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Revealed: Telstra has joined the CLARA consortium

CLARA has revealed that telecommunications giant Telstra is the latest organisation to join their consortium, in a partnership that will alter Australia’s digital future.

Both groups have signalled intentions to work together in order to enhance Australia’s smart city vision, including high-speed rail lines, driverless cars, 5G integration and much more.



Australia’s high-speed rail agenda strengthens

Political parties are backing plans for a Brisbane to Melbourne high-speed rail project, which they say will lead Australia to economic recovery following COVID-19.

Australian High-Speed Rail = COVID-19 Solution

As Australia begins to re-open on a path to ‘normality’, discussions have now shifted to new “nation-building projects” that can help the economy recover.

What is one of the main ‘solutions’ being presented as a “game changer”? A high-speed rail line to be built down the east coast of Australia.


CLARA’s High-Speed Rail: The Full Story

Exposing the truth about Australia’s east coast rail vision.