September 27, 2023

9 thoughts on “CLARA’s High-Speed Rail: The Full Story

  1. Sounds like a “boys club”, with the expectation of kickbacks or payouts to themselves and their “supportive” mates. They say communism is dead, but it is breeding under our noses with control mechanisms being put in place, except for the elite.

  2. Was in Shepparton the other day, Shepp East to be precise, around Lemnos North Road. Was stunned by the large number of freight forwarding terminals and business parks under construction, seemingly in the middle of nowhere.
    Something big is happening there that is being kept pretty quiet.
    I see a V- Line passenger train derailed today. Do they need to be discredited in order for the private consortium to take over the line ?
    I am also curious about the involvement of Strathbogie Shire, is Nagambie in the mix ?
    Nagambie has become home to magnates such as Jayco Gerry Ryan not to mention all the Sheikhs
    Fascinating stuff, but why so much secrecy ?
    If its like the Pilbara mining boom in 2010 i am guessing they are busy buying up all the prime land at the key points, to get in on the ground floor while its cheap i suppose.

  3. Why is there 8 fully funded business cases prepared by Australian Government. However the Sydney – Canberra corridor is not one of them. Could it be CLARA has exclusive rights over this most lucrative and lowest financial risk of all the rail corridors as identified by High Speed rails study phase 1

  4. 100% right. Same happening west coast California where PREFERED high speed rail is planned . Deliberate geoengineered weather & torching of regions. see website;

  5. Three of my immediate neighbor’s lost their houses with 17 other houses lost in a 5km stretch of road bordering the national park around Balmoral Village north of mittagong,

    , Gladys made the announcement the village no longer exists within 20mins of the fire hitting the village on the 19th dec that it no longer existed .

    Did she attend the meeting with senior planners of RFS ? such meeting did exist , we are still getting info as we can.
    the backburn the rfs put in at Seabrook road was a deliberate attempt by management to expand the Green Wattle fire.

    The local RFS captain is furious and has tried to get the truth heard over what really happened to the village thru different media interviews , numerous submissions to the bushfire enquiry just refer to any of the truth seekers as bushfire conspiracy theorists .
    But we are learning the truth slowly over time , it stinks of corruption

    Any house lost in the recent fires is now considered FZ zoning by councils the requirements needed and cost of reports to council are just some of the reasons that force the landholders to sell what was once worth ten times the value before the fires.

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