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The End of Private Vehicle Ownership

The tech elite are attempting to transform the automobile from a symbol of freedom into yet another node in their surveillance system, Ethan Nash argues.

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Supermarkets to be ‘checkout free’ by 2030

Australian supermarkets will become ‘checkout free’ within 10 years, according to a Coles executive.

New technologies, driven by automation and artificial intelligence, are beginning to transform the Australian shopping landscape and this shift is only predicted to increase by 2030.

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Vodafone and Nokia to deploy 5G network

A new partnership between Vodafone and Nokia will fast track Vodafone’s rollout of 5G throughout Australia over the next 12 months.

The two groups join national plans to deploy functional 5G technologies across the country in 2020 by the government and telecommunications companies.

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Australia on Fire: The Beginning of Agenda 2030

A state of emergency declared, military on the ground, displacement of regional communities and calls for national reviews of land management across the country.

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Discussion: The Dark Side of Disney and Hollywood

Of all Disney’s secrets, none is perhaps as dark and troubling as the growing number of active pedophiles in and around the ‘Magic Kingdom’.

On the latest episode of the General Knowledge Podcast, General Maddox and Andy Somes from Real News Australia discuss new research by independent journalists that once again blows the lid on criminal activities at Disney, Hollywood corruption and more.

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Smart meters to receive $2.7 million subsidy

The Australian government will provide $2.7 million to subsidise new advanced smart meters for households, businesses and schools in a trial to monitor energy use.

The $8 million project will be lead by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and will allow the provider access to household data in order to tap in and reduce personal off-peak consumption.

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2019: A Year in Review | TOTT News

Take the time to reflect on some of the best content on our website throughout 2019.

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Protection from the System: An Introduction

Humans possess a capacity for calculated risk-taking and behavioural psychology tells us that specific components of mental conditioning are required to face moments of personal danger.

In the following subscription piece, we take a brief look at four key areas of concern that all individuals can begin to understand, use methods to protect themselves against and begin disconnecting from the system.

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Poison Touch: An Analysis of Danger

In the modern world, feelings of limitless horizons are opening up the visions of alternative thinkers to unprecedented heights, while emotions of being simultaneously more powerful and more helpless than ever before grow in the face of uncertain dangers.

In the following membership piece, we take an objectivist look at the effects of stress on risk recognition, causes of concern in the ‘truth’ movement, cognitive dissonance and an examination of the precautionary principle.

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Discussion: Do truth seekers have a ‘way out’?

If the world is a business, one key question arises through the uncertainty: Is there a way out? How can we navigate the reality we are a part of?

On a recent episode of the Crazz Files Podcast, Adam from The Crazz Files and Corey explore workable solutions to major problems in hopes of positively effecting the individual.

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