Australia’s high-speed rail agenda strengthens

Political parties are backing plans for a Brisbane to Melbourne high-speed rail project, which they say will lead Australia to economic recovery following COVID-19.

Still think the bushfire agenda was ‘conspiracy’? Photo: ALO


The Australian Greens say a Brisbane to Melbourne high-speed rail project should become a national priority, as part of their Recovery Plan election outline.

Senator Janet Rice, spokesperson for transport, recently outlined the party’s election plans, soon followed by social media posts explaining yesterday the high-speed rail element of their plan.

The Greens want to see a line first built from Sydney to Melbourne, with a spur to Canberra. The second leg would be built between Sydney and Brisbane, with a spur to the Gold Coast:

Does this path look familiar to you?

The Greens say the project would be publicly-funded and supported by a series of value-capture methods.

Rice said a fully-funded high speed line between Brisbane and Melbourne would be built in the public interest, while providing a return to the taxpayer.

“For decades, Australians have dreamt about high speed rail along our east coast,” Rice said.

“It would be nation building at its best: big, bold and transformative.”

Rice criticised past governments for inaction on high speed rail, despite studies showing “the feasibility, high public benefit and strong economics of high speed rail”.

She also highlighted a popular proposal from private sector group CLARA, which incorporates major development along the line to provide financial support.

“Construction of high speed rail stations both up and down the east coast and in the heart of our central business districts will immensely increase the value of surrounding land.

Well, well, well. Do I need to say anything more, ladies and gentlemen? The agenda is continuing right in front of our eyes.

This election outline follows earlier statements by Labor that high-speed rail must be a key focus as Australia battles COVID-19 recession.


As Australia officially announces a recession, discussions have been slowly shifted over the last few months to new ‘nation-building projects’ that can help the economy recover.

What is one of the main ‘solutions’ being presented as a “game changer”? A high-speed rail line to be built down the east coast of Australia.

Labor Leader Anthony Albanese argued for high-speed rail to be a central part of the rebuilding of Australia’s economy in May.

In a speech to be delivered, Albanese said that a high-speed rail project along with decentralisation should be pursued by the federal government as a way to ‘create a more resilient nation’:

Soon after, the mainstream media began also pushing this narrative, backing calls for the new “coronavirus cure”:

That’s right, this is the same high-speed rail line that was at the middle of controversies during the Australian bushfire ‘crisis’!

I discussed these new revelations in the following video released in May:

Now, with the announcement by the Greens, it seems glaringly obvious that high-speed rail will be a major focus of the election and economy in years to come. Just as was predicted all along.

The Australian people know the truth: The bushfires cleared the pathway for this project to become a reality. These railways will connect the new generation of smart city infrastructure.

The government admits smart cities are a part of Australia’s commitment to the Agenda 2030 plan.


During the recent devastating bushfire season, we extensively explored the course of events, including weather and geoengineering anomalies, CLARA’s high-speed train network and links to the UN-driven smart city agenda.

This included discovering infrastructure project plans that overlayed perfectly with bushfire pathways on the east coast of Australia:

Below is some of the most prominent content by TOTT News on the subject, highlighting various inconsistencies with the official narrative.

Follow the prompts or click images to be taken to related pieces:

No doubt, as California experiences a second round of wildfires following last year, we may see the same again in Australia next season. Burning out the rest of the survivors and battlers before the election comes.

We will continue to follow this story as it develops.

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5 comments on “Australia’s high-speed rail agenda strengthens”

  1. Provided it’s built by Australians (not economic migrants) using only Australian Made resources I’m all for it but if there’s even a sniff of CCP or China or foreign involvement I’ll never support it or use it.

    1. Hate to say this Cory, but In April 2015, John Holland was purchased by China Communications Construction Company International Holding Limited (CCCI). CCCI is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Communications Construction Company Limited (CCCC), the largest listed company in the international infrastructure and engineering sector.

      John Holland runs countless projects across Australia. They pay of bureaucrats to get their fingers into every state of Australia

  2. You were spot on Ethan. You are right, it is all coming together. And you received so much flack from the media and the fact-checkers. The lies and deceptions is so unbelievable and so blatant that you have to be really deceived to believe them.

    You know what is the saddest thing to me? It is that despite the innumerable evidence that this was just a hoax, that was purposedly caused by the elite to usher in the New World Order and despite the fact that these Globalist Elites have themselves blatantly shown this to be the case, many people want to desperately hang onto the idea that this is real and that the virus will kill them and that the government is looking after them, because the reality would be too hard to handle. In the meantime the same Elites are more than likely laughing their heads off and cannot believe their luck that so many, have been taken in by the lies and deceptions and they are thanking their lucky stars that they are able to pursue their agenda quicker than expected.

  3. Classic Hegelian dialectic at play here. The bushfires created the perfect opportunity to build it and now the economic fallout from Covid-19 will almost certainly mean it’ll get built!

  4. Is the same things going to happen in California. ?
    Were the fires could have been deliberately lit at places where they could build a future of newly developed Hyper Smart Cities with Hi Speed Rail, built to be a world landmark for the world to see and admire.?

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