Australia & New Zealand: Test Ground for Techno-Fascism

Mid-20th century fascism was woefully limited in its capacities and reach. The new technocratic-fascism, however, arrives at the new golden dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, ready to extract the population for all the bio-capital information it can.

It is imperative that people learn to tenaciously fight to defend fundamental freedoms like speech and religion, association, privacy, self-defence and refusal of medical treatment.


Particularly in Australia and New Zealand, where the extents of this new technological tyranny are being displayed as a message to the rest of the world.
We are the test dummies, writes Ethan Nash.
A new world emerging. Photo: ALO


Amidst the socio-economic disruptions caused by COVID-19, the human race is simultaneously also learning to adapt to the newly emerging systems and processes. 

I am reminded of the mythological story of Samudra Manthan, or the ‘churn of the ocean of milk’, mentioned in the ancient Hindu scriptures. The churn is a battle fought between the gods and the devils in order to obtain Amrita — the nectar of immortal life. 

The battle is similar to the one the world is facing today, in which humanity seems to be facing a similar, more concealed devil, to protect the future and ensure the freedom of many societies.

There is a looming uncertainty, distress and fear for life. In fact, much like the poison initially spilling from this mythical churn, the pandemic is also throwing its challenges — in terms of economic slowdown, mass panic and the need to adapt to new business models, to name a few.

Suddenly, everyone is wearing a mask, social distancing is drummed into our heads, stores are all hiding behind plexiglass and there are stations detailing where one must stand. Politicians, doctors and media continue to lie, while stories are outright invented, or bought and paid for.

Over seventy years have passed since the publication of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, and many aspects of this accurate vision — from omnipresent mass surveillance to the creeping influence of Newspeak — became commonplace long before the ‘pandemic’.

In the pacific, scenes almost unimaginable have been unfolding for six months now, as the state leverages power based on systems that have incrementally been introduced over decades now.

Australia and New Zealand have a history of being compliantto authority in the face of significant national events. Young countries, yet to live through the horrors of totalitarian rule, citizens of both nations have blissfully remained unaware of greater grabs for mass control.

We only need to think of Port Arthur or the Christchurch Mosque events, for example, where millions have disarmed themselves in the face of a strong, state-driven information campaign. 

More recently, federal and state governments have passed successive legislative amendments in that threaten fundamental rights to protests, privacy and liberty. From vaccine coercion, to foreign investment takeovers, to overseas wars and more, the pacific is truly engrained into the control web.

Both nations have become submissive to international bodies like the United Nations and the World Health Organisation, which play a leading role in setting normalities for national legislation.

Consolidated media forces have ensured a one-way stream of propaganda is delivered to respective populations, allowing for many of these moves to go unnoticed or under the guise of illusion. 

Finally, we have seen the birth of a modern biometric dystopia unfold in recent years, including unwarranted mass surveillance, facial recognition integration in society and much more. See my articles in New Dawn #176 and New Dawn #177 to get a better perspective on the spying state.

Indeed, the public remained asleep as a system of greater control crept around them, building the blocks that would one day be used to enforce a new era of technological suppression.

If by crisis is a means in which the ruling class achieve their political ends — just think of the famous ‘never let a crisis go to waste’ playbook — then imagine what coronavirus means to the plan.

What a dizzying opportunity for them to achieve massive goals.


In his landmark 1992 study of democracy, The End of History and the Last Man, political analyst Francis Fukuyama wrote something profound that has stood the test of time:

“The totalitarian state, it was believed, could not only perpetuate itself indefinitely, it could replicate itself throughout the world like a virus.

Since March, Australia and New Zealand have been subjected to a revolving door of quarantine orders, punishments imposed for violations and the deployment of soldiers to enforce the decrees.

During this mass psychological event, medical martial law has been introduced to enforce the ongoing narrative, underpinned by legislative pieces that suppress fundamental human rights.

Criminalisation of leaving your home, gathering with others and shopping for things the state decides ‘you don’t need’, is a recipe for repression that continues to boil over.

Australia and New Zealand are presently living with all four of the key hallmarks of a police state:

  1. Draconian laws depriving citizens of elementary civil rights.
  2. A mass media supportive of the state’s messaging and deprivation of rights.
  3. Informants and ideological division in the community.
  4. Excessive and unnecessary use of police forces.

We have witnessed an astonishing violation of human liberties, with the kind of restrictions now imposed on the lives of millions of people looking harsh in comparison to 1950s East Berlin.

People will argue that a ‘temporary’ police state has been justified because of the unique threat to life posed by the coronavirus. I do not believe the data will bear that out. Regardless, let us at least agree the pacific is closer to totalitarianism than ever history — and the world must take note. 

The narrative through which such authoritarian control has been established is that of a false sense of nationalism, with anyone who disagrees even slightly with the positions of the government being branded as ‘anti-national’. This is Orwellian double-speak and is used to wage ideological battle.

The coronavirus is a discrete, external challenge to the pacific, and we must all ‘play our part’ to defeat it. We must all unify in a common cause. ‘We are all in this together!’

History has shown liberty can never be taken without the co-support of an unsuspecting population.

It is not that I have ever believed liberty was guaranteed. Being familiar with the very same history and aware of truths regarding the human condition, I never believed that.

But the ease in which police state tactics have been employed, and the equal ease in which most Australians and New Zealanders have accepted them, has been breathtaking.

Importantly, behind the smoke and the mirrors, we must remember the modern police state is being driven by many technological advancements made over the last two decades.

Capitalising on the existing laws and conditioning they created, the state now uses this digital arsenal to intimidate and attack political opponents, demonstrators and journalists. Not to mention as a sophisticated tool to enforce lockdown measures in neighbourhoods.

New ‘pandemic drones’ hover around public areas and major CBD locations as a reminder of the capabilities and hallmarks of a new-age dystopian state. Sitting alone in a park? Out in a public space without an appropriate reason? The ‘eyes in the sky’ are watching you.

The present surveillance apparatus is merging with a new era of international virus hysteria to create the perfect metamorphosis of its control. The layers are beginning to peel back and predicted visions of a technological control system, found once only in science fiction, is starting to come to life.

This is the ‘ultimate revolution’, as described by Brave New World author, Aldous Huxley.

Today, however, it can also just as easily be referred to as the Fourth-Industrial Revolution (FIR).


This feature piece continues to cover:

Techno-Fascism: The COVID Trigger, The Advancement of Digital Totalitarianism, The Great Reset, The Future Path of Humanity and more!

Ethan Nash from TOTT News has published this article in the latest Special Edition of New Dawn Magazine — available in newsagents across Australia or directly online by clicking the link below: 


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13 comments on “Australia & New Zealand: Test Ground for Techno-Fascism”

  1. The references to ‘fascism’ given here are moronic. The conception of ‘mid-20th century fascism’ drawn on by this writer is nothing but a Jewish/leftwing bogeyman with little or nothing in common with the historical reality, which it seems he has never made a serious effort to understand. If actually-existing fascism had not been bombed out of existence by the alliance of the liberal-democratic and Marxist powers in 1939/45, there can be no doubt that the world would be a much better place today than it is now. This is because we are living through the age of technocratic anti-fascism, the anti-fascists having won the decisive victory in 1945.

    1. Living through an age of technocratic anti-fascism? Fascism bombed out of existence? A better place under fascism? Man. Can someone break the news to this poor NPC?

  2. Nice one Ethan, and another excellent piece of real journalism and scholarship from you.
    “…the ease in which police state tactics [as exemplified in Danstopia, formerly Victoria] have been employed, and the equal ease in which most Australians and New Zealanders have accepted them, has been breathtaking.” I have just read “When Tyranny Comes Knocking” by Stuart Lindsay, a retired judge (Quadrant online, highly recommended, available free). He focuses on the disgusting actions of Andrews’s cowardly fascist police in arresting that young woman in her own Ballarat home, and points out that this is a watershed event in terms of what is acceptable and what is not. Those who excuse these actions by saying, e.g., that she broke the law by encouraging people to attend a protest rally, deserve to exist for the rest of their lives in Danstopia.
    I commented on acronyms in another recent TOTT post. One commentator on Lindsay’s article mentioned FLAINOs: Freedom Loving Australians In Name Only…a peculiarly Antipodean version of bien pensants/sheeple…need to come up with one that works for Kiwis too, I suppose…

  3. The event in Ballarat was staged to further manipulate the minds of the sheeple to maintain control over them.

    1. Australia has always been there for other countries.
      We sent an entire generation of our best young men to fight someone else’s war in 1914, then we did it again in 1939 and then into Vietnam in the 60’s.
      Now as we are influenced by the US in entertainment and controlled media, we become once again the Covid patsies for the WEF and Fauci.
      Not hard to see how we have consistently been played by genuflection politicians.
      From all the way with LBJ to Covid 19 BS.
      Can we ever turn things around and stand up for ourselves?

  4. JP you should probably get this newly released book called a dictionary and look up fascism! You will find fascism between authoritarian and suppression.

  5. I’m grateful I’m not alone in my thinking, questions and concerns having read both the original source and this summary article (see detailing Red China’s disinformation campaign over COVID-19 and the speed at which our own Western nations have responded to the crisis and without reservations has transformed into a technocratic dictatorship à la China! It makes me question whether it was a Sino psy-op all along to provoke the West through fear and coercion to ultimately destroy itself.

  6. Good article Ethan, though I must disagree with, “the public remained asleep as a system of greater control crept around them”. The public are not asleep, can not be woken, the MK programming can not be broken, the brain can not heal itself once removed from the skull and the Jinn won’t be put back into the bottle. The deal has been made, each has chosen their path and they are not willing to deviate. All societies throughout history have destroyed themselves once infected with the virus of corruption. Australians have been metaphorically eating their children for years, but a time is coming where they will ‘sit with the serpent’ and feast on their own infants. Will you say they are asleep?

    1. Great comment, Gareth. Always appreciate your thoughts. Are you a member of the website at all? If not (and you have an account), I’d be happy to switch you over for a free trial. Let’s just say I go a little bit deeper with my thoughts on everything behind the website – more along these lines. I agree with you, but sadly very very few will ever actually accept this notion. I tend to play the balanced game with public pieces, where the eyes are watching. I think you would like some of my thoughts. Cheers.

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