December 6, 2023

4 thoughts on “Anthony Albanese meets with Larry Fink at APEC Summit

  1. Can’t wait to have all these dirty batteries and ugly windmills that don’t work on their own. Sold out by the Labour govt and Albanese who loves travelling rather than sorting Australia’s housing problem, homelessness and cost of living. We’ll be right mate We’re getting batteries and no carbon.

  2. Follow the money trail, even some of your own investments and purchases are connected to Black Rock and Vanguard, do all you can to avoid this.

    Albo is really taking advantage of his position to boost up his frequent flyer points, what is scary is what are they really planning?

    Watch this to find out more about who controls the world:

  3. “Net zero carbon”: a disaster for most Australians and Australia’s economy, but very profitable for Blackrock and Khazarian Fink. People like Albanese aren’t even trying to pretend we have a “democracy” in this country any more.

  4. Thanks very much for exposing our evil globalist puppet PM and who he’s really getting his orders from.

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