December 7, 2023

6 thoughts on “Revealed: Telstra has joined the CLARA consortium

  1. Just what we don’t want. Now just watch the bushfires mysteriously ramp up along areas where they either want to herd people into city centres or get people off the land by obliterating their livelihood

  2. The sheep were herded, and there is no stopping them now.our children will never know what this amazing country we will have lost 😢😢

  3. The Green Wattle bushfire is making more sense now , especially with the greens southern highlands spur

  4. Ethan the Conspiracy Theorist has now turned into Conspiracy Factualist 🙂 We all knew you were right from the very beginning. Thank you for another great article as usual and for keeping us updated. This country will never ever be the same again. But then again we had been warned for decades but no one paid attention and the ones crying out “foul” were labelled the Conspiracy Theorists.

    As they have told us from the beginning, they are all in this together. We are not part of it. They are now implementing the agenda it in the open. They are no longer operating in darkness. Most of the sheep have believed the lies and deceptions. Now watch the next step, in the agenda , climate change!

  5. Nice researching again, Ethan. As you point out, this dystopian vision is part of the UN Agenda 2030, thus will roll out over the next decade. I see those ugly 5G towers everywhere now. What an execrable techno-fascist world is planned, and note the innocent-seeming acronyms they use, such as CLARA. But we can assign more appropriate acronym explanations ourselves, e.g. “Covert Operations Via Infectious Disease”. Who can do one for CLARA?

  6. Reading this article in May 2022 is an eye opener. Now we’ve had the ongoing flooding of the land between Sydney and Brisbane. For CLARA to get their grubby paws in the land.

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