Member Circle: When Destiny Calls | December 2020

It’s safe to say 2020 was one for the ages: We went from Australia on fire, to national shutdowns, persistent mass lies from the establishment and on top of it all, an election.

In this hectic storm of events, it can be easy to lose sight, not only of the positive things to emerge, but the importance of reflecting on what the journey has taught us so far.

What will the future hold? How did truth seekers manage to navigate this year? What tricks can the movement avoid going forward?


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Hyperreality and the Symbolic Simulation of Perception

We are the first electronic inhabitants of a universe of pure symbolic media exchange, living in an empty space of virtuality, where subjectivity and objective truth have intertwined together.

At the center of this collective experience, we find a fabricated system of meaning that limits human participation to that of mindless spectator, while a digital hyperreality is slowly born.

How does the Web of Control truly manage to disconnect humans from any sense of the natural world? Is reality even identifiable in an era of simulated experience? What does the future hold?


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Coronavirus vaccine unlikely to stop infection, World Health Organisation says

It’s being hailed as ‘our only way out’ of the pandemic – but the World Health Organisation has warned this week a vaccine is unlikely to stop the virus and ongoing restrictive measures.

As countries like the United States and Britain begin to roll out millions of doses to citizens, once again the narrative is being extended; engineered to take an entirely different direction.


Inside America’s Failed Bolivia Coup

In November last year, things were looking grim for Bolivians.

Their beloved President Evo Morales – who had cut poverty in half by nationalising the energy sector, redistributing wealth, and democratising the constitution – was overthrown. The US has a long history of interfering in metal and cocaine-rich Bolivia.

From mid-2019, the US military and State Department worked with wealthy, extremist opponents of Morales to have him deposed. But within 12 months, a Morales-approved candidate was elected President.


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