Trust the TV, trust the experts. They never lie

Trust in the media has been at record lows for years, as consumers say they struggle to tell the difference between fake news and facts, according to international surveys.

During the COVID-19 ‘pandemic’, their reputation has sunk to all time lows. Despite this, the media circus are doing all they can to tell their viewers the opposite of this fact.


Creating a New World Matrix? | FFT

The rise of augmented reality (AR) is set to hit a new level, with features inside the game Pokemon Go set to encourage players to upload 3D scans of real-world locations.

Major tech companies are all developing AR/VR products in preparation for the mass expansion of these devices as ‘solutions’ to world problems as the transhumanist push continues.


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Fourth Industrial Revolution: A game-changer for Australia

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is a term many may not yet be familiar with. But just like with previous technological breakthroughs, the implementation of 4IR technology, its effects and many reforms associated with it, will soon enough completely transform the world.

Humankind is about to make rapid technological progress in a wide range of different fields.