Discussion: NRL, vaccine coercion, resistance

As COVID-19 ‘solutions’ continue to be programmed to the masses, the NRL has become the first example of new ‘normalities’ expected to arise in post-lockdown Australia.

The media storm created over players refusing to vaccinate for the flu shot is another example of an ongoing campaign to demonise pro-choice advocates and stamp out freedom of speech.



Amazon to host COVIDSafe app data

Amazon has been handed the data storage contract for Australia’s COVIDSafe contact tracing app and concerns are rising over potential external access to the information.

Industry insiders and bureaucrats argue that giving Amazon the contract could mean COVIDSafe data can be accessed by US government agencies under a CLOUD Act subpoena.


Prepare for the ‘second wave’? | FFT

As Australia’s ‘pandemic curve’ flattens, state and federal governments have started to loosen some restrictions in the beginning phases of a three-step plan back to ‘normal life’.

Despite the claims, many predict the COVID-19(84) saga is far from finished, with experts warning a ‘second wave’ of viral infections may hit Australia hard in the months ahead.


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Bill Gates ramps up Australian vaccine efforts

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated $10 million to support a Murdoch Children’s Research Institute trial which is testing a COVID-19 vaccine on healthcare workers.

The announcement adds to a growing portfolio of vaccine interests held by Bill Gates in Australia, and follows new details of discussions between Morrison and the billionaire.