.

    The First Global Revolution – Club of Rome pg 75 (1993 reprint)

    1. Well said, Ouch!
      Up to date I’ve not seen an “alt right” griper who is not just another in the epidemic of placebos trying to distract attention from the real and tangible criminal traitors in our midst onto some remote instrument of the Enemy. That remote enemy cannot have influence in our affairs without complicity by domestic traitors other than by physical (military) invasion.

      The “quiet invasion” of unassimilable foreign ethnicities would not occur without the active complicity of traitors who, in all secrecy, serve an ideology that is not the best interest of the commonwealth of the people of our island nation.

      Impotent, currently fashionable, moaning against the Chinese (who are already owned and subjugated by the supranational plutocracy) allows the traitors within to continue their smiling, oily, subversion of our country and its people. Anyhow, the Chinese lackeys of the supranational oligarchy “own” very little of the real estate and infrastructure of A’straya compared to the corporations centered in the City of London and Washington DC.

      We will never lay claim to our national heritage without being able to purge the government and “public service” (particularly the “justice system”) of traitors loyal to some secret and hostile ideology.

  9. Yes and a fire right to the water’s edge of Warragamba dam -how convenient for justifying raising the dam height once the integrity of the surrounding environment has been extinguished and can no longer be used as a counter argument to the increased water height.

  10. To me those smart cities project remind me of this movie directed by this australian director Philp Noyce. “The giver” Sustainable village, green, high tech, with brainwashed citizen. Slightly dystopian…Bit scary. It is a good idea but nothing good emerges from a project born in the shadow within closed doors…Why the PM never talks about the arsonists ?…He seems to follow an agenda…I don t like that. Idea of a green village is great. But why the secrecy ? Who are the investors? Why the water scandal ? Why no help to the farmers ? Government needs to communicate more with open doors and transparency…
    To me the smart cities they want to build might look like the one in this movie….

    1. In full agreeance with you reference to “The Giver”. I think we are all screwedif we as a whole do nothing about this.
      To the Auther, I am an IT Tech and have downloaded this page in it’s entirety just in case. Love your work.

    2. …independent researchers monitored HAARP transmissions of 14 hertz. They found that when these signals were broadcast at high output levels, wind speeds topped 70 miles per hour. They watched as these same transmissions dispersed a huge weather front approaching the west coast from California to British Columbia. Although precipitation had been originally forecast, the front was seen shredding apart on satellite photos and rain did not materialize. The hobgoblin drought can be an enriching and empowering tool for certain corporate and governing entities. HAARP is not only capable of destabilizing agricultural and ecological system!

      The Pentagon’s warning about climate catastrophe is surely nothing more than a thinly-veiled attempt to prepare the masses for the bizarre atmospheric upheavals we can expect as the military continues to brutalize our Earth and near space with its grotesque toys. And we ain’t seen nothing yet. Dr. Eastlund and his ilk have developed plans for solar power satellites designed to modify the weather with electromagnetic beam output that dwarfs the present HAARP system.

      As abrupt climate change is increasingly.orchestrated, we will surely need additional fascist agencies, an evergrowing military budget and more poison-particle projects that just happen to ensure population reduction as a side benefit.
      (From page 13)

  11. What the actual fuck. I can’t believe the government is burning the ground to build ‘High Speed Train’ why. I drive everywhere so I don’t need none of this train business. Why would the government do this. If they try and take my house I will send an angry letter. I hope the general public wake up to this or they will take my land and my wife. I don’t want Mr. Morrison to ruin my country. Get these people out. Well I have said my thoughts. Now it is time for action. I am gonna go and drive my car into a train. This will send them a message.

  12. Seems a 2 sided affair as Labor wants to put $1B into the train line so if liberal gets blamed and kicked out, labor gets reinstated and starts building the new train line and smart cities. The bush is cleared and they are also wanting to rezone building areas which will restrict where people can or cannot rebuild all under the guise of safety yet correlates with the train line and city plans.

  13. Danny- have you seen this report? Tallies with the aluminium oxide. I got pounced on by a climate-change hysterical who sent me a copy-and-paste from an article- don’t know where she got it but the “mushroom cloud” is very interesting and looks like interference:

    “This sums it all up: “Hi everyone. my name is Bruce Walker, you might remember me from ABC TV yesterday. I’m one of the survivors of the wytaliba fires of last friday, 8th november 2019.
    I’m responding to this well informed numpty here – Anthony ×××××××
    So mate – first up, I’ve been an RFS volunteer for close to 20 years, and am part of the highly regarded Wytaliba RFS – one of the most respected and hardened crews on the northern tablelands and beyond. Our crew number over 50 and include decorated vets of ash wednesday and many other national disaster catastrophic level fires.
    Regarding hazzard reduction. let me fill you in.
    For my time here, we used to do managed hazzard reduction whenever it was viable in winter.
    However – sadly, the moment Gina and Rupert went halves and purchased the LNP wholesale, we saw a MASSIVE increase in wholesale industrial logging across the nation.
    Tell me, Anthony – do you garden? do you use MULCH?
    Compare a mulched garden to a non-mulched garden. You’ll see a near instant difference. If you’re not schooled on how soil works, try standing all day in the sun with no hat on. What happens?
    That’s right, anthony. Your head gets fucking hot.
    That’s what’s happened to the planet. Now… as anyone who’s dabbled in, you know… physics, will spell out better than i can – an increase of just one degree is quite significant.
    Another neato thing physics talks about is the water cycle, Anthony.
    You see, part of the water cycle is this cool thing called “transpiration”
    It’s part 4 of this essential way in which trees send up moisture to meet clouds, creating low pressure troughs which draw rainfall inland.
    In fact, it’s physically impossible to get rain on the lee side of a mountain, without trees doing this very thing. Impossible. Ask the residents of the Atacama desert in Chile – who haven’t had rain for one THOUSAND years. Why? No fucking trees, Anthony.
    So anyway, back to the greens enacting a ban on burnoffs – that time we elected them to majority government and they had the final say.
    When was that again, anthony? I’ll wait.
    Nah. Lets move on, since we ALL know this was never a thing . Ever.
    So anyway – here in Wytaliba, we used to have an incredibly green lush valley – right up until industrial loggers finally broke in to compartments to our north. Right about this time, there was a near instant and significant drop to our vital streamflow.
    This happened again after each and every highland logging operation – and with LNP slashing and burning every national park in sight, well… you know, lets’ not go there. Climate change is a hoax, right?
    So wholesale burn quotas came in with LNP too. This… well.. i just want to pause here and say “wow” because this did indeed make us say wow.
    In recent years, we’ve seen hazzard reduction burns take place completely surrounding our once green, lush valley. So much so, that after the last july burn – of an area once supplying most of our water – well… 27 years of no burn had left a healthy and regenerating semi-arid rainforest. Now it’s simply arid nothing.
    Despite this burn and 3 more last year, we got the following result – fires flared up in this dry mulchless wasteland and burned for 6 weeks, destroying 2 more former rainforest areas, leaving them also tinder dry and unable to transpire – hasn’t actually rained a drop since then. Weird. almost like cause and effect took place.
    clouds pass over, for sure. They get rain on the tablelands even – but – as physics reminds us, when air drops, it warms, expands, and rather than raining, sucks even more moisture from trees and soil.
    Oh well.
    I mean, this is normal for Australia, isn’t it? Watching 200 or more year old trees slowly wither and die right in front of you. That’s normal. Happens all the time. rivers dry up too, even though ours is home to platypi – who aren’t known for travelling much – and hasn’t dried up in probably 100,000 years minimum.
    Until last summer, and it’s been bone dry since august.
    This has never happened in my entire 25 or so years here. No local elders remember such a thing. Wow.
    Now, we all know about the Bees Nest and Kingsgate fires and the hundreds more around the state. My crew and many other heroic RFS volunteers have been fighting them for months on end.
    Yet another backburn actually got lit up about a month ago, on our south side, just half an hour before high southerly winds were due. The responsible paid agency, then ran out of paid hours, packed up and left it to spot onto our property and threaten 80 homes.
    We’re like the mujahideen of firefighting though, so we got it after about 10 days nonstop hectic battle.
    This… brings us up to date, Andrew. We’ve got bare, blacked out dust for 50km in all directions. Right up to the actual eaves of half the homes here.
    Which is why, friday’s hellstorm caught all of us by surprise, Andrew.
    A mushroom cloud went up at 3pm, 20 or so km away. Within 30 minutes, high winds turned that into a 20km long front – strangely, this front was on ground burnt black as recently as 3 weeks ago – crown fires too, since every tree was literally a giant matchstick with dead leaves and nothing else.
    This then switched to 80km/h southerlies and rained hell on 3500 acres of already blacked out ground.
    Well… you can’t say we didn’t prep or do hazzard reduction redneck style, can you Andrew? Or can you?
    Curiously, within 1 hour we’d lost 20 homes, a school, a fire-shed, and a concrete fucking bridge – meaning only 2 outside units even got in to help.
    Falling trees in the hundreds blocked the old Grafton road, so no one could even help neighbours.
    By dawn, of 80 homes in our community, 52 were lost, 2 dead (one a sex party voter, the other apolitical – this one is for you, Barnaby fucking Joyce) 📷;) We had many injured, thousands of local animals died, and.. it’ looks like a warzone here. Which it did almost before, except we had homes.
    So, Anthony ××××××× and ALL you fucking armchair experts out there, tell me… how again, was this the greens fault?
    Thanks. Looking forward to your well thought out response.”
    Bruce Walker, Wytaliba RFS member and survivor.”

  14. Smart city PJT is now on going by Chinese Communist Government. CCG keeps spreading Smart city plan to many developed countries and dictatorship. It can be highly misused.
    This bush fire is also assuredly related to CCG or its counterpart. There are so many struggles between them out of our sight,

    1. Thank you Due Diligence for that link to the Morano interview. Totally agree with the religious component- I find the labeling stage of any public movement like “climate change” hysteria (ie I am a ‘climate denier’ whatever that means) is a sure indication that we’re in for a rocky ride- we’re entering the edges of the Spanish Inquisition days. Freedom of speech, healthy public debate, legitimate questions are met with jeering, name-calling and literal fingers stuffed in ears. There’s a frightening lack of maturity, zero critical thinking and certainly no concept of how propaganda machines work. I’m just waiting for the public lynchings of anyone who disagrees publicly with the creed of Al Gore.
      I blame the school system- it’s been dumbing people down for years (another fabulous product of the Rothschild/Rockerfeller/Morgan/Carnegie scum). John Taylor Gatto describes schools as manufacturing a population that “grows old but never grows up”. This is 5 hours but well worth the effort:

      1. You summed it perfectly Katharine!

        The psychopaths do rely on us fighting/disagreeing against one another (divide & conquer), keeping most distracted, in fear, while keeping our focus of them (our real enemies). And also, it’s the intentional & deliberate chemical dumping down of society, while at the same time keeping the sheeple brainwashed with entertainment trash, gossip, keeping them glued the their idiot boxes, the MSM (Main Stream Media) which is owned & controlled by our enemies. As long as the sheep blindly trust their MSM (fake news), most will remain blind zombies sheeple in general.

        They is nothing the psychos fear & hate more, when the masses will join together as one & unite.

    1. Here is your Test Question for today: What is the UN?

      By Anna Von Reitz

      All those who answered, “Why, the United Nations, of course.” — get an “F” and go to the back of the line.

      The “UN” is a corporation founded in France several years before the United Nations Charter was ever created.

      And here, for your edification, are the Principal Parties of Interest driving the “UN Agenda”—– Current version UN Corp dba World Bank dba FEDERAL RESERVE — 52% owned by Rothschild Bank of London and Berlin; 8% owned by Lazard Freres Bank of Paris; 8% owned by Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy, 8% owned by Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam; 6% owned by Lehman Brothers of New York; 6% owned by Kuhn Loeb of New York; 6% owned by Chase Manhattan/Rockefeller Bank of New York; 6% owned by Goldman Sachs. (There may be some changes in ownership(s) since this list was compiled, but the above is accurate for the most part.)

      So for all those who are alarmed about the UN, perhaps you should share this information about what the “UN” really is? And maybe you should be bringing appropriate political and international scrutiny to bear on the owner/operator/shareholders of the “UN”???

      And also on the French Government, meaning the Rothschild dominated corporation dba FRANCE?

      It’s time to bust these bunko artists and take back control of the world for sane people.

  15. FIRES – This is WAR – We Are Being “Intentionally” BURNED UP
    By DeborahTavares ( NEW)


    Someone posted an informative & important comment there, which I like to share:

    Bilderberg Group (world’s elite) working through UN to have global communist control of all land, resources and people! Look up, “2019 Bilderberg Attendees” & “2019 Bilderberg Topics!”

    Look up, “2019 World Government Summit” & you’ll learn how the UN & Saudis (Sunni Muslims) are working together on Bilderberg’s satanic NWO through UN Agenda 21/2030 Sustainable Development!

    They’re complaint is that the NWO isn’t happening fast enough! Explains the fires!!

    The Chinese intend to build those railways which will replace the gas burning vehicles! Who will lead the NWO? Look up, “Soros Says China Must Lead the NWO!” Why? Because they’re mainly atheists which worship the Dragon (Satan)! What satanic forces do I believe we’re dealing with?

    Look up, “History of the Evil Rothschild Khazarian Mafia” and UN’s “Lucis Trust!” A satanic new age cult! Look up “CERN’s Satanic Opening Ceremony!” A 17 mile underground tunnel in search of the 5th dimension (Age of Aquarius)! Scientists believe there are 10 in which we have only discovered 4!

  16. Brilliant analysis! I wished I was aware of Tott News earlier. For years I’ve been trying to alert people in Australia to weather warfare. In Melbourne where I live, I have a collection of magnetized metal filaments plucked from my back lawn. Chem-trailing has been so bad in our area that the dust levels in our house are thick on all surfaces and I dust often. The frequency patterns highlighted by the clouds in the sky are so obvious that I simply don’t understand why everyone I’ve spoken to hasn’t noticed. Now the establishment is trying to tell me they have concerns for my public health when they have been chem-trialing us for years. We are being dictated to by criminals!

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