Revealed: Telstra has joined the CLARA consortium

CLARA has revealed that telecommunications giant Telstra is the latest organisation to join their consortium, in a partnership that will alter Australia’s digital future.

Both groups have signalled intentions to work together in order to enhance Australia’s smart city vision, including high-speed rail lines, driverless cars, 5G integration and much more.


Australia is set to transform. Photo: NWT


It has been announced that Telstra will join the controversial CLARA consortium in a bid to further develop nation-building projects set to transform Australia.

Keeping an eye on CLARA’s activities, the group shared the update of collaboration on their LinkedIn page:

In an official press release sent out last week, CLARA CEO Nick Cleary detailed the joining:

“CLARA is pleased to announce that Telstra has signed on to contribute to the CLARA consortium as efforts continue towards developing the CLARA Plan to build new regional smart cities connected to major capital cities by high speed rail (HSR). 

Telstra will play the role of consultant for ‘ICT and IOT networks, platforms and security that underpin and enable smart cities, such as that planned by CLARA.”  

You read that correctly. Telstra will now consult CLARA on a number of key projects the consortium is developing in Australia. Two controversial organisations are joining forces to progress their agenda.

CLARA continues to progress its plan for a “transformational infrastructure project to rebalance the Australian settlement”, in hopes of building Australia’s first high-speed rail network.

CLARA’S High-Speed Rail:
The Full Story

 “It’s a significant milestone for us to have a great company like Telstra join our ranks. It further demonstrates our ability to progress important nation building projects by partnering with one of Australia’s biggest companies’, said Mr Cleary.

CLARA has just completed its business case, which was co-funded by the Australian Government, to test the feasibility of implementing its plan. Telstra’s support will now add further weight.

“Having a company with the depth of expertise and experience such as Telstra adds tremendously to the strength and capability of the wider group,” Cleary added.

This news is nothing short of a BOMBSHELL, as it further confirms suspicions of CLARA’s direct involvement in Australia’s smart city bushfire conspiracy to clear land away. 

Telstra, a company at the heart of the nation’s 5G rollout and CLARA, the group with a vision to develop eight new smart cities connected by high-speed rail. Now working together

Although not surprising, revelations that these groups are now publicly collaborating is a massive signal that Australia’s dystopian smart city agenda is all but coming to the surface.

Who are the ‘crazy conspiracy theorists’ now?


This news is monumental for the very fact it links Telstra and CLARA together for the first time.

5G will underpin the coming Internet of Things (IoT) revolution, which includes smart cities.

Let’s connect the dots here: The Australian government has committed to a Smart Cities Plan which sets out the government’s vision for ‘productive and livable cities’ in the near future.

Now, Telstra’s track record is quite public at this point: They have led the rollout, were slapped with breaches by ACMA for lack of consultation, accelerated 5G during COVID-19 lockdownsh and more.

This group is clearly playing a major role in the capabilities and performance of coming systems.

CLARA, however, has remained shrouded in mystery. Each time someone ‘debunks’ the theory that bushfires are tied to CLARA’s smart city plan and train line agenda, the common objection is that ‘this has been talked about for decades’ and ‘there’s no way a project like that would ever get backing’.

I wonder what the critics are thinking as more information begins to come to light?

Australian Bushfires:
A Smart City Conspiracy?

The alignment with CLARA enables Telstra to participate at the very ground level of design, which they say is too often left out of the core design of new urban areas.

Further details uncovered in the press release confirm what both groups have planned:

“Telstra and CLARA are finalising a forward strategy to ensure both parties work collaboratively and constructively in an environment of innovation and improvement. The outcomes will be tapped to further develop and progress the CLARA Plan. 

“Telstra Purple and our smart cities team will provide our technological and network expertise to help enable the smooth development of new liveable, sustainable and connected cities.”

Gretchen Cooke, Telstra’s Enterprise Executive, added his comments to the release:

“Driven by maturing technology and infrastructure, smart cities are becoming more than a future concept; it’s now a reality. 

It is critical that we build the infrastructure necessary to allow businesses, residents and tourists to seamlessly and securely connect to what they need, as and when they want it. 

We look forward to exploring how we enable the smart cities of the future with CLARA.

Right before your eyes, ladies and gentlemen.

Telstra have stated they have a “strong interest” in networks that “make a smart city work”, including the potential for autonomous mobility as a service (MaaS) networks, closed loop water, waste and energy systems, along with ‘security and convenience’ platforms for residents.

Remember, Australian smart cities are admittedly directly linked to the Agenda 2030 plan, so the fact usual talking points have been woven into this plan should come as no surprise.

Coupled with a sophisticated surveillance grid to monitor and control a created environment, a UN-driven desire to make cities more ‘livable and prosperous’ is driving the integration of information technology into city management programs at this very moment.

This is even more proof of the UN’s continued infiltration of Australia.

Smart city initiatives have been instrumental in the development of China’s draconian social credit system, which is beginning to gain momentum covertly in Australia.

It doesn’t get any clearer than this.

Interestingly, the announcement comes at the same time period as calls for rail projects to begin.


As Australia officially announces a recession, discussions have slowly shifted over the last few months to new ‘nation-building projects’ that can help the economy recover.

TOTT News recently reported the Australian Greens Party are backing plans for a Brisbane to Melbourne high-speed rail project to commence, as part of their new election campaign outline.

Senator Janet Rice, spokesperson for transport, recently outlined the party’s vision, soon followed by social media posts explaining the high-speed rail element of their plan.

The Greens want to see a line first built from Sydney to Melbourne, with a spur to Canberra. The second leg would be built between Sydney and Brisbane, with a spur to the Gold Coast:

She also highlighted a popular proposal from CLARA in a following statement, which incorporates major development along the line to provide financial support.

“Construction of high speed rail stations both up and down the east coast and in the heart of our central business districts will immensely increase the value of surrounding land.“

The announcement follows Labor confirming their support for the national vision, which they say will lead Australia to economic recovery following COVID-19.

Labor Leader Anthony Albanese argued for high-speed rail to be a central part of the rebuilding of Australia’s economy in May. Soon after, the mainstream media began also pushing this narrative, backing calls for the new “coronavirus cure”.

This is despite a calculated campaign to dismiss this theory during the bushfires.

Liars and charlatans. Deceptive and manipulative. Thought we had forgot?

This is their game. The timing of these announcements is no ‘coincidence’.

This has been a calculated plan since the beginning to usher in a new world surveillance state.

There is still time to stop this agenda by exposing it.

Please share this information far and wide.


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  1. Just what we don’t want. Now just watch the bushfires mysteriously ramp up along areas where they either want to herd people into city centres or get people off the land by obliterating their livelihood

  2. The sheep were herded, and there is no stopping them now.our children will never know what this amazing country we will have lost 😢😢

  3. The Green Wattle bushfire is making more sense now , especially with the greens southern highlands spur

  4. Ethan the Conspiracy Theorist has now turned into Conspiracy Factualist 🙂 We all knew you were right from the very beginning. Thank you for another great article as usual and for keeping us updated. This country will never ever be the same again. But then again we had been warned for decades but no one paid attention and the ones crying out “foul” were labelled the Conspiracy Theorists.

    As they have told us from the beginning, they are all in this together. We are not part of it. They are now implementing the agenda it in the open. They are no longer operating in darkness. Most of the sheep have believed the lies and deceptions. Now watch the next step, in the agenda , climate change!

  5. Nice researching again, Ethan. As you point out, this dystopian vision is part of the UN Agenda 2030, thus will roll out over the next decade. I see those ugly 5G towers everywhere now. What an execrable techno-fascist world is planned, and note the innocent-seeming acronyms they use, such as CLARA. But we can assign more appropriate acronym explanations ourselves, e.g. “Covert Operations Via Infectious Disease”. Who can do one for CLARA?

  6. Reading this article in May 2022 is an eye opener. Now we’ve had the ongoing flooding of the land between Sydney and Brisbane. For CLARA to get their grubby paws in the land.

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