Weekly “surveillance testing” set for ‘high-risk’ Melbourne workplaces

A quarter of the Melbourne workforce in ‘high-risk industries’ will soon be tested for coronavirus every week, as part of the plan to emerge from lockdown.

A weekly ‘asymptomatic testing regime’ is set to begin with 95 businesses, largely meat and poultry processing plants, and is expected to grow over the coming weeks.


Dan is back at it again. Photo: TAU


Premier Daniel Andrews confirmed this week that “surveillance testing” will soon be rolled out for asymptomatic workers in high-risk industries. You read correct, asymptomatic.

Andrews announced that 25% of the workforce on-site in ‘high-risk industries’ are set to be tested weekly under a new plan to ‘avoid outbreaks as the state opens up’:

Medium and large employers in the meat, seafood processing, poultry, supermarket and refrigerated distribution sectors will be asked to test a quarter of their workforce each week. Many of us who have been depending on online food deliveries like Debragga can now feel safer and at ease ordering our foods online.  

Here we go, folks. Instead of you going to the testing facilities, the facilities will now come to you

According to reports, the system will test potential asymptomatic patients, with metro workers also set to be screened at least once every fortnight and regional workers every month.

“It provides us with a really important opportunity just to monitor compliance with all the other private safe planning and to make sure that everybody is as vigilant as they possibly can be,” Andrews said.

“I can report to you that the strategy is absolutely working.”

What strategy? The strategy to bring in a Brave New World dystopian state? Gotcha.

“The good news is, though, our modelling from multiple sources … [shows] that we are on track and, all things being equal, we will be able to take a significant step in just three weeks’ time,” Andrews said.

Yeah, right. Haven’t they been telling us ‘x amount of weeks to go’ for almost seven months now? Why would anyone expect this to be over any time soon?

In addition, Andrews said state officials have also reached an agreement with the Commonwealth to ensure all public and private aged care staff will be regularly tested. This is the continuation of harsh health requirements introduced in 2018.

The way Australians envision the work environment continues to change with each passing day and new requirements to regularly test a large portion of the workforce will only continue this luncacy.

What on earth is happening to the social fabric of this country?


Workplaces are looking very different from what they used to. From mandatory ‘COVID Safe’ guidelines to increasing virtualisation of business, a new social stage is being set.

A toolkit for Australian businesses was installed on the WorkSafe Australia website months ago that was designed to ‘help’ get business up and running as soon as possible.

Examining, it was nothing more than instructions on how new slave classes will laptop to Big Brother.

In circumstances where the employers needed employees back in the workplace, the first step wias be to ensure this ‘COVIDSafe plan’ had been developed and submitted for approval — taking into account the public health orders in place. They were not allowed to open if it wasn’t done.

The toolkit outlines mandatory requirements for how employers in high-risk workplaces can achieve a ‘secure environment’ in a new “coronavirus-vigilant world”, and this included personal hygiene to social distancing — even what to do in the case of a suspected outbreak of the virus at work. 

For businesses that maintained operations through the shutdown periods, a number of changes were already made as news progressed and continue to remain and expand in the aftermath.

Firstly, nine to five working days have already be altered, with staggered start and finish times introduced for a number of industries, particularly warehouse environments.

This includes measures for physical distancing and, in some workplaces, the four-square-metre rule. As a result, employers have been relocating workspaces, or introduce teams of workers who attend the workplace in shifts, so fewer employees are present at any one time.

In the office itself, cleaning products are everywhere. Greeting colleagues and clients has also rapidly changed, with handshaking being given the red light in most businesses. 

In addition, many companies have subsequently shifted to work-from-home models during the so-called crisis and are using surveillance software to monitor employee activities

For international readers, yes, this is exactly what has been happening in lockdown-affected areas.

Creating obedient business owners and workers. Remoulding how working Australia operates, while also conducting mass psychological engineering. A transition largely overlooked at present.

And now that all businesses are on board, weekly testing is no doubt the expansion of these ridiculous guidelines, which business owners are already trapped in as a mandatory requirement.

See how this all works? Like puppets on a string, passed down the chain of command.

We must ask ourselves: If this dystopian model is already expanding, to what levels will it eventually reach as the coronavirus saga continues?


Let’s not forget all of this is happening at the exact same time that vaccines are set to be woven more prominently into businesses across the country. Could this be a ‘coincidence’?

In August, small business groups called for workplaces to sack employees who refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccination when one becomes available in Australia.

The Council of Small Business Organisations Australia, representing around 600,000 small businesses throughout the country, wants employers to ‘step up’ and introduce COVID-19 vaccine policies.

“If one of my staff members says, ‘no, I’m against it’, then I’m going to have to say, I’m sorry you are a threat to my business,” Council CEO Peter Strong told 7 News.

“If you don’t sack them, you don’t have a business, especially if you’re in a high contact area where you’ve got a lot of customers. It’s not discrimination, that’s a business decision.”

Unions are also supporting the calls, with ACTU Secretary Sally McManus telling 7 News that they are formalising their response, while “encouraging working people to do everything they can to prevent the spread of the virus”:

“Obviously, that will include getting vaccinated when a vaccine becomes available”.

The parties predict workplaces in Australia may soon also require COVID-19 vaccination certificates under Occupational Health and Safety policies, citing the coming expansion of WorkSafe.

Could this treasonous group also be responsible for testing calls?

This is in addition to mass vaccine coercion that is also likely to come through the employment benefits, specifically the continuation of JobKeeper and JobSeeker payments.

Incredible scenes we are witnessing in Australia.

It seems clear now that almost all elements of working life and income support in this country are shifting to a model where safe alternative avenues no longer exist and free thinkers face exile.

Indeed, social engineering is being orchestrated on a mass scale. The medical rogues of Scientism will ensure that any heratics to their religious doctrines either join or are banished.

I know where I stand. How about you?

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8 comments on “Weekly “surveillance testing” set for ‘high-risk’ Melbourne workplaces”

  1. Council Peter Strong is a threat to personal health. Insisting to test is a coercion to undergo a medical procedure which I believe is against the law. People need to research this further. Will any legal cases against this be on the onus of the company or government, who are implementing these “rules”? .Will a series of positive cases (which is inevitable) automatically shut these places down temporarily?. Either way these business’ are losing out here. It’s a lose/lose strategy. What a disgusting way to dig their graves deeper.

  2. I am in my 70’s and I am resigned to the fact that very soon I will be forced to live caged up in my own home like a battery hen for the rest of my life because I cannot agree to senseless covid-19 testing and refusal (after extensive research!) to have vaccinations of any sort. Australia is a signatory to the Nuremberg Code which clearly states that no citizen should be coerced or forced to take vaccines. It seems like we have lost all of our cherished freedoms and I feel helpless and afraid of the future. Cheryl

  3. I am terrified for the future for my children and grandchildren. This dystopian nightmare is just beginning. The worst part is that most people (proles?) are eagerly waiting for the vaccine, so I can see us anti-vaxxers being rounded up and shot, to much cheering, at some point in the future….. Winston Smith, I never realised I would become you…. woke in a brainwashed world of zombies.

  4. If this is where the future of this country is going then I want no part of it! I will gladly live on the outside society if that’s what it takes!

  5. Also the WHO has stated that asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19 to be very rare and also forcing people to be tested or vaccinated without first being issued an order in writing no less directly contradicts the Bio-Security Act 2015. These cretins have no leg to stand on issuing these ridiculous directives!

  6. Agree with you all: Ethan, Ana, Cheryl, Dicko, Nat JF. As I have written elsewhere, if Big Pharma is not reined in soon, it will destroy humanity. Who owns Big Pharma? The evil globalist banksters.

  7. I have said it before but I’ll say it again resist or live on your knees that is the choice.

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